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Optimum 8200

Optimum 8200

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I bought this thanks to product review, thanks!!
We've been using it for about 2 years now mainly for smoothies, gets a workout with hard nuts and ice almost every day for two people, no dramas. If you don't use ice it heats up a lot (I think the manual said 4c/min or something but maybe more).

It's loud, that's my one warning. To be clear, it's the appropriate volume for the power it has, it just happens to be really powerful!

Date PurchasedApr 2016


Shreds stuff fast. When it was new it was so noisy I had to wear ear plugs. latter found out that the blade was a bit loose and it was much better after we tightened it up.
I bought it to blend up my food while going through tongue cancer treatment.. Made a lot of smoothies.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Excellent I have used the best blender!

Good blending ability even ice. Good reliable.good price.
acceptable noise.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Excellent blender, high quality

I love this blender - it is excellent quality and value for money. The motor is powerful and it produces the most amazing smoothies with no bits and lumps like past blenders I have owned. I bought the blender from Froothie, great customer service and hassle free pick up. Highly recommend.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Great Blender

I initially bought this blender to make healthy smoothies, but now we use it daily to prepare food for my infant daughter. It's a great blender. It comes highly recommended.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Froothie Optimum 8200

Excellent customer service. Excellent product. I'm thrilled. It's fantastic. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a top-end blender. I had to liaise with their customer service team on a couple of occasions, and they were fabulous.

I reviewed the Optimum Vortex Blender

After much research on the internet, we bought our Optimum 9200A blender in Dec2015. We were totally impressed by the simple light weight design, yet efficient, powerful unit that blends and crushes everything from ice to seeds etc to a smooth consistency with little effort. Best of all it is so easy to clean. Often, it would be just a rinse and pop back on the unit on the bench top. We recently bought another Optimum blender, model 8200 blender for our busy, health conscious daughter who is single and living in an apartment. Just to be sure of our instinctive choice to go with Optimum, we did another round of thorough research on the internet and going to the shops to view other blenders in the market for her needs, We drew a chart and compared the features of various brands vs the smaller blender, the Optimum 8200. Not surprising at all that the Optimum 8200 blender came up as the clear winner by a mile. She was absolutely amazed with what it is capable of. So we have two units in the same family. Best decisions ever we have made for blenders.

I spent so much effort looking and finally found the one!

I spent so much time researching for the right blender for us and as a student I don't have alot of money to spend but was blown away when I found the Optimum 8200 as it was in my price range and the watts of the motor were way high than I ever planned on purchasing. I had dreamed of owning something like a Vitamix but it was way out of my price range and after find Optimum I could never go anywhere else. I love that it is Australian owned and has such a good warranty. As someone who lives a complete plant based diet this blender is apart of every aspect of my life. I have never bought something and felt so satisfied, also it is super easy to clean. My favourite thing to make is banana ice cream! I would genuinely recommend this product.

Wonderful machine. So much fun to use!

My favourite thing to make is peanut butter, and it's so much fun to watch! Comes out completely smooth. Hommus, pesto and cashew cream cheese are my other favourites. And bliss balls! I keep finding exciting new things to make with it. Very affordable and great value for money! Also very easy to clean.

Efficient and Stylish

I love my Optimum 8200 it looks good as a permanent fixture on my bench. This machine is contributing positively to my health overhaul. I have never happily consumed this many greens ever. It meets all my needs because it is so versatile smoothies, milkshakes, nut flour, mashed veges, cauliflower rice. Ohh and easy to clean, however it keeps whispering "When i grow up i want to be a 9400".

Excellent Blender!

After my Kenwood blender cracked and died I needed a new one and after doing some research I found that ALL the normal blenders available at Retravision, Good Guys, Harvey Norman, etc. had bad reviews. Searching more widely I found Optimum, who have without doubt, the best reviews I've ever seen! Worth a go I thought! I couldn't justify the price of the 9400 which is regarded by many as THE blender so I settled for the 8200.

I've had it for over a month and still make smoothies 2x a day. The 1400W motor makes mush out of anything in 30 seconds! You do need to pulse several times to break up stubborn ice blocks at times, but that is no problem. I've made peanut butter several times which really tests out the motor. This is great because you control how much salt and oil you want to add and whether you like the peanuts roasted or raw. Plus you can save money on the commercial product. I've also made oatmeal several times which you can't buy in supermarkets anymore. Effortless! I've vitamised soup several times with ease, although I let the soup cool for 10 minutes in the saucepan before pouring it in.

