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Le Tan in Le Can

Le Tan in Le Can

Bronze, Dark Bronze and Deep Bronze
4.0 from 18 reviews

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Best Tan On The Market

I have fair, freckled skin. I love this spray, particularly the darkest one as it achieves the best results. I exfoliate in the shower. Dry off then spray all over. I use my bare hands to rub it in. I always spray my face last as it's a bit sensitive. Do this before bed. Long PJs so I don't get it all over the sheets! I shower the next morning to wash off the residue. Moisturise all over. Ta da. Beautiful, natural tan. I don't find there is a strong odour. I usually use a nice scented moisturiser to mask any residual tan smell. Lasts 1 week. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles for $16.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Stains ClothesNo

Amazing and easy to use!

I hadn’t used fake tan for years so was nervous but a friend recommended this. Amazing! So easy to apply, no weird marks around hands, feet, knees.. Wore off well too, no patchiness. Will be buying again!

Purchased in May 2019 at Priceline for $15.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Stains ClothesNo

orange colour they must have changed the recipe

I have always used Le Tan, it used to come in a thinner can. The colour used to be perfect, but now I can only buy the fatter can and it is very red/orange. It looks more like sunburn colour, than tan.

Couldn't be happier.

I'm one to rarely use any fake spray tan, however the odd week I like to make myself feel good, and thought to try this out. I absolutely loved the after result. Initially I thought there was only a slight difference in skin tone, but after the second shower & a nights sleep, I literally woke up looking like I've been on holidays. I left the tan on for an hour and a half and did my bits around the house in the mean time. Dried quickly, and didn't streak whatsoever and wasn't accompanied by that dreadful fake tan smell. Keeping in mind I'm hardly skilled at applying spray tan as I rarely do, and to not have streaks at all I was stoked. I would consider using this frequently and would highly recommend it. Also got a bit of spray tan on a new bath mat, and I threw it in the wash and came out stain free. The result of this spray tan made me super happy! And got to enjoy it as the weather has been warm & sunny!

Easy to use

I always have this as a staple in my cupboard. Gives a quick even colour and the smell it's too bad. Don't spray too close to the body or you will get streak marks but this is easy enough to fix if it happens.
Very affordable as well.

loved it

such a beautiful glow
nice even tan with no streaks
lasts for daysss
doesnt wash off
and very good price

Love the colour but disappointed in the quantity

I bought a large can of this in Bronze, and was amazed at the flawless, natural colour it gave off. What I wasn't impressed by was the fact that it ran out before I'd finished my body. I'm 5"4 and extremely petite so it's not like there was much of me to tan, and I was applying very lightly, using a mitt to spread and oy got my legs and the front of my stomach done before it sizzled out, leaving my back, arms and upper torso white. The can was fully sealed in a plastic pack when I bought it, so it's not like it could have been used previously. Love the colour, extremely put off by the small amount for the price I paid.

Finally found a great tan product

Only just recently had a salon tan and it went blotchy and I was on a holiday in fiji and had to cover up as I was so embarresssed but after trying Le tan (as reccommened) I love it and won't try anything else!!


I have been using this product for approx. 4 years now. I have tried many tanning products in the past and always seem to go back to Le Tan. I love the colour its always a nice brown and you can actually notice that you have a tan when you use it, I find that other products don't have the same effect. Lastly the best thing about this product is how cheap it is and how easy it is to purchase its everywhere! I will continue to use it and wont even bother trying anything else!

Pleasantly surprised

I had never fake tanned before and I wanted to try it out. I brought it in deep bronze and you could instantly see the colour when you put it on. Over night it got even darker and was completely even and looked real. I blended it in with a tanning mitt to ensure there was no blotchiness. It lasted very well I'm writing this a week later and the tan still looked 100% perfect. Except for on my hands some colour had built up and looked a bit dirty but otherwise perfect. I would buy again it was amazing and the price is great
Long lasting, inexpensive
Stays on so well I'm struggling to get it off lol!!

Great affordable spray on tan

I am quite impressed with this product. A really nice colour, not orange at all. Smell is strong at first but I quite like it, sort of sweet like Maple Syrup. Way better smell than other self tan products I have used. It should be noted that I only use on my legs, not all over body. Easy to apply, nozzle is great and sprays quite evenly. I just touch it up with a light spray after each shower. Excellent product in my view. Won't be going to salon for any more spray tans. This product does the job very nicely.
Relatively cheap and easy to apply
None really

Pretty decent :)

Using this my tan came out better than when I went to a spa. Spraying my back was difficult but I managed and it didn't go streaky or a strange colour. It's pretty natural an buildable. The smell is fairly strong but it's like a vanilla scent which I actually enjoyed. Would buy it again
Cheap, nice color, decent amount in can, not a chemical smell
Nothing, turned out very nice

Hate it

It says on the can wait 6 hrs till you shower, I did actually 9hrs and it streaked terrible & then it all washed of. Waste of money. Will be calling the company tomorrow to get a full refund !!.
So my point is, I would not dare wear this product out for fear of rain.
And I would have given 0 stars!!
The smell


i loved the color it turned out on my skin, to aquire that perfect non streak tan, i also used gloves to rub it in in certain areas to make sure there was going to be no streaks at all and this worked very well
the tan actualy lasts for like 3-7 days depending on how you treat it, i liked it alot and will continue to use it again and again
also was great on my sensative skin, but be carefuly applying on chest, knees and elbows.....
for a spray on tan i think it was terrific!
good coverate and looked pretty natural
spray tans are annoying to apply and smelt horrible


Love it, will definetly be using this product again and again! My sister in law first introduced me to it, and she is a tanaholic!
Everything, its a good even colour that shows up almost immediately, it doesnt get sticky like other tans can, you can apply it and half an hour later whack on some clothes and party!
Nothing, its a decent product thats worth the very small amount you pay for it!

Greatest Cheap Self-Tan Spray

First let me say, I was against self-tanning products because I hate it when people look orange. But because I love a tan and I cant have it 12 months a year naturally, I decided to try Le Tan. I purchased it from Priceline because they had a special on 2 cans for 20 dollars if Im not mistaken. I thought, its only 20 dollars, if it doesnt look good I wont buy it again. Anyway, I tried it and I was so excited about it, it didnt look orange on me and everyone loved it; I have friends that bought it after they saw my results. I definitly reccomend it!
Cheap, Safe tanning, Instant tan, Not Orange!!
The only thing I dont like but I dont mind is the smell. Its not a really bad smell but its noticable.


I don't rate this product at all. I have not found it to have any effect on my skin. It does smell better than many other spray tans.
Smells good. Has a steady spray.
Everything! It does not seem to do anything. I see spray coming out of the can and I can feel it on my skin but when I look to see the colour I have gained I see practically nothing!


This product was the first tanning spray I have ever used. In my opinion, after using this spray, I found it to be quite good! When I applied it on my skin, it coloured well.. however in certain areas it streaked. But for the most part the product was very great! I would definitely recommend this product! Th odour was quite a nuisance as well.
I liked the colour it brought to my skin and the fact that the tan stays on for quite a while!
I did not like the odour of this product as it was very strong, and at moments, irritating.

Questions & Answers

Can you leave it on over night after applying or do you have to wash it off after 6 hours?? New to tanning so any tips would be great.
No answers

I have read many reviews, some are saying you wash it off others say you don’t! Any help?
No answers

I have relatively fare skin, so how long should I wait before showering? and will it come off in the pool and go streaky???
1 answer
Read the instructions on the bottle as to how long you need to wait before showering. In my experience, it did not go streaky, it just faded gradually. You need to exfoliate and moisturise your joints before applying.

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