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LG WD14030FD6

LG WD14030FD6

2.7 from 11 reviews

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I HATE this machine - do not buy

I have had this machine for 3 years now and have complained so many times to LG, have had techs out replacing parts / servicing the machine - it is suppose to be a washer / dryer and does not dry clothes at all. I am in a unit and do not have any clothes line area - the cycle can take up to 4.5 hours to do one king size sheet and it is still no where near dry.

Purchased in June 2016.

Build Quality
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Noise Level
Washing Performance

These are crap

These are noisy,complicated to use,do not dry very well. Most places I stay seem to have them. I think landlords install them as they supposedly wash and dry. They do neither well. The one where I am staying now runs with the door open and can open half way thru a cycle and flood the place(twice).
Cannot set to wash then dry. Two separate programs that require the wash to finish,then manually select the dry cycle.
The drying function is confusing resulting in damp clothes .
I think if it had 3 or 4 wash cycles and a timer on the drier it would be ok but not great.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Do not purchase!

Hello, I purchased this product 2017 and do not recommend it. I have raised my concerns with LG through phone and email, with a response of ‘there is nothing we can do’ after they inspected it. I emailed evidence of the dryer turning my whites into yellow and I still have issues with a foul burn smell after a year of usage. The dryer is not effective and overheats clothes with lots of creasing. I am thinking of selling it and cutting my loses as it frustrates me every time I use it. The washing machine does it’s job ok but the dryer is ineffective. Hope this helps other buyers to back away and LG to understand you can’t wipe your hands of it as it’s your brand, reputation and product on the line.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

LG must be going broke if they can't rectify a problem design - stay away from them - warranty is us

Just got of my 5 th call from lg over a 1 month period to say that there products meet all specifications - i.e Fritz says that it has nothing wrong with it and he is happy that it takes 5 hours to dry clothes and only just dry
LG refuse to admit it is a dud - except for taking it of the market of course - under warranty and still they don't care
Outrageous customer service
Never recommend LG. They must be hard up if they can't admit fault to a design and rectify

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Everything it's cracked up to be!

Whisper quiet, user friendly operation, eco features, good wash and soft dry. It weighs the load then adjusts the time accordingly. Good anti wrinkle feature tosses dry clothes every few minutes until it's turned off. Installed it ourselves. Good value with discount from HN. It's my new best friend!

I love this machine

We bought this machine because we bought a new house and the laundry is a bit small and we could not fit our dryer on the wall as it was a bit old and we could not turn it upside down. We bought our washer and dryer machine from radio rentals. I love this machine. My son is an apprentice chef and always brings home his very dirty uniforms for me to wash. I spry it with some stain remover and put the machine on steam and whalla it comes out clean, fantastic. I love the fact that I can put it on in the morning before work and when I come back I can just ford up the washing and pack it away. I also love the refresh circle to use your clothes comes out ironed and refreshed. I also use it for my sons uniforms if it is a bit creased it takes it right out. It is the best machine I have ever invested in. The clothes might feel wet when you take it out but it drys in no time, it just feels wet from the steam. I would recommend this to any one who want a machine that does every thing. I love love love it!!!!!!!
Steam and that it is a washer and dryer

Child lock doesn't work!!

I bought this machine about a month ago and use it every day and it works really well but I have a separate dryer with a sensor dry function and rarely use the dry function on the machine- I sometimes split the load and start the drying in the washing machine while the rest of the clothes dry and then finish it off in my separate dryer. The first time I used the wash /dry function it over dried my clothes on the cupboard dry setting and they shrunk! I find the Eco dry function seems to work better- as long as you don't over load the machine it dries them well but takes a while to do so.

My biggest problem with the machine is that the child lock does not fully lock the machine- the power button still switches the machine off even when the child lock is on..and on top of that it loses its settings and memory of where it was at so you have to start again! A few times my curious toddler pressed the power and turned it off nearly 1.5 hours into the cycle! I got so fed up with it that I ended up buying a cabinet to put underneath to get it out of my sons reach!
Washes well, fairly quiet, flexibility to wash and dry clothes overnight.
Child lock doesn't work properly, clothes get really hot and can shrink on the cupboard dry setting

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Interesting to hear. Our new Bosch has the same issue with no child lock on the power button. No use at all. Anyone know what does have a proper child lock ?

Have had for 4 years now- fantastic!

I originally bought this from Harvey Normans wen my old top loader started get in frustrating and I needed a dryer in winter.

I was convinced by sales reps to buy the next model down and told it was the same as the "steam" model. I ended up taking home the machine for $1200... Then when I got home and unpacked the box I found it to the incorrect model, I called the store and they ended up getting me to return the non-steam machine and upgraded me to this model, which was $1999 at the time.. So I admit I got an amazing bargain!

