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Stokke Sleepi

Stokke Sleepi

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I absolutely LOVE this cot

I absolutely adore this cot. This is our fourth and last baby and I really wanted to splurge as our 18 month old is still using her cot. We couldn’t afford a brand new one, so bought a good condition second hand one. So easy to put together, sturdy and strong and is just divine to look at. It fits in our small nursery easily and is easy to move around with the wheels underneath. I ordered a new mattress through baby bunting and it took 3 weeks to be delivered to their store by Stokke and It was estimated to take 4-5 weeks just after Christmas (so was a nice surprise!)
I haven’t had a drop down side for any of my children so this not being a feature of the stokke sleepi didn’t bother me. So far I love this cot and has been an absolute dream. Honestly wanted to go and buy another one for our toddler as her toddler bed! Lots if sheet and bedding options these days so was able to get a few different colours. I love this cot!

Faulty wheels and terrible customer service

I love this cot but unfortunately we received one with faulty wheels. We only discovered this after baby arrived and we started moving the cot around. Stokke are yet to replace our wheels and have made the entire process very difficult. Expected much better for the price. We chose this cot over the Leander purely because it was on wheels but ours moved as well as a dodgy shopping trolley does. Numerous friends and family who have moved our cot have commented on how bad the wheels are and how it must be driving us crazy.

I love this cot!!

I really love this cot! It is my favourite baby item. I have only had it for 15 months so far, but I have had no trouble with it. I fell in love with it when I saw it at the shop, but it was more money than I wanted to spend as this was our fourth baby. The other cot we had only made it to baby number three and I felt that I should probably buy a cheaper one as this was the last baby I would have and I needed a new pram and car seat as well.
It was a lovely surprise when it was delivered to our door courtesy of my fantastic mum!

I have the natural wood one and it matches everything. There are no chips or dents despite the other kids and a teething baby.
Easy to assemble, the first cot I have felt I could assemble myself. No moving sides to pinch small (and big) fingers. Easy to lower the height and move from room to room. I feel that the lower level is lower than the other cot I had, but I'm not sure. The mattress is thinner than the old cot mattress I had so that is probably why it feels lower, sometimes it strains my back a bit to put her down but I don't know how that could be changed.
I can't think of anything negative to say about it.
I'm sure I'll be using it for a couple more years due to its versatility.

Looks amazing, doesn't perform for older baby

This cot is great as a bassinet or for a baby up to 6 months- but once you drop it down a level forget about it! The mattress is not comfortable for baby and is way too low. The cot needs a drop side as it is almost impossible to put baby back down without waking them. The cot is also very slimline and my son was always hitting the sides and waking up.
We have ended up buying a large drop side cot which turns into a toddler bed as it has become too difficult to use.
Stunning looking cot/ bassinet
Mattress is very ordinary for the price. To slim for a larger baby. Price is over the top for a cot that won't cut it after 6 months!


Love this cot, comes in a flat pack and easy to assemble. It is a bit pricey but is so gorgeous and has so many options are your baby grows. It is easy to move around as it comes with optional castors-wheels. Would highly recommend this cot to friends. Once your baby is all grown up and your done having Littlies in cots the two ends can transform into cute armchairs, ideals for a sunroom or even as a occasional chair in a bedroom

A little expensive

6 years on, I love it!

We splashed out on this six years ago ( before children when we had money) and it has been in constant use since for our three children. It is my favourite piece of furniture in the house and has been well worth every cent. It is easy to move from room to room and looks gorgeous. We can use normal sheets, the canopy is beautiful and the cot still looks just as good now as when we first bought it. New bunks arrive today but I cannot loose the cot, we are taking one of the sides out and turning it into a reading seat for the children, they can all use it again. I hope to enjoy it for many years yet.
Still looks great, easy to move around, did I say it looks gorgeous?
Nothing I can think of, well worth the expense.

Excellent. Flat pack Box easily fitted in car. Great easy to use and easy to assemble.

