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Tasman Eco Siena

Tasman Eco Siena

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Check your mattress

If you buy this cot check your mattress. We were given the recommended mattress for this cot and it leaves a 10cm - 12cm gap when the mattress is not centered. This allowed our 5 months old to roll over in his sleep and get his arm caught down the side between the cot and the mattress. Luckily he was strong enough in his neck to be able to keep his head up crying to wake us up. otherwise he would have been stuck face down. So much for strict standards????

Purchased in December 2018 at Baby Bunting for $600.00.

Great cot

Very sturdy & lovely design to suit all nurseries/rooms. Perfect size not too small or large. Love how one side can be lowered to put baby in or out. Love there’s gaps on the sides & front & back to see baby from all angles. First baby fist cot which will definitely last another child or two in the future

Dangerous Piece of Junk - Only passes Safety Standards on a Technicality.

After putting this together and using the Tasman Eco mattress that comes with it I have a 5cm gap between the side of the cot and the mattress if measured in the middle. I can easily stick my entire arm down the side, so a baby could easily have a leg go down the side. Called and complained to the company. Apparently because the gap is only 3cm at the corner the cot technically meets safety standards and they refuse to take it back. Apparently safety standards state if under 4cm at the corner its fine. As if the kid won't stand in the middle!!! I will have to either spend another $280 on a custom mattress or tape a pool noodle or something to the side of the mattress so I don't have to worry about my kid getting stuck. What a load of junk. Will never buy anything from them again.

good solid cot

pretty pleased overall with its build quality and i found it easy to assemble if you know tools and its quite large i must say its rather strong also as we have the cot right up against my bed for easy access to bub during the night and i sometimes i accidentally sit on it to fed bub and it holds all my weight think 70kgs.

Falls apart

We have to replace our cot as it's literally falling apart! The side panel that goes up and down sooo roughly, with a big struggle, is now easily pushed over. For example, putting my child into bed I get injured ribs if I lean on the sliding panel as it collapses inward, causing me to drop my child into the cot. I'm nervous my child will fall out of the cot if she leans on that panel and would become extremely injured. So we have to get a new cot.
Very dangerous, expensive mistake buying this brand and I'm annoyed. Oh and the larger size mattress you have to buy for this cot is a space waster!
It is also verrry annoying to have to set it up as the screws are not correctly fitted to holes.
Please note: Just because it's solid timber, doesn't at all make it a good cot.

Very sturdy, great quality, and is great from newborn through toddler!

We bought ours back in 2013 and really love it. We put our bub it in from the first night we came home from hospital, and he's still in it now at almost 3yrs old. He finds it very comfortable (we purchased the recommended matching mattress), and we have had no issues with it at all. The dropside can be a little stiff for the first few times of use, but after that it has been perfect. We will soon be taking off the sides to convert it to the toddler bed, so we will still get another year+ out of it! Great value, well made, and am impressed with the quality. We also purchased the coordinating drawer tidy that slides under the cot - perfect for putting all the spare sheets / blankets / mattress protectors etc., in. The best part is, even after we'll be getting ~4 years of use out of the cot for our son now... when we do have another bub, I know it will last us another 4 years!

Sturdy cot

This cot is so sturdy and well built compared to other ones on the market which are flimsy and wobbly. Thus one is built very solid and does not rock when you push it. It is easy to assemble as it comes with clear, step by step instructions. We haven't had any issues with the drop side as yet but its not something that we use that much. I can see why this was a Choice recommended product - I highly recommend it

The drop side was the issue

Didn't come with guard screws abs I can't get the drop slide to work. The instructions are not very good and there is no online support our video to watch.

Fantastic product & lovely company

We have bought two Sienas after having decided it was only fair that baby 2 got the same - which is a beautiful, functional & well-built cot. The latex mattress is also very good quality -plus the newer one is seamless, so very easy to change sheets on. I had a minor problem with the drop side (OK my child was a tad rough...) and the service I received was outstanding. I would definitely buy from them again.

The Screws of the cot are too expensive, it costs me $50 and $10 delivery fee

I have this cot and lost the screws, why I can't buy the screws from other places? And I have to order it from the SJC Brand. The screws are very expensive.
I bought a bed frame from IKEA, but they deliver the screws to me for free. Why there is such big difference?