I did notice a slight smell of burning insulation when I first used it but that went away after a few days. I noticed it again on heavy motor use, (making peanut butter), but restricted the speed to mostly low and it went away. I am guessing that this is just winding insulation bedding in but if there is a motor failure down the track I believe I am covered for replacement.

The unit is easy to clean, usually just a quick rinse under the tap and then blend warm water for 10 seconds. Drip dry upside down on the drainer. If I've made something really sticky, like peanut butter, I just need to put a drop of detergent in there.

The 35 sec button is the main one I use for smoothies and once the big ice blocks are pulsed up this makes a beautifully smooth drink. I've made various daiquiris and they are just superb! Veggie smoothies, lassies, all good! I also use the low, med and high buttons quite often depending on what I'm doing.

This blender is easily a cut above any other that I have used and it lives on my bench where I use it twice a day at least. It has changed my diet somewhat as I now have oatmeal, banana and yoghurt smoothie for breakfast pretty much every day.

Hard to fault! Perhaps the 9400 might be worth the extra money if you are going to make a lot of peanut butter.

Part of nearly everyday.

This was my first introduction to a high power professional style blender. It has been an absolute treat to have this in my kitchen. Banana icecream, homemade flours, sauces, salad dressings, and pie fillings are just a few of the treats we couldn't manage with our food processor and all the low end blenders that would burn out after a month or two of only moderate use. This blender is the best!

Blends anything I through at it.

Having compromised over the years with "entry level blenders" I decided to invest in a proper blender 6 months ago. So glad I did. This blends anything I throw in it to a very fine smoothie. Have not been disappointed yet. The only drawback is it is a little loud, not jet engine loud, but you cannot make a pre-workout smoothie at 5:00 am & not wake-up your significant other - unless you live in a mansion.

Happy Days

Fantastic machine that does everything as advertised, unlike some of the cheaper ones I've bought in the past. Solidly built, easy to clean and blends anything you can throw at it.....carrot, pineapple, nuts all get crushed effortlessly in this beast. The delivery by Frothie was exceptionally quick - within a couple of days.

A healthy, fun way of life for all the family

Oh my goodness, where to begin? I purchased an Optimum 8200 with the aim of having a reliable blender to deal with my recent resolution of focusing more on the quality of what I ate – I simply wanted to create some healthy smoothies for breakfast and post workout. What I didn’t expect was how much it has impacted on my entire family. Within a day or so, the cobwebs in our fruit bowl were replaced with ripe fruit, our fridge stocked with a greater range of vegetables and our freezer filled with labeled zip-lock bags of frozen fruit and bags of frozen berries! My partner purchased a book on juices and smoothie recipes, not realizing that the Optimum came with an excellent book (Healthy Eating) filled with wonderful recipes. Between the two books, both my partner AND my children, love experimenting and coming up with a new ‘concoction’ that tastes wonderful and which has got everyone eating foods that, in the past, that we frankly, would not have eaten (to be honest, most get the thumbs up and a few get the thumbs down – these are usually the ones that “Dad (=me) will drink!”) . The Optimum 8200 gets used every day, several times a day, is so easy to clean and has introduced a new activity in our household that focuses simply on healthy eating. The powerful motor is amazing and as long as you pay attention to the order in which you add food of various hardness, the blades work effortlessly to do what they are designed to do. Despite this being only a recent purchase, I cannot remember ever having an appliance used with so much enjoyment, so regularly, by my family! A simply exceptional blender!

March 14th 2018 Update: Too good to be true??

Well, just over 2 years after I first reviewed the Optimum 8200 (and 2 years of wonderful blending), the blender began to get louder gradually, until yesterday, it became screamingly loud and crept across the bench, terrifying my partner! (understandably). It appears that something is out of balance - not sure if it's the blade as it still appears louder than 'normal' even without the jug/blades in place. Have sent a query through to Froothie. My unhappy family is in mourning!

