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Leander Cot

Leander Cot

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love my cot

this cot looks so stylish and beautiful for my baby girl. i saw it in pure baby. i got mine 2nd hand and only paid half the price. simple to use too and my daughter enjoys sleeping in it. good that it can go from high to low and grow as baby grows.

The perfect cot for a beautiful nursery

This is the perfect cot a beautiful nursery. It's simple and works. Didn't take hubby long to put it together. There was only a few parts and it all went in perfectly - just as you would expect for an high end cot. Probably the best feature would be when the cot converts to a junior bed. The side panel will be lower, making it look better and the bed also gets longer.

Super stylish and practical

This is by far one of the most stylish cots on the market. Once our son grew out of the bassinet around 4 months we moved him to the Leander cot and he loved it from day one. It is great that it transforms into a kids bed later one . Definitely worth the investment!


This is amazing!!! Being a momma to this little one means wanting this little one to be safe, my wife and I wanted little one to be safe so we bought this crib and it is perfect and she can sleep easily in this without me or my wife being in there with her. Thank you!!

Leander Bed

We are just moving our nearly 9 year old out of this cot. Mind you he isnt a tall 8 year old. That is with the junior extention kit we also brought. We loved it for is mutil function and the look. Well forth the money given how long it can be used for.

Easy to assemble. Liked the look and finish, nice chrome finishes to feet and logo. To have such a stylish looking bed for so long has been great.

What was good was when our son started to be able to get out of the cot you could change it straight into a bed that night and not have to worry about him climbing out. The bed sits low to the ground. You can now get the side protectors as well when it converts to the low bed.

We just love the whole package and functionality.

The only thing that could be an issue for some is that it may be a bit difficult to put a sleeping baby into it if you arr short. 5ft. Getting out was fine if they sit up or stand up.

Wish I had it with my first

I love my leander
Its the best looking cot on the market.
No dodgy drop down sides (which i never ended up using with my first as theyre noisy and a pain)
I am a shorty and 8 months pregnant and can still reach in so im not sure what people are complaining about.
No chemicals used on it.
And i love that it turns into a bed.

Not perfect, but a great cot

I'm surprised by so many negative reviews - we really love our Leander cot. We purchased this in the whitewash before our son was born, and couldn't be happier. Totally agree there are some drawbacks, and it's not cheap, so if this was a major splurge and didn't live up to your expectations I can see why people are disappointed. However, we've not experienced any issues with size, or getting our son in and out.

Here are my thoughts -

- it's gorgeous, and the best looking cot on the market, hands down
- solid hardwood which hasn't been tainted with any nasties or chemicals (unlike many which are made in China)
- build to last
- incredibly soft mattress

- cost (but it does hold it's resale value)
- VERY heavy
- gaps on sides are quite small so hard to get your arm in if you're patting bubs to sleep
- custom sheets required

I regret buying this cot!

Bought this cot for our first Bub because we loved the look of it. Should have done more research. It is way too small! By the time our son was 11 months old we had to sell it and buy a boori! He couldn't fully stretch his arms out to the side without them hitting the cot and would hit his head when he turned in it. Definitely reconsider if you are thinking of buying this cot!

Not good enough

The closed ends are not safe for babies who cuddle up to the end of the cot. It is also too narrow, baby cannot properly turn around and wakes up from bumping her head. Also the distance of the bars is too small, her arm sometimes gets stuck. There is nothing about this cot that the makers thought over. The side can not be let down. Also the make is not very special, quality is not much better than from Ikea. The only nice thing is the design at firts sight - for first time parents, however, you soon realize how impractical at best and dangerous at worst this piece of furniture is. For what it is, the price is ridiculous and makes me feel fooled around by this company. Would not recommend it to my worst enemy.


So pleased we chose this brand and our Leander cot was part of the first shipment to Australia. Husband and I agree, out of all the baby furniture/products we bought 5 years ago, this has been the best, no question about it.
Still the best looking cot on the market, 5 years on! Beautifully designed and still looks like new after 3 house moves and 2 babies. We are just looking at bedding for our 2nd daughter who is now 2 and looking forward to finally seeing the cot turn into a bed!
Agree with bending over when pregnant (also only 5ft 2inch) however only for a short period. We bought Leander bedding and I still struggle which way round the cot sheet fits!


If you are expecting a girl or small boy or are very tall then this is the most beautiful cot. But if you are likely to have big babies then your child will grow out of this very quickly. Also if you are short then have a go in the shop at changing a sheet or putting 6kgs of something carefully into the cot when it is set to the lowest level. I think you will find all the retailers have it on display at its highest level which is easy to reach in and out of.
This is a beautiful cot - it looks amazing in our nursery and is a snug little place for my little man. The ability for it to convert easily to an attractive toddler bed is great too. The thin sides also make it harder for my toddler to get leverage to climb out (he is 2 now).
It is a little small and my toddler has almost grown out of it and is not ready to be moved to a bed - he is a tall boy.

