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Electrical Fault


The blender was purchase 18 months ago but now trips the mains power fuse when on. Aldi have promised to refund the cost of the blender which seemed robust and was able to handle solids and liquids well. The blender is noisy and slightly clunky but had a powerful motor that could handle ice smoothies easily.



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It lasted 4 days!


I purchased this from an Aldi store about 40 minutes from where I live. I'm glad they have a 3 year warranty as mine lasted 4 days and it stopped working! Yes it was cheaper then other items I had looked at but you still expect something to work when you spend any amount of money on something. The staff at Aldi were great and I got a full refund but I'm now skeptical when looking at their electronic items now.



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Good While It Was Working


We loved this machine for about a year and had no problems with it. Made smoothness and hot soup and green health drinks, etc. About a month ago we noticed the jug was leaking out liquid and informed Winplus and after about 3 weeks got a new jug but it was too late because the motor stopped working. I used the reset button under the machine but it caused the power to cut off from the house and I had to go outside and flip the override Clipsal switch on for power to the house. We still like the machine just wished it was made a bit better payed $99.99. Would have been happy to pay $300 for a decent product.



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Smoothies Everyday


Recently purchased and in use every morning since, this is a great little item that makes for a quick and easy process, and works a dream. There are two size tumblers but we only use these for making the smoothies as this product comes from Aldi, replacing these would be a problem.



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Excellent Blender & be careful with bottom heavy container


We got this from Aldi. Its 1400W is powerful for what we use for (mainly blending fruits to make smoothie) and we use the lowest speed level most of the time (since it is too powerful for this smoothie job).
One caution: the container is bottom heavy (with blending blades and metal base), so when I put it in the rack "up side down" after washing, it became unstably top heavy. One day, I accidentally touch it, it fell to the ground and cracked around the base. I spent the next hour fixing the cracks with 15 min Epoxy -> it is OK but it looks a bit ugly.

Weak, inferior motor


Thoroughly dissatisfied.Used twice only : motor overheats within minutes. Blender managed to blend merely a small portion, perhaps a quarter of mix ( half filled container ) of liquid soup mix. Upper levels aren't drawn down to blades. With a second attempt, I found it quite Impossible with heavier mix i.e. making pesto !!
Aldi have given me no satisfaction as it was bought a few months ago yet only just now removed from packing !! ( As we moved house it was kept unopened in original box in storage )



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excellent for the price


I was looking for a blender that could make nut butter and thought I would have to get a very expensive blender, but this Aldi one works brilliantly. It has no problems making nut butter. The only problem I have is getting the nut butter out from around the blades. I haven't used any other blenders so I don't know if they all have the same problem. Mine one was of the ones that had the faulty blades and needed the jug replaced. I didn't actually have any problems with the blades but I got the replacement just in case. The replacement process was very easy.


RyanluiVictoria, 3028

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Brilliant although needed the jug to be recalled


Brilliant product, works as it says and it's powerful enough, a breeze to clean. Although those who haven't done so yet should check the product recall as the old blade was faulty and snapped in my smoothie.
There's nothing wrong with the actual blender itself, at it's price point, it's a good product and works those smoothies

Broken blade and leaking


When I first bought my blender I was so happy with my buy, blended really well until my blades broke.. But I rang Aldi and they replaced straight away... Then 6 months later my machine starts to leak from the bottom where the blades r bolted in... I through my machine out today as I've had enough of it....



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Blades broke off


Blender worked great for 3 Months but then I turned it on and sounded like if was full of ball bearings. 2 smaller blades and broken off and were flying around in my smoothie. Only ever used it for smoothies so never had anything hard in it. Know of someone else had the same thing happen after 1 month.


PaddoboySydney, NSW

  • 11 reviews

Potentially dangerous product and returned for refund.




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Powerful blender, brilliant buy


I got this blender for Christmas and it is so good! Gorgeous smoothies, frappes, banana "ice cream" and nut butters are all perfect (and the tamper is fantastic for making sure everything is blended evenly). Highly recommend this machine - it is much superior to other blenders in the price range.



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Brilliant buy


I had been saving for an Optimax but my trusty Kanbrook 500w. died before I had the money saved. I was at Aldi and found the Kuchef professional blender and I can honestly say it is brilliant, I have made nut butters, hummus, green thickies and it hasn't left chunks. Cleaning the unit is easy as I just fill with water and detergent and put it back on its motor. I am very impressed with this blender and totally recommend it. It is better than any other brand on the market!!! That is under $150.


Just read the recall notice it is NOT for my blender model CB1390


Model number is also different.



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Unbelievable bargain and performance


I've been searching for a blender that has guts but not the high price. I had given up thinking close to $1000 was what had to be paid if you wanted performance. Well, not so. I paid $99 for this in Aldi and it's great. It cooks soup and blends smooth when I put everything in skin and all. I am seriously impressed and really what have I got to lose for $99. Will try nuts soon as its says you can blend them too. Will update when I do.

Questions & Answers



Can I know where I can get Aldi Professinal blender 2l jug? My jug was broken so I need jug only if any one have any idea let me know!

1 answer

I would be interested if anyone else can answer this question. Have you tried contacting them for a replacement jug? This seems to be the downside of Aldi purchases like this, but they may have a system in place for this. Try calling them.



Can anyone tell me where to buy a replacement jug for the this blender?

1 answer

These people are in charge of the warranty:
So I'd start with contacting them to see if they have a replacement jug.

Also it depends when you bought your blender. There was a fault with the blender so if you bought it before 31 Aug 2014, then you are entitled to a free replacement jug. Again just contact http://winplus.com.au about this
Full details here: https://www.aldi.com.au/fileadmin/fm-dam/pdf/product_recall/Professional_Blender_Recall_Notice.pdf

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