A clever simple design and well made. can use for many years to come , practical. Looks and feels great, and can move easily around the house. After a lot of research and thinking was it worth. And a mini SWOTanalysis. The end result is a big yes from this father. Tick all the boxes and was on sale at D.J's along with bthe sheets. Note:. Matteress was included in the price.
Can use for many years to come

Gorgeous, well worth the money

I bought 2 of these to replace my kids boori cots and they are amazing. they slept so much better and looked beautiful! also very practical to grow with your child.. easy to move around the house which was a huge bonus and 4 mattress levels were great when bub tried to climb out ! money well spent !

Beauifully designed, practical and built to last

Bought the Stokke for our little girl and am so happy with it! Admittedly we did buy it second hand but it is in great condition and now that it will last. The bassinet is a good size however our little girl grows by the minute and we now have it in the large size. I love that it is on wheels and even though we don't move it around the house, just being able to wheel it around the room (she's in our room) and closer to our bed for those first weeks is great.
I didn't like the Stokke sheets (overpriced for the quality) but found a great New Zealand company that makes organic sheet sets specifically for Stokke cots (Babu) and they are amazingly beautiful and soft.
We also bought the Stokke change table and everyone loves the look of it all, but being a practical mum, I love that it is all so sturdy, safe and gorgeous to look at.
Sturdy, beautifully designed. Practical on wheels. Holds value
Expensive brand new, not sure if I would buy it full priced


Overall this is a stylish, functional cot, with a few disadvantages as listed above. If you are prepared to live with no drop side, and limited linen choices, unless you are handy with a needle and thread, then this is a good choice if you want to have something a bit different for your baby.
Stylish, wheels make it possible to wheel the cot from room to room, small footprint makes it possible to have cot next to your bed in average sized bedroom. Suitable from birth to toddler-hood (age dependent on baby's size). Many colour choices, so that can complement almost any nursery colour scheme. Well built, sturdy and easy to make bed (as you can just lift the mattress).
Unless you a) have time b) inclination c) ability to sew, you pretty much are limited to the Stokke linen, particularly the mattress protector and fitted sheets, which is both expensive and limiting in choice. That said, the Stokke linen is of the highest quality, and even the mattress protector can be tumble dried which is particularly handy if you have a messy baby. No drop side, however my baby still has the high mattress setting in-use, and this isn't a problem yet.


My boy is now two and a half and and has been in a big bed for about 4 months. He loved his cot and so do we. We have not made use of it as a toddler bed with the sides removed as we moved him into a bed to make room for the next bub which is due any day. This cot still looks as new after two years of use, a true sign of quality.
A beautiful and stylish cot that will make your bubs room unique. We love ours as did our little boy.
No drop down side but this has not been a problem for me. The fitted sheets and mattress protector are are expensive but we bought one pair of sheets and one mattress protector and then used regular rectangle ones when needed. I actually found the regular sheets were just fine as they tucked in without a problem. It is and expensive cot but this was a gift from family and I am so glad we have it.

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just for up to date info for everyone, drop side cots have been illegalised in the US, and will soon be phased out in Australia because of safety hazards.

Perfect for us

This has been a great cot and bassinette for us. We had limited space so to be able to have a big size bassinette that convertered into a cot (smaller than the average cot) has been a blessing. Our daughter is still sleeping in our bedroom in the cot (she is 6 months old). Once we move to a bigger place we will get her a bigger cot but keep the Stokke for our next child so we can do the same.
The bassinette/crib is a great size (not too small).
No drop down side which no doubt will bother me alot when I finally need to drop the base down.

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just for up to date info for everyone, drop side cots have been illegalised in the US, and will soon be phased out in Australia because of safety hazards.