My experience with this machine has been great from day one, we only have cold water input into the machine, but because is has a built in water heater that hasn't been an issue. Steam functions are brilliant for towels and bed sheets, and we don't use as much detergent unless clothing is badly soiled.

I clean out the machine about once every 2 months with de-scaler as the "tub clean" function. It has child lock functions also.

My next big test will be when I have my first child in September 2013, I plan in using cloth nappies a I believe that the steam function will be a life saver for sanitising the nappies. I did initially plan in spending so much on a washer/dryer combo for that purpose, so fingers crossed it will be successful.

Since getting this unit I have convinced both my best friend and mother in law to buy one of these machines, both have been blown away by how economical they are and how clean the clothes feel after they dry.
Cheap to run, excellent for washing sheets/ towels, convenient drying.
Reasonably expensive at purchase.

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Hi mells_001! Very happy to hear you are enjoy our LG WD14030FD6! Thank you for your review!

Avoid it! It is full of faults

I bought this model to replace by smaller LG and it's been a disaster since day 1.

1) First of all at the back of the washer, there are 2 markings for "hot" water connection. So the installers connected it as it seemed more appropriate using "hot" and "cold" markings written in the same line and font as a clue. As a result the clothes was coming our smelly and hot. They were washed in cold water, rinsed in piping hot (70C). The dryer smelt of burnt rubber. It took LG 2 weeks to send a technician. The technician also missed the second "hot" marking written in a tiny font and hidden underneath the hose, so he ruled there was a fault with the washer and swapped the water pipes cover its cover. LG stuffed me around for 3 months re compensation for wrecked clothing (over $2K!). They asked me to take photos, find receipts. Then they started to ignore me. I ended up spending 1,5 hours ringing them again & again until I got hold of Ali Akbar - self-proclaimed big boss, who said the technician was wrong, LG would compensate nothing and that I could do whatever I like.
They have not returned a single of my emails - I had to virtually bombard them with phone calls to get some answer.

2) Dryer still kept on smelling of burnt rubber. The clothing would come out very hot, in particular on "low temperature dry" cycle, shrinking clothing. I asked LG via email, over the phone, via Harvey Norman, directly their retailers support staff, their Wooleys tech one simple question - what the temperature should be inside the dryer on low temp cycle. I have received no answer. To measure a temp inside a drum you need to press 2 buttons on the washer simultaneously. During "low temp" dry cycle it would be over +70C! Wow! I wonder what it would be during "cardboard dry" - a bit scary to think that your clothes may easily catch fire. No wonder there are so many warnings in their manual about clothes catching fire in their driers.

LG said I could not use the same method to take temp during the drying cycle. Which method I should use they would not tell. The Wooleys tech said it wasn't his job to check temp inside the dryer, that he wasn't trained to do so and he prepared a report stating there was nothing wrong with the machine!

So I stopped using the dryer 6 months ago. I wouldn't want to have fire in my house and let LG get away with it as they did with their water connection

3) Once we fixed hot/cold water problem. The washer started to stretch the clothes, in particular in "Mix" and "Sportswear" cycles. My husband's tops stretched from size L to XXXL, my skirts and dresses turned into sacks. I have kept LG and Harvey Norman in the loop. LG ended up asking me to wash at lower temperature (30C) and spin cycle (400) my cottons to avoid stretching!

Why would I need a washing machine with 60C+ capacity and spin cycle of 1,400 that I can operate only at 30c/400. It's like having a racing car that can drive only 20km/h! Seriously!

After some back-and-forth discussions (lasting another 3 months) LG made a statement "we never had any issues with the machine stretching clothing, thus there is no issue". When Harvey interfered, LG rep made the following clarification: "I have the same washing machine and it doesn't stretch my clothes, thus your customer's washing machine is working fine." LG refused to do anything about it!

4) With its functions, a few things to remember
--- steam function is purely a gimmick, it doesn't do anything, it does nothing really, you will never use it
---- the washer doesn't have "gentle" wash cycle, and the manual is dump. So you will have to think in which cycle to put your delicates? Maybe "wool". Please consult the manual - it says the wool cycle is for "pure new wool only". Be careful with you choices as LG will use their manual against your judgement
---- the washer does not have "crease care" function, so the clothes come around very creased (esp in cotton, cotton eco, mix cycles)
---- it does not have just "drain" function. So if you started to wash and would like to drain water - you will have to go through the full rinse cycle.

