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Lindam Sure Shut

Lindam Sure Shut

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Great product, much better than cheaper gate from target

We purchased this gate for the bottom of our stairs and it is very solid, secure once fitted (my 15 month old has given it a good shake and it didn't move at all), and easy to open even when carrying her. Putting in the extension was difficult because of the tightly fitted cap already in the gate that needed to be removed prior to attaching the extension so it definitely took longer than the five minutes suggested. We were using a deluxe metal gate I purchased from Target a number of years ago that was useless, so it was a relief that the Lindam gate is so good.

Parts of gate broke during adding extensions. Terrible design not recommended.

Have one of these gates already and it's ok. Bought a new one and they have changed the design slightly (different colour for minor parts). Upon adding extensions you need to remove small plastic end bits to use on the extension. Two of these cracked in half upon removing from main gate to add to extensions (as instructions direct) as were so tightly wedged in. Why these aren't in the bag with screws defies logic but this $100 gate is now completely broken before it's even been used once. Absolute rubbish, would not recommend to anybody. SUMMARY: followed install instructions to the letter and parts of gate snapped in half due to what looks like manufacturing error. Sadly don't have receipt for this junk gate.

Easy to install, reliable and strong

This is a good, solid safety gate. The self-closing mechanism is useful, however it is very noisy when it closes. I haven't been able to find a way to close it quietly which is an issue if baby is asleep! We've taken to leaving it open at night once baby is down, by having a folded towel or blanket over the latch so that it cannot engage. Apart from this downfall it is very reassuring knowing that baby cannot get through this gate.
Easy fit, extensions available, price, security.
Very noisy when closing, can't be shut quietly

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Which style do you have? Sure shut axis? Sure shut orto? Sure shut deco? They all have different locking mechanisms! Thanks


I recommend the Lindam gate... simple, easy to install, great features, great value for money. Speak to [name censored] at Baby Kingdom Victoria Road Castle Hill for a great customer service and value for money.
So simple to install. The gate is positioned at the top of our staircase.

The opening mechanism makes it a breeze to open the gate especially while juggling a little one in your arms.

The self closing feature combined with the open both direction option is fantastic.
There is nothing I don't like about the product comparative to the competition.

Perfect until the warranty expired

Easy to install. Easy to use. With one hand on the top of the gate you lift the whole gate out of a groove along the base of the frame which holds the gate locked in place, walk through then the gate swings back closed into the goove behind. Simple and effective design, which nevertheless stumps little ones and adults alike who don't know how to use it. However, the hinge is made of plastic and is not made to last. The hinge on our's snapped in 2 just out it's 12 month warranty. The store were unable to help us with a replacement hinge. We emailed Lindam's head office in the UK who gave us the email address for the Australian distributor. The Australian distributor did not reply to our emails. It was the nicest safety gate to use and we would love to repair it but we are unable to source a new hinge due to poor customer service. We are not keen on buying this gate again at the risk of a repeat of the hinge breaking and being left with another large hunk of scrap metal in 12 month's time. Recommended only if you're happy with it going to land fill once the 12 month warranty expires, which you shouldn't be.
Easy to use
Poor quality and poor service.

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Sure Shut
Release dateMar 2010

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