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LG UK7550 Series

Small gripes but it's actually still a good TV!

So, I decided to buy this TV after I had the headache of dealing with a Seiki (Check my review profile out) TV decided to just go for a better brand of TV. When we went to the store I checked out some of the TV’s and I did like the picture of this TV, I mean after dealing with the aforementioned TV anything would be a vast improvement! Now, I have had this TV for a while now and for the most of it, I have been so impressed! The picture quality is actually really good and the colour is bright and crisp and it has sectional LED backlighting so parts of the screen that are meant to display as a dark colour, the lighting is dimmed and brighter colours are more enhanced! This, in theory, is a really good idea, however, personally, I don't like it! The screen when there is a black background but a little spec of colour is also present will light up a whole top to bottom section and it bleeds everywhere! This absolutely done my life in so I thought a quick call to LG would guide me on how to turn this feature off, however, this can not be stopped, It can be reduced and it does help a lot so its ok and it’s a small price to pay for a picture that is otherwise 100%. The sound quality is really good for a TV that hasn't got branded audio like the TCL TV I reviewed that had Harmon/Kardon audio! There is an infinite amount of sound adjustments for this TV including a Graphic EQ, clear voice, Auto adjustment where it will use the Microphone in the remote to set up the best sound adjustments for your seating position and If I am honest, I actually think this TV has better audio which is embarrassing for H/K. The remote is amazing with this TV, the air mouse is precise and accurate and it's only because of this remote that I found out that we had Amazon TV in Australia, so thanks LG for that!
I have this TV connected to my Xbox 1X and I am a little sadened to say that the 4K settings on the LG are not compatible fully with the Xbox! On the TCL, everything was ticked green including the HDR settings, but, with the LG only some of the 4K is available and the HDR is not! LG blamed this on the Xbox, however, it's automatically configured as the Xbox knows what TV is plugged into it so the TV is telling the Xbox that it can not do what it wants to, thus the Xbox disabling these options. This I find to be embarrassing for LG but the picture is still extremely good other than the aforementioned selective backlighting. The voice assistant is pretty good and works most of the time, I have actually been that bored that I have had a full-on conversation with the voice assistant before. It can google search, change inputs and heaps more and as I said it works pretty well! I feel what lets this TV down the most is the Laggy software! The boot time is really quick so no issues there, however, opening the guide for the TV actually takes longer then it does to actually turn the TV on! Opening menus also take a long time and I can't find any form of an app that cleans the TV, as the TCL had so I called the LG helpline, just then actually and I was told there is no cleaner so basically this is what you get and the only way to decongest the TV is to either wipe it or unplug it for 5 seconds and plug back in.
I honestly feel that if this was a android based TV and not a LG webOS TV that a lot if the issues would be resolved and the TV would run much quicker! I always question as to why a manufacturer would go through the effort of designing a OS and the appropriate apps when there is already an amazing platform and apps ready to go. The disappointment of the TV not being fully compatible with the Xbox 1x is just a pain but the performance is still there and it still has such a good quality picture! I honestly do like this TV more then I dislike it and I would recommend it to anyone who was looking for a good quality picture and many features, I also would buy another for my bedroom, because, I know its going to still be a TV that I am going to enjoy for a long time!

As per all my reviews, Please feel free to ask any questions!

Purchased in December 2018 at Radio Rentals SA for $1,600.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

Good TV for the price

This is perfect TV i would say. Picture quality is good and SMART TV features are excellent. It supports 802.11 WIFI so online videos and games run faster. Highly recommended.

Purchased in January 2019 for $1,099.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

Great TV, Easy to use

My first ever smart tv and I love it. Easy to navigate, great sound and picture quality.
Was easy to set my wireless headphones up using Bluetooth.
Absolutely thrilled to have my computer set through it and Blueray DVD player.
Connects to wifi effortlessly, and has enough ports for USB and HDMI.
The apps are ok with YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Stan, Abc iview, 9Now and SBS being the main ones, all the others seem irrelevant or pointless and foreign.
I like the TV guide, reminder and being able to record programs straight onto my hard drive. The remote is simple to use with a pointer on screen or just using the controls on remote.
I have mine mounted to wall and copes fine with me moving it around to see it when I’m cooking.