What should I do, throw out the cot or pay the expensive screws???

Lovely Cot

We have been using this cot for a few months now, so far it has been perfect. Only problem we have found is the timber marks really easily. We already have several scratches & because of the dark timber it really stands out. The cot is structurally strong & sturdy and I'm happy with our purchase.
Size & structure. Cheaper than other similar cots & just as good.
soft timber marks easily

Excellent Customer Service from Tasman Eco

I have 2 of the Siena cots, 2 of the latex mattresses plus a chest of drawers and a change table and wouldn't buy any other brand. Great quality products, recommended by Choice and the customer service from Tasman Eco is absolutely outstanding. If you have any problems with any of their products they come to your home and fix it or replace the product all free of charge. We have had them come out and replace our change table twice. They are also voluntarily offering free replacement of the drop side rails for the cots as there have been some reported problems as you can probably see from some of the reviews. I have not had any issues with my cots but i had the drop sides replaced anyway just in case. I have not yet found better customer service from anywhere, they stand behind the products they sell and are willing to come out to rectify anything they can. I love them!
Looks great, recommended by Choice, great quality

Great products and unbeatable service

I have two Siena cots, two 4-drawer chests and a change table from the Tasman Eco range and I couldn't be happier with the quality. Most of all though I wanted to give the company a good rap for their service. The drop side on one of my cots broke after I lowered the mattress base and when I called the company they sent out a rep the next day to check it out. He fixed it immediately and told me the problem was because the shop I bought it from had sold me the wrong mattress which interfered with the drop mechanism. He then called the shop and made them replace the mattress free of charge with a brand new Tasman Eco mattress, even though the one I had was now 6 months old. Very happy with Tasman Eco - obviously, as I bought more of their products for my second child :)
Quality, style, excellent customer service

Terrible product

Bought this in 2011 from baby bunting after the recommendation from Choice. Had a problem with the dropside since day one. It's hard to move up and down and comes of f its runners constantly. We've tried to fix it so many times but it still keeps happening. When it is on the runners, there is an asymmetric gap at one side of around 1cm at its widest point which could easily trap a little finger. We now just leave it in the up position all the time.

Not exactly convenient. Total piece of junk. Very disappointed as it looks so nice and thought I was buying Australian, but it's made in China. It's such a bad product that I've bought a brand new Boori cot for my second baby rather than have to deal with this anymore. Can't even sell it on eBay as I wouldn't wish it on anyone else. Fit for the council clean-up only.
Look nice, feels sturdy.
Dropside is dangerous, falling off runners constantly. Expensive for a product that doesn't work.

excellent services

We called in for a drop side issue after 2 ys of purchase, though we only moved the drop side for a handful times. The guy named David came onsite n found out that we are using the wrong bolts for locking the side. Most of the companies by then will charge customers for replacing the part. But Tasman Eco changed a new drop side for free n explain/demo to me the improved design n how to use it properly. Fantastic customer services! I would definitely recommend it.
great services, quick response

Excellent Customer Service

I recently called Tasman Eco regarding an issue I was having with the drop side of my son's cot. A repair person came out to look at the cot and informed me that the issue was due to the wrong size mattress being sold to me with the cot when I purchased it 18months earlier. Despite this, Tasman Eco replaced the damaged drop side with a new one and then also replaced my old mattress (not a Tasman Eco mattress) with a new Tasman Eco mattress - all free of charge and on the spot. At all times, repair & customer service staff were friendly and very professional.
Reliable, prompt, friendly and professional

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We too had problems after having our cot for two year with the drop side. We rarely had put the side down and when we did we had lots of trouble. After contacting Tasman Eco, an appointment was booked. I got a call to say he was 40 mins away (he arrived spot on time). He fixed our side and replaced our mattress for free too as we had the wrong size mattress for the cot. We couldn't have asked for better service and the staff are all amazing! Thanks guys. Will definitely be referring others to buy from you in the future.

After Sales Service

We had purchased a Tasman Eco cot a couple of years ago and we recently started experiencing some difficulty with the side rail. We contacted SJC Brands who in turn booked us in for a visit from one of their technicians.

The technician called us in the morning and provided us with an estimated time. Dave arrived spot on time. He had a look at our cot and identified the problem. He fixed the issue and corrected it so that it was unlikely to occur again in the future. Dave also took the time to explain how the damage occurred and further advised us how we can prevent this from happening again.