Also like other reviewers have said when you move the cot down to its lowest level it is VERY hard to put a sleeping baby into it if you are on the shorter side - I am 5ft3 and dropped the baby a couple of times putting him to bed. Also, when you are pregnant for a second time bending over to put them into bed is almost impossible. For my second child I bought a boori with drop side and am very happy with it - the drop side is so much more functional and so much easier to change the sheets - I used to get my husband to change the sheets because I couldn't reach down to the bottom of the cot easily to do this.


Great cot but aside from it's capacity to grow with your child it's lacking in practicality. Sits way too low for mother to safely pull toddler in and out, even when not pregnant. Our backs are already under lots of strain ladies, don't add to the problem for the sake of a pretty cot.
Lovely cot and grows with my child.
It is too low down when on the low setting. I am 5 months pregnant and my son is 11 months old. I am getting back pain from lifting him in and out of the cot. Also I am not very tall so altogether it is a big problem. My son also spent some months bumping his head on the curved head boards. The bumpers are expensive items.

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My son also bumps his head on the curved headboard every night. Regular bumpers don't work on this cot and the Leander bumper is very expensive. A beautiful cot but not very practical.


We LOVE this cot/bed. Others have said being low to the ground is a 'con', but we haven't found that at all. We did have a higher (Boori) cot with drop down sides, but we never used the drop down sides as they'd wake our baby when they'd 'click' into place. You can also find people on eBay selling hand made linen for the leander/stokki oval style beds. We have not had any back problems with this cot and I have 4 friends with the same Leander cot and none of them have had back problems from it being low to the ground either, so don't let that put you off. It's the BEST cot!!! Much better than the classic Boori style cot - we got rid of ours and bought the Leander and have been so glad we did!
This cot/bed looks stunning and very stylish. I loved the curved nature of it. It is very solid and was easy to put together (by myself). It also converts to a toddler bed.
Very occasionally my son has a sweaty head if he has slept against the enclosed end(s) of the cot.


Overall we are very happy with our cot. It is especially good to know that it will grow with her, so there is one less product for us to buy.
It is beautiful and very stylish. The colour blends in well with my daughter's bedroom. It was easy to assemble. It converts to a junior bed. The timber is finished well and meets all safety standards.
It has curves so you either have to use Leander specific linen or be creative with other products. There are no detachable/drop down sides so could be tricky depending on your height. It was expensive.


definately worth the purchase price for furniture that grows with bub. suits sleeping arrangement of being in our room as is compact and not bulky while bub is still young.
love this,my baby loves the matress and matress protector,easy to see bub when sleeping through slats, safe enough to not let any limbs through at same time.
beautiful quality, beautiful looks.
same beand sheets are poor quality. definately buy babu brand of shaped sheets.


I love this cot - haven't used it as a bed yet but it is a lovely piece of furniture and I hope to use it again and again.
Gorgeous piece of furniture / easy to assemble / solid / good quality
A long way to bend down to pick up child

Questions & Answers

Thinking about getting this cot but i have a few questions: 1. Can you only use the Leander mattress? 2. Does only specific linen fit the mattress? 3. Do you have to buy a new mattress in order to extend the bed to the toddler size? 4. A lot of people say their baby grows out of this cot very fast and they'res not enough space. Thoughts? How many years will I actually get out of it? 5. Is it actually hard to get the baby in and out?
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We use the Leander cot for my 8 month old little boy. He's quite "average" sized, so neither big/long nor small. As a FTM, I haven't used any other cots so can't really compare, but here's my two cents anyway: 1. As far as I know, yes you can only use the Leander mattress. I researched extensively online for an alternative but haven't found any. 2. If you want it to fit perfectly to the mattress, the cot sheets are available from Leander or there's another brand called Little Bamboo which is available at Baby Bunting or from various online stores. The Little Bamboo sheets fit as well as the Leander sheets (I have both). Alternatively, some other parents I know just use an ordinary cot sheet and tuck the excess fabric in and around the round sides. I've done this with large muslin swaddles and it works fine too. 3. No, you don't have to buy a toddler mattress. The mattress extension comes with the cot. 4. From experience, I have found this cot to be already getting slightly too small for my average sized 8 month old! While I absolutely LOVE this cot, I'm beginning to regret not getting a standard, rectangle shaped cot (like the Oeuf or Boori cribs) as the curved edges definitely gives him less room to move. He likes to rotate, wriggle & move around while he naps and he often jams his feet/arms/hands in the rails, and that wakes him up which is annoying! As I said above, he's not a big or particularly long baby either (measuring about 68cm in length at 8 months old). Also, I like to settle him with my arms through the cot rails. I find the distance between the Leander cot rails not big enough for this (and I have small wrists/arms too), so I would often have to pat/settle him with my arms over the cot, which isn't ideal. 5. I don't find it too hard to get my baby in and out of the cot and I'm not too tall myself (around 164cm). One of the reasons I chose the Leander was because it didn't have a drop down rail. Hope that helps!


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