In conclusion - do not buy LG washers (and I wouldn't buy any of their products) as you will be left alone with their faulty product and whatever damage they will cause (upto burning down your property). If basic things like water hoses are not label properly - what can you expect from the products itself. The customer support is virtually absent.
Nice design
numerious faults, dangerous to operate, damaging clothing, appalling customer support

Hi there Marina, We're sorry to hear of your troubles. It sounds like we can help with some troubleshooting and further investigate some of the machine's other problems. Can you please give us a call on 1300 542 273 so we can look into this for you? Kind regards, LG Australia Hi guys, that's very nice of you to offer me to ring you again. So you kn ow LG has all my (unanswered) emails re the washer lodged via your website, it also has written information via your retailer support staff (happy to give you all the names), your rep at Harvey Norman (also happy to refer you). I have called your call centre on so many occasions and I can never get hold of any of your technicians. You have a layer of call centre people & "correspondence officers" - who work like guard dogs - not allowing customers speak directly to anyone who could give answers. Advice I receive from your call centre staff is controversial (depends who I speak to) and getting through is not easy either as there is a considerable wait. As for "troubleshooting" - I have spent 6 months troubleshooting and I do not think I'm prepared to invest any more of my time into that,. I (and Harvey Norman have been asking LG to send a professional tech to heck the washer - and probably this what you could have done. You can contact me for references if you wish to make an internal investigation and get back to me., but please do not expect me to go through all that again! thank you!Hi Marina, Can you please update? I was looking at purchasing this machine until i read your review. Not sure if yours was a once off etc., but what will make a difference is if LG rectified the problem for you or not.

dont buy this machine

The wash comes out good but clothes are not dry. I bought the machine thinking it will save space by having one machine instead of two but it was a bad idea. The dryer uses steam to dry so its never completely dry (almost as wet as 1400 rpm spin). The steam i guess does more harm than traditional dryers, I feel like they cook the clothes (its like dumplings when you remove clothes from dryer).
When I bought the machine, I was told that clothes come out completely dry, but that just cant happen with condenser dryer. I called LG helpline and they said the clothes are meant to be damp to avoid wrinkles.
Its important that the retailers and manufacturer make aware what you can expect from the machine's performance so buyers can make the best decision.
For $1300 its a waste of money, better off buying a separate washer and dryer
wash comes out good, many different wash settings
the dryer is horrible, clothes are damp and cooked

I dried 5 thick towels in the dryer - and although it did take 4 hours, a long time I agree, they did come out totally dry - and incredibly fluffy.i have no problem with drying clothes come out beautiful and soft

I love it!

I purchased this washer around 1 month ago and i must say i was very sceptical due to the reviews for the WD14030FD.
I am very happy with my purchase, still have a lot of functions to try out including the steam option.
Quick 30 is great, spin speed, water temp all very good options. I also love the tub clean as my old top loader did not have this. Huge capacity 8.5kgs.
The dryer does take a while longer than a standard dryer however i do not use the dryer much for it to bother me.
I have gone from using a fisher & paykel top loader for 12 years to this front loader so that was a bit of getting used to.
All in all it is a great machine.
Super quiet, great wash, very stylish.
Wash/dry cycle is around 4 hours however does not bother me too much.

Questions & Answers

I have just purchased this machine/dryer and its taking 4 hrs per load, is this normal?. The retailer did not tell me this. is this time normal for the combos?
1 answer
It depends on the weight of your wash and then the settings. The shortest combo cycle we ever achieved was about 2hrs50mins. For a regular bi-weekly wash, we always used the time saver button, set the temperature at 60°, pressed the eco button and were fairly careful to not overload the machine. I'm using past tense because we have this machine at a house in Tassie which we left 2 months ago so I'm trying to recollect the settings. It was a lot more convenient than the set up we have here where a wash takes over an hour and then you have to transfer it into the dryer for another hour or two. I remember we did wash a big, heavy load once and the wash/dry took nearly 5 hours. It calculates the weight of your load when you first put it in so if you put in heavy items or anything wet it will extend the wash/drying time.

Can you just use the wash cycle on the machines or does it do all at once?
1 answer
It's been a while and I can not remember sorry. You could check at a store which has a display model. It definitely does not have 'drain' cycle - which means if you started a wash and forgot to add a sock, you won't be able to :(

Could you please supply weight & dimensions of the machine? Thanks
3 answers
Width (mm) : 600.00 Height (mm) : 850.00 Depth (mm) : 660.00Hi Luke, the weight is very important as we are considering it for a boat. Could you please clarify the weight. Thanks for your reply, Kind regards ShazzaratziOnline manual says t's 72 kgs.


LG WD14030FD6
CategoryWasher Dryer Combos
Price (RRP)$1999
Number of Wash Cycles14
Water Consumption73L
Warm Wash Energy Consumption335kWh/yr
Energy Rating4stars
Water Rating4.5stars
Max Spin Speed1400rpm
Release dateJul 2011
Replaced byLG WD14130FD6

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