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MegSydney, NSW

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Drawers do not work properly


I loved this dresser in the shop because of the size of the drawers and the fact that the product seemed like really good quality. However, the drawers have never worked properly, and I've broken many nails just trying to get them open. So much for "soft close"!! I was happy to pay extra for a quality product and it's only caused me frustration. Perhaps we just got a dodgy one?

Purchased in July 2018.



Troll Cot and Dresser


We bought the troll sun cot and dresser. The cot is wonderful and being used by my second child now. The dresser looks great but could perhaps do with a few more screws to hold it together.

Purchased in March 2015.

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Gillian R.Troll

Love our entire Troll Sun nursery


We purchased the cradle, cot, change table and chest of drawers for our first baby born in September 2017 and we are incredibly happy with the craftsmanship of every piece. The nursery not only looks great but each piece is extremely sturdy and well built, nothing flimsy about this range at all. Yes the mattress for both the cradle and cot are thin but if you do your research you will see that they do meet Australian standards and they have not been a cause of concern for us. Our baby has slept through from very early on in both the cradle and cot so mustn’t be too uncomfortable either! We have absolutely no regrets in purchasing this range.

Great looking cot, terrible mattress


Like the other reviews, the mattress is flimsy and thin, and it has not even been 12 months of use! Will not be purchasing the same mattress from the company who supplies it. Looking into getting one custom made. Complete waste of money as the ‘included’ mattress is somewhat of poor quality. Should have bought a Boori.



Hmmm good cot, horrible mattress!!


I'm actually concerned about how this mattress has passed strict testing for safety. We have two of these cots as we have twins and the mattress is horrible to the point I can bend them in half. Very flimsy and can be squashed easily. We had our first mattress replaced as I thought it may just be a faulty mattress but the other two are now doing it. Currently looking at a way to buy a custom mattress, hard to fit sheets to the Cot also. Kind of wish we brought the boori with the spring mattress. Yes it looks nice and is a great looking design but looks aside the mattress is what matters as your child is sleeping on it and needs to be safe and comfortable.



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Love the cot and dresser, mattress is terrible


I absolutely love the sun troll cot, it looks great and the dresser is amazing, the draws are so smooth and I love the overall design.
The mattress is terrible and we have since purchased a made to measure mattress that is nice and firm, the mattress should not be sold as its way too soft.
I would encourage anyone that is considering buying this cot to purchase a separate mattress which are around $130.

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The separate mattress was order through Baby Bunting and made to measure.


LaurakPerth WA

Troll sun dresser - Change table


I found the change table attachment very impractical because the drawers don't sit flush with the wall. The change table top (albeit removable ) sticks out the back so things are constantly falling down the back of it so you cant have your accoutrements at hand because they fall down the back. Very annoying

Not good


I bought a Troll Sun Cot for my newborn daughter; my son 20mths currently uses a Boori cot. The Troll Sun cot looks amazing but the mattress is too soft & an odd size so regular size sheets are loose on the mattress meaning baby can grab them & creating a potential hazard. It was fine when baby was a newborn and didn't move but now that baby is commando crawling in bed & rolling, the softness of the mattress creates give when baby moves meaning they can grab the sheets. I have tried tying sheets under mattress, tried different material sheets, different size sheets but this is still the case. Also the cylinder rails look fabulous but baby can hold on to them so you will need a cot bumper

Paint chipping


Purchased in 2015, and little one only used for 1 month and paint started chipping from edges, and change table had paint cracking along the grain of the wood.. Ended up receiving full refund. They where happy to just replace problem areas but I requested refund as wasn't interested in pulling apart and rebuilding to only have more problems occur later on.



  • 2 reviews

Great cot


I fell in love with the Troll Sun Cot when I saw it online. Seeing it in person confirmed how much I liked it. I'm very short have no trouble putting my daughter in and out. We used the Troll Sun Bassinet until our daughter started rolling so have only used the cot on the lower level. Not having a drop side has not been an issue for me at all. I've actually found this cot is much better for me and my height than taller ones that have a dropside.


JustineMelbourne, Victoria

  • 10 reviews



I purchased this cot for my newborn, in a lovely white wash colour, cot is extremely solid, sides don't come down but easy to pick up Bub not to much bending, cot has 2 adjustable levels, and very easy to assemble, cot came with mattress included it was great value.


KateMelbourne, Vic

  • 22 reviews

Beautiful and sturdy cot




  • 3 reviews

Love this cot and chest of drawers/change table


I spent a lot of time hunting for the perfect cot and chest of drawers/change table combo for our nursery and am very glad I came across the Troll Sun. I really wanted a chest of drawers with a changing tray on top so that we didn't need a separate change table in the nursery, and this product is exactly what I was after. The changing tray is also able to be removed when it is no longer needed, which will leave us with a fantastic set of drawers. The furniture is modern and stylish and is excellent quality. Very happy with it. Note: the sides of the cot don't drop. This is not currently an issue, but may become one when the mattress is in the lower position.
Looks great, inexpensive and easy to assemble

Questions & Answers

Scott M

Scott Masked

I am having problems putting the drawers in the troll sun dresser / cabinet. Did anyone else have an issue with this?? They 2/3 of the way in and seems to be catching in the track - is this. A common problem?

4 answers

I only have the cot sorry maybe ring the company

Hi Scott,

did you resolve this? we're having the same problem getting the drawers in..

Elle J
Elle J

Hi also having trouble inserting these drawers - very frustrating! Please tell me you had better luck and are able to share how you did it? Any help would be much appreciated.

Emma K

Emma Kasked

Hi! I am wanting to buy this cot but wanted to buy a new mattress as the one in the store seems very thin. Has anyone else purchased a new mattress & where from? :)

2 answers

I haven't because it's a non-standard size (that's why it's included) but I've had no issue with it being too thin, the baby sleeps well in it.


Hi there I was told that the mattress that comes with this cot is made for this cot there is no other mattress that is made for this particular cot unless you get it custom made I had the midwife look at the mattress after Bub came home she was happy with it although. I'm on to the company ATM as I'm finding the mattress to be dipping a bit so I will get it replaced the cot itself is fantastic though



Help need instructions for a troll sun dresser.

1 answer

Hi I only have a troll cot if u look up the troll site and contact them they should be able to assist you.

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