If you have the spare money and you like the look and you want to recoup your costs with selling it second hand, then go ahead and buy a stokke if the pro's and con's have been considered. However, there are so many cots on the market, much cheaper that are absolutely fine too.
Its oval shape is stylish and 'softens' the look of a room. They are in high demand on ebay so although the upfront cost is pricey for a new one-you can recoup a high percentage of your costs if you re-sell. Both my children have slept in it, without sides down, until 2years old and there is barely a blemish of a dint anywhere-so wood is solid.I never bought stokke bedding to match and have found standard fitted cot sheets tuck in and under just fine. Height of mattress base can be lowered once bub is getting into the jumping up and down stage-reducing the risk of falling out.
Without a drop down side, walking toddlers have to be lifted in and out(but then again whats a couple more 'lifting ups'in a day of many?).Also You would need to purchase stokke padding against the bars, for babies comfort, as all other standard rectangular ones are difficult to fit.

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just for up to date info for everyone, drop side cots have been illegalised in the US, and will soon be phased out in Australia because of safety hazards.


Would I buy this again? Probably not. In fact we are thinking of getting a new cot to use until our baby is big enough to use the junior bed conversion, as my back pain makes the drop side a must. The issues with the mattress and wheel have been annoying considering how expensive this cot is.
The cot is stylish, simple and design focussed and suits those to which these elements appeal. It is light cot and easy to move around and wheel back and forward to settle bub (as we did!). Also narrow enough to fit through doors, so you can easily wheel it into a different room. It is also smaller than many other cots, so suits those with less room. It can convert to a small bed (although this is less of an advantage as stokke seem to make out, as many cots do this now) and chairs/sofa/childs bed (however these require a conversion kit, so again is not such an advantage).
A number of things. It doesn't have a drop side, which we didn't realise would be such a big issue, however getting the baby into and out of the cot when it is the low position is back breaking, particularly if you rock/feed them to sleep as we do or have a big bub. We have had problems with the mattress which was too short - 6cms shorter than the recommended 120cms. Had it replaced. Second one the same. Having to get that replaced AGAIN, which is a fuss. It is noted that the too short mattresses were recalled in the US. Maybe they were dumped on the aussie market? Also one of the wheels snapped off in the first couple of weeks. The mattress being foam is quite thin and doesn't fit snugly, which makes it impossible to tuck sheets/blankets in tightly. Finally, our baby is quite big and is finding the cot a bit on the small side as he is continually bumping the sides with his arms etc.


I love this Cot and pleased I brought it. I had lots of guests come to stay when my daughter was born and need her Room as a guest room to begin with and i found that moving the Cot around very easy. Also we had my daughter in the smaller bassinet version first and so when we extended the bassinet to the cott she adjusted with no problems to sleeping in the bigger cot. One thing i would say though as I was told that my daughter would be in the basinet for at least 4 - 5 Months. But she grew out of it by three months.
would recommend this cot to anyone
Easy moved around the house as has wheels
Fits small rooms as Oval shape
No drop side...but hasnt been an issue for me
Expensive but good resale

Questions & Answers

When you buy the Basic Stokke Sleepi Cot pack. Can you just leave the sides and mid base panel out for it to be a bassinette? Or does the bassinette require other parts? Apart from the mattress and drape rod.
2 answers
No you can't. I'm having the problem now. The bassinet requires two fill in pieces, one at each end. Stokke will not supply these separate. Also needs the wheel pieces which are pictured on the stokke website as a spare part but when I approached shops about these they said they couldn't get them!You can actually buy the pieces required for the bassinet from stokke. I emailed their head office overseas and they sent me the Aussie distributors email address who had the pieces for sale. Baby bunting and baby kingdom don't stock these and will tell you that you can't get them.

I'm looking at purchasing either a stokke sleepi cot or the cocoon cot ... Do either of these fit through a standard door way as I know they're different in sizes? And if anyone prefers one over the other? thanks
1 answer
I have moved my skokke cot in and out of my daughters room several times. And it fits without the sodes touching the door. As long as your door is standard your fine. I have had my stokke for almost 3 years and had 2 babies later it still looks beautiful.


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