We spoke about the company he worked for and he was glowing in his praise for that organsiation. He advised that they understood how important such furniture was to parents and that they do their best to correct any issues that arise promptly. They invest their money in providing a great service as opposed to advertising. This in turn generates referrals from existing clients (like myself) and advertising is not required.

We were very impressed with them and hence this review. You do not often come across companies that are prepared to send their staff out at such short notice and resolve a matter so quickly and efficiently.

I would strongly recommend strongly SJC Brands and their Tasman Eco cots to anyone who wants piece of mind that, should they be unfortunate to have to make a claim against their warranty, their after sales service experience will be a pleasant one and not one of failed visits and endless phone calls.
Service - one phone call, one visit, problem solved quickly and effiiciently

Great cot

We really liked the design and colours. Its as big as Boori but not as expensive and very sturdy. We don't know what other brands are like but happy on our decision. Unfortunately, we did have a problem after 12 months with the adjustable side but I put in an online warranty claim and Tasman Eco came and fixed it quickly and were very helpful and friendly.
Reliable, sturdy, good to have 2 heights and adjustable side. Lots of room for baby, I can see my little one in it for many years so worthwhile purchase. Not too expensive (but we got it on sale!)
The adjustable side did actually get damaged through no fault of our own after about 12 months use, the guide pins started falling out of the channels during adjustment. I was concerned about the safety and put in an online warranty claim. They got back to me within a few days and organised a repair guy to come out and fix it. When he arrived he was supper friendly and helpful. They replaced the side with a brand new one which has stonger plastic guide channels and replaced the guide pins with new larger style to prevent from popping out. Was very happy with the service and know that if we ever have a problem again they will be happy to help. Overall, I think you still need to be careful when putting the adjustable side up and down but I assume this is the same for all cots with this feature.

Great cot, excellent customer service and warranty

I would 100% recommend this company and this cot.
I have a Tasman Eco sienna cot and matching change table. We had some issues with the
drop side since we assembled the cot. I called the place of purchase and was told they would forward the issue onto the company. However, i didnt hold my breath as i assumed they would say i needed to send the cot in if any repairs needed to be done, something that is quite impossible really. So I must say I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from Tasman Eco saying they would arrange for someone in my area to come out and inspect the cot and do any necessary repairs. This was done without question and quite promptly which I very much appreciated. Within a week or so a man had come to my house to fix the drop side at no extra cost to myself. He replaced the tracks and side pins and was able to align the cot sides so the side dropped freely.

I don't think a warranty and a customer service like this can be underestimated. Particularly in this day and age where everything comes in a flat pack with an allen key and questionable quality. To find a company willing to back up its product is quite refreshing.

The other thing is that I dont think this issue with the drop side is solely a problem from this brand. I have spoken to friends with other cots and it seems drop sides in general are a bit hit and miss. I think they are very much related to proper alignment of the cot which can be difficult to achieve on assembly. Rest assured though if you have any issue with this cot, Tasman Eco will be of great assistance and have proven that they will endeavor to rectify any issues in a hassle free manner. This is not a service other companies offer (even more expensive brands) and trust me it is of great benefit as when your little one starts sleeping in the cot you will not be bothered sending it back for repairs.
Excellent warranty, fantastic customer service, sturdy attractive design
Drop sides can be a problem but company willing to rectify any issues if they arise

Outstanding Quailty

We bought this cot from Baby Bunting in January this year. I would recommend this cot to anyone. The finish is excellent and we get so may compliments from our family and friends.
We bought it on a recommendation and we are glad we did. The cot was easy to assemble, (we used the video instructions on the website.
Easy to assemble, good finish, Mocha colour looks great, Excellent price. Great value for money, five year warranty

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Where do I get the screws for this cot i had them for my first child and brought in 2009 and can't find them and am due withy second in 6 weeks?
3 answers
Hi, where did you buy the cot? They may be able to order in new ones for you, otherwise try emailing info@tasmaneco.com.au & they should be able to help.I would definitely try calling Tasman Eco, they always provide such wonderful service, I'm sure they would be able to help :)Yeah I did that and they are sending me out new screws thanks ☺️

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