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Hey Phil, so glad to know the Optimum 8200 played such a key role in your life, brings a big goofy smile to my face!! This is what drives me to wake up every morning and join the Froothie team to continue changing people's lives :-) My smile quickly fades as soon as I read about the fault your experienced 2 years later and I would like to address this ASAP. Did you receive your replacement? Please email me at roy@froothie.com.au or call the office on 1300 309 900, msg us on Facebook and ask for me so I can have this sorted for you ASAP! At your service Phil, thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your life :-) You will not be disappointed! Respectfully Roy

So versatile and convenient

Whether you want to make a healthy pick-me-up in the morning, a fruit smoothy at lunchtime or a homemade pesto sauce to go with your dinner in the evening, the Optimum 8200 does the lot....all in less then one minute! Unlike other appliances which usually get forgotten in the cupboard once the novelty wears off, our Optimum 8200 after a few months still conveniently sits on our kitchen bench and gets used everyday, sometimes 3 times a day. What's more washing up is a breeze, just rinse the jug and wash the lid and it is ready to go again.Worth every cent!

An absolute game changer

I was all set to buy another brand but research brought up the Optimum range. Originally going to use it only for smoothies, but quickly found many other uses. Now being used up to five times daily! It replaces at least 2 other kitchen appliances. And the smoothie is just soooooo smooth. Half the price of Vitamix, and other cheaper brands are left in the dust, er, lumpy drinks. And that powerful motor - wow!

Magic life saver

What can I say that others haven't already said its magic.
It's so quick I have never had a blender before so I did lots of research and the Optimum 8200 seemed the one for me and yes it is easy to clean. My husband doesn't like veggies but guess what he loves smoothies his favourite being banana coconut milk pineapple nuts and seeds with guess what silver beet finely I get fruit and veggies down him after 25 years as queen would say "It's a kinda Magic".

February 5th 2017 Update: Update of Optiumum 8200

Hi Froothie Friends just an update Its been over a year now and my Optimum 8200 is still going strong though I thought I had a problem at one point but it must have been gremlins but its ok now and lots of froothies being made. noise level is no problem its not on long enough, my cats hated it at first but they don't bat an eyelid now. Great for High cholesterol Its brought mine and Hubbys right down. Thanks again Froothie from DE

Very pleased with my purchase

I've had my blender for a year now and it's still going great. I love how how well it works, how easy it is to clean and that I can purchase spare parts for it (I stupidly stuck the plunger stick into the jug with the lid off and I needed to get another one).

The staff are knowledgable, helpful and very prompt with responding to queries - this definitely didn't come with the other products I considered before my purchase last year.

If there was anything I'd do different, is I wish I got the smaller jug, which would have been more than enough (from memory, I think it was actually recommended at the order page).

Definitely happy with my decision to purchase the Optimum 8200.

Best blender ever!

I bought this blender some time ago and it is hands down the best blender I have ever had. Priced quite well for what it actually delivers. I mainly use it for smoothies but there is a whole lot more that you can do in it. The motor is very powerful and the rugged construction literally makes you feel the solid quality. Absolutely recommend this, do not even think about wasting your money elsewhere. Go ahead and buy one now!

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Questions & Answers

What’s the capacity and how many watts?
2 answers
950 watts and 2.5 litresHi Angry, The Optimum 8200 has a jug capacity of 1.5L and a 2,238 Watts Motor! Any other questions Angry? My direct email is francois@froothie.com.au, the office phone number is 1300 309 900, any questions please just call or email us (or FB us, IG, Live chat… you can even mail us! We’re here to help :-) ) Francois N. General Manager at Froothie

What is the jug size for an optimum 8200?
4 answers
I believe it is 1.5L. Kind regards, MichelleHello Brenda, we can confirm that the Optimum 8200 blender comes with a 1.5L jug. We hope this helps but feel free to contact us directly at support@froothie.com.au if you have any questions. :)I checked my jug and it is 2 litre. I have had it for 4 years. The size may have changed.

Where is it made?
3 answers
Hi Jane, I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to that question. Kind regards, MichelleI still have the original box and it says made in China. It is not written on the machine.Hello Jane, better late than never :) Optimum© is an Australian-owned company, based in Melbourne and sold globally. The Optimum blenders and juicers are manufactured in Taiwan, Korea and China and assembled at an ISO9000 and ISO9001 certified factories. All parts and appliances by Optimum are manufactured with remarkable precision using the highest quality materials. Optimum conducts extensive testing to achieve full product certification and accreditation to meet the industry’s Quality Control Standards. More details about the Quality Control standards available here: http://optimumappliances.com/quality-standard Froothie is an Australian company with branches around the world, see froothieinternational.com and froothie.com.au/aboutus, having sold tens of thousands of machines worldwide with great reviews. All products are covered by a 24 x 7 Warranty team and nation-wide service centers. We now also offer the industry's first optional lifetime warranty! Hope that helps!


Optimum 8200
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