Purchased in July 2018 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for $1,698.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

Great TV for the price. Awesome picture and easy to navigate (elderly owner).

I purchased this TV for my mum (elderly). It has a great picture and is easy to navigate for my mum who is not so tech savy. I made a few comparisons as to the difficulty of setting up bluetooth headphones with a few other TV's and this one appeared to be the easiest. It also connects with the headphones immediately with ease when the old girl wants to use them.

It is also easy to navigate the smart TV functions as it has pointer style setup like a mouse which is easy for her to use. This TV does everything you need it to do for a great price. I have purchased a few LG TV's over the years without any issues at all.

Date PurchasedDec 2018


Bought today from Binglee after trying uk6540 55’’ but i am glad to say UK7550 55’’ is perfect tv. No backlight bleeding, local dimming works perfect but not better than oled tvs so i usually turn it off. Metal finish on Tv looks great. Black looks real black even if local dimming is off. Easy to use. LOVE IT.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Quality at its best

I purchased it from Betta in Virginia. Very impressed with the TV so far. Picture quality in 4K is really impressive. The operating system is really cool with the magic remote navigation.
The connectivity is really good with my wireless headphones through bluetooth.
The TV has enough ports for connecting with my PS4 pro and 4K player through HDMI. I am also using it's USB connectivity to watch contents from USB drive.
Selection of playing content with the remote is really easy. Being upgraded from a 43" smart TV, it really a treat.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Not on par with other brands for the same price

Be warned, this tv has very noticeable vertical light bands which become visible where there is a dark scene. It absolutely ruins the tv for me and viewing experience. Not something I expected to encounter in 2018. This is a known drawback for this model. Will be seeking a refund at JB Hifi where it was purchased.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Fantastic tv

A great tv with stunning visuals. Super bright, and excellent blacks too. It is very easy to use, and helps you set it up once you plug it in. It has great style and lots of awesome features including intelligent remote, built in wireless, Netflix etc. sounds fantastic too. Very very happy

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Questions & Answers

I bought this television two weeks ago and the picture was great to begin with. However, for the last two days the lights have been shining so brightly from the bottom that the entire picture is almost white and difficult to see. It is so bright it hurts our eyes to look at it. We have tried adjusting all the picture settings, resetting to factory settings, and nothing fixes it. It is like this on all channels and inputs. What should I do with the TV?
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I would be contacting LG. Personally, I would not live chat with them. Make sure to have the model number and you can get that by going into your settings>About this TV> and press mute 5 times quickly! below is the link for LG support https://www.lg.com/au/support You can live chat, email or call, I would suggest calling as the live chat is quite slow and you will be waiting for a long time to get hold of a rep! I hope this helps


65UK7550PTA (65")55UK7550PTA (55")49UK7550PTA (49")
Price (RRP) $2,699$1,799$1,499
Screen Size 65"55"49"
Type of TVSmart TVSmart TVSmart TV
Energy Rating5 star(s)5.5 star(s)4 star(s)
Wireless OptionsBluetooth and Wi-FiBluetooth and Wi-FiBluetooth and Wi-Fi
Number of HDMI Ports444
Number of USB Ports222
Weight26.2 kg17.6 kg14.5 kg
Operating System WebOSWebOSWebOS
Dimensions (without stand) 844 x 1456 x 37.2 mm721 x 1237 x 36.6 mm644 x 1102 x 36.6 mm
Dimensions (with stand) 916 x 1456 x 318.5 mm794 x 1237 x 248.4 mm717 x 1102 x 248.4 mm
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)1 year(s)

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