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Lindam Numi

Lindam Numi

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2 year old worked out how to open in less than 2 weeks

We bought this gate as it is stylish and also no kick bar to trip over.

Unfortunately this gate is super noisey- so wakes our child when we close it.

Plus after drilling it into our door frame my 2 year old worked out how to open that gate in less than 2 weeks.

So now we have holes in the wall and a redundant gate.

I don't recommend this product.

Really pleased!

I have been using these gates in several areas of my home for a month now and I am really happy with them. They must be installed perfectly to work as described - but once installed (which isn't that hard), they have been working great. I love the look of them and they are so simple to open / close. Love the auto lock feature when you push them shut.

My only criticism is that when they arrived (I purchased online) they had several scratches / dents which I was disappointed about considering that they are so expensive. I would have expected them to be pristine. However, I was in urgent need of baby gates with my crawling baby and the issues were relatively minor so I chose not to return them. Other than that, they are fantastic!

Great product

We have had this gate at the top of our stairs fro 3.5 years with out an issue. Everyone comments on how nice it is compared to the other gates out there. Installed and set it up correctly when we purchased and haven't touched it since. Hinge does click a little but really not an issue. Very good gate definitely recommend.

Great concept mediocre delivery

The expandable gate lives up to expectation (it could have finer adjustment) but the hinge and connectors seem to be less sturdy.

I was lucky enough to have a wood banister to hang the gate on... I cannot see this being possible on a hollow plaster wall.

The mounting piece goes on easily but things go down hill from there:

The hinge is weak and sags, the sag means you have to be prepared to mount the lock piece lower and the hing emits a knocking noise as it passes the central point.

I spent a fair bit on anchors for the locking mount (they are not included) but am not sure how durable it will be regardless - it also protrudes a fair way out of the wall.

All issues aside though it seems to be one of the few stair gates without a ridiculous trip hazard on the top step!!
I hope Lindam take the time to improve this, it has potential.

nice design, flawed in practice

I'm very annoyed with this expensive gate. I bought it thinking it would be premium quality.

Part of my plasterboard wall has now been destroyed because the unit is too heavy for the lugs and screws provided. Despite following the instructions and using it as intended, it has basically fallen off the wall mounting.

What's more, during the 1 month we had it operating, it didn't close cleanly. That's because the width adjustment steps in 1cm notches.

I'm not sure what's worse. The $180 I payed, the wasted time, or the wall patch-up I'll need to do.
looks good
too heavy to hang on plasterboard wall, expensive, adjustable width isn't accurate enough for a neat fit

Looks great but not safe

The gate looks great. One of the most stylish ones out there in my option. Unfortunately, I think it's all looks and no substance. It worked as advertised for about a month. Now it doesn't close properly (bottom latch faulty) and is a safety hazard. Very disappointed, particularly because it was so expensive.
Looks good
Doesn't close

Best on the market

Despite what some people say, these are easy to install and adjust. We have 3 in our house and could not be more happy with this product. They have been installed for 4 years now and without any sign of mechanical or structural wear. The door section can be easily lifted off the hinge and stored away which is a great feature for when they are not needed all the time. Bit expensive but worth every cent, we got our when they were on sale. Highly reccommended
Looks fantastic, easy to operate, quality, versatility, no tripping, opens either way

My 11 mth old can open..

Love the look. No floor bar to trip over. Easy to open. Too easy. My 11 mth old opens it every time she grabs and swings on it. So NOT a safety gate at all. Just emailed Lindam to see what they say.
Now it is screwed into my wall. I feel the same.

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It is now 13 mths since we had the gate installed. With some further adjustment finally got it to not just pop open when the toddler leant on the gate. It was an alignment of the gate to the locking mechanism. So it does hold her in now. It does make a big cracking noise opening which is a nuisance but maybe it can have another star or 2 now.


the gate is not made to specification, and the parts don't slide together as the instructions say they will. The plastic hinges shear away from the aluminium wall mounts. No amount of lubrication, hammer persuasion or maneouvering would get it into place. A terrible product that is not worth the substantial price.

Safety at a cost, but worth every dollar !

The Lindam Numi Gate is one of very few that is suitable for use at the top of a staircase (besides retractable flimsy gates), as it does not have the lip at the bottom, which is a safety hazard for adults and kids going up and down through it. It is farely user friendly to install, although it depends if you have timber to screw it too, but once fitted properly, works a treat. It opens both ways, so you can push or pull it.l The latch is easy for both older children and adults to open, with one hand. It closes smoothly, and clicks right back into safety position with ease. It comes in both silver or wooden colour, so offers an option to match decor. This gate is also unique in that it offers a wide opening to walk through once installed, so is comfortable for people to walk throgh and unrestrictive. Is one of the more expensive gates, but worth every cent when safety is at stake !
Two way opening, no lip for tripping hazard, light easy release of lock with one hand operation, wide opening for walking through, very aesthetically pleasing too. Is quiet to operate, if that is a priority for you.
Just a little on the pricey side. Retails for around the $199 mark, but price matches are normally available to match cheaper retailers like Big W who have it one sale sometimes for $179. Also, this gate is a quiet operating gate, so can be left open without knowing. It does not auto shut, if that was a concern and it has no bell or alarm if you happen to leave it open..


We bought this gate for the top of the stairs and it blends well with all the woodwork and doesn't look as out of place as a lot of the white ones.
It is sturdy and smooth to open and feels strong enough to withstand some rough treatment from the kids.
The way it is installed also allows it to be moved up or down to suit where you are screwing it in and also gives some extra height.
No bar down the bottom to trip over either, very important for safety on stairs. We are going to buy an alarm from an electronics place to warn us if we've left it open (or if the were to ever work out how to open it).
Looks good compared to white gates.
No bar at the bottom to trip over.
Smooth operation.
Does not self close or gave a warning sound if left open.

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Release dateNov 2009

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