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Laser Navig8r Drone-Air60

Laser Navig8r Drone-Air60

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Nothing like the "reviews" make out.

The body is too heavy and suffers badly in anything other than a breath of wind. For the size of the drone the battery is severely underrated, to be honest the 25 minutes that mauricek the other reviewer states would be about 18 minutes more than it actually gets. Buy it directly from laserco for $129. For a beginner it would be a ok trainer but there are better out there at much cheaper prices. The integrated camera takes ok pictures and videos but it must be realized that it is only a toy grade copter and high quality pictures are out of the question. Controls are not bad but the instructions are utter crap and would be useless to someone who has little or no experience with rc flying. It performs better and flies longer with a 1250 mah battery and really should come with this instead of the 800 mah that it comes with.

Value for money

If you're looking for a large size radio controlled drone, this is the best value one for the money.
At $149.00 on line including postage from Big W. It is large (60cm across). Normal price is $249.95.
The four propellers are encased in black foam circular pods to protect them from damage and it has a 720p HD camera on board which records at 30 fps. It needs an SD card (not supplied). After charging the receiver for 1 hr. you get 25mins.run time. The transmitter takes 4 aa batteries.
Features a 6 axis gyroscope and is capable of 360 degree stunts. The main frame is made of fibreglass.
It's large size looks more impressive and is more visible at a distance.
Lots of fun as a novelty or you can check the condition of your roof tiles, gutters, Foxtel dish ,whirlybird, etc. without having to get on to your roof.
I believe that Australia Post is thinking about a really big one with a GPS and a winch to deliver parcels to your door!!

Questions & Answers

My drone was flying fine. Now it flips on take off?
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what is the range on a navig 8 r?
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My drone won't work. The red light flashes rapidly when the battery is connected, and the blades won't move. Any suggestions?
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You have to connect to your drone each time you turn the controller off. 1) connect battery 2) have left joystick (throttle) down when turning controller on 3) turn controller on and move throttle up and down once. Controller will beep and light on front of drone will turn solid. Your drown Should move now :)


Navig8r Drone-Air60
Price (RRP)$249.95
Included CameraYes
Flight Time15mins

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