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Lip-eze Lip Balm Regular

Lip-eze Lip Balm Regular

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Herron lipeze unavailable but irreplaceable

Lip-eze 30+ Has saved my lips for years, but has become unavailable. Why Herron, why? What is going on? Why can’t I ask Herron directly? What a shame to loose this great product line.

Purchased in July 2018 at Woolworths Physical store.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No

excellent product but getting hard to find.

Excellent product, I have been using it for 20years. Very disappointed that it has been hard to find in store of recent months. Is it available anywhere on line. Must be the regular though, not the strawberry one.

This product works a treat.

I have never found a better and faster way to repair cracked lips, if you feel your lips drying out whack a bit on and they will not crack. It is that good you will have trouble finding it. But it is worth it.


I’ve used many lip balms & I forgot my lip balm so I decided to buy one at the service station which was lip eze which I’ve never used. It leaves a horrible horrible taste in your mouth. after 1 day of using it i woke up in the morning to find my left side of my lip absaloutley swallon with tiny blisters around, mind you I’ve never ever had a cold sore in my life. And it couldn’t have possibly be a cold sore, I’m on day three and it’s still swallon with pus scabbing. Absaloutley horrible. I’m not sure if it’s an allergic reaction..

Never buy this brand again

I had left my lip balm at home when I went on holidays so I bought lip - eze from a service station on the way to my destination. I used it straight away but had to rub it off my lips because of the horrible taste it left in my mouth and over the rim of my water bottle. I decided to try it again and it was exactly the same. I am not happy that a product that is supposed to be helping keep your lips from drying out could taste so foul. I will be sending this back to the manufacturer

Leaves a weird chemical taste in your mouth.

I work outdoors so use SPF lip balms every day.
There's something weird in these that leaves a bad chemical taste in my mouth unlike other products I've used.
It may not be a big deal for some but my policy is the less chemicals I ingest the better!
It's a pity cos the product seems ok otherwise.

Best Cure for Chapped Lips.

**Lip-eze regular spf 30**

HEALING POWER: I've had issues with chapped lips every since i was young. Any change in the weather and my lips immediately flake.. and it's so hard to resist biting flaked lips.. which in my case often leads to bloodworks. I've tried everything and (till recently) wearing just the right amount of vaseline during sleep was the closest temporary fix I could find. Lip-Eze has changed my life. Check you're not allergic to any ingredients first, but i would 100% recommend this to people with sensitive lips. Day or night, immediately my lips feel ohmygosh so soothed/relieved. In minutes they look smooth. After days, my permanent cracks (the ones that heal and then flake again in a viscous cycle) were visibly healing. In weeks, my entire "lip-skin" & pigment had smoothed out! My lips haven't bled for months.

MOISTURISER: It's not your typical moisturiser. It's more like a colourless, matte, smooth lipstick. Still, it definitely locks in moisture (I hydrate my lips from the inside - drink water!). **PS: if you're a fan of lipeze, i highly recommend Nivea Creme for your face! - also not your typical moisturiser**

TASTE: It doesn't taste or smell like anything, but does feel just waxy/lipsticky enough to remind me not to bite my lips, which is a huge win as far as healing goes!

LOOK: It's the most natural looking balm I've found. My lips looks moist, but without a gloss or that weird white residue. The texture also makes it the perfect lip primer. It forms a solid matte barrier against lipsticks or glosses that dry out my lips.

Win, Win, Win & Win. I just hope they never change the formula!

Developed irritation immediately

Lip-eze Strawberry with SPF 30 seemed like just the thing after the colder weather set in but within a day I developed a red, rough line around my lips with generalised swelling and dryness. The consistency of the balm is quite dry and wax-like but a plus is that it provides temporary smoothness (not moisturisation, however). After doing some research it seems the camphor, which is a known irritant when included in lip balm, is the cause of the allergic reaction/irritation. I won't be buying this again or recommending it to anyone with even mildly sensitive skin.

NB purchased from Woolworths (Vic).

Very useful

I went to Australia last year and bought this lip balm because the climate was really dry. It seemed to be sold in all the petrol kiosks and was widely advertised on TV. It is the best lip balm I've used and does not turn your lips flaky like Lip Ice does. It also stays for a long time even after eating, and protects your lips against the sun. Unfortunately it is not sold where I live.

Best lip balm I have found

I carry it in my pocket, and it doesn't soften too much, feels slightly waxy rather than creamy, no scent, long lasting, brilliant for dry lips and with SPF protection.
Just difficult to readily find. Can't live without it, and I've tried so many others.
Some Woolworths and some online chemists still stock it.

October 5th 2018 Update: Discontinued

It was the best... sadly February 2018, it was discontinued. So once existing stock disappears from shelves, That's It- No More. I checked directly with the producers and was told it is no-longer being made.

Excellent stuff!

I have bad dermatitis on my hands and lips and for 2 months I have been trying everything and this product cured it in 2 days. Wish I could buy in bigger amount.


Great use it all the time but now cant buy more because i cant find it help please!!!
Can anyone help if you know wear i could get some please tell me
Other than that great i would recommend it to any one any time.
It just gets lost a lot but that is just me
Stops cracked lips
Now it does not sell any more:( i need some

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I use it on backs of my hands that are sun damaged, dry and scaly. Brilliant. I need to buy it in a pot or jar, is the product available in a tube or jar?

Questions & Answers

has this product been discontinued?. Can not seem to find it anywhere?
1 answer
Yes, I was annoyed not being able to find it, so contacted the manufacturer.They stopped production in February 2018.

Looking to by Lip Eze... Does anyone know where I can get some? Husband will only use this brand,
4 answers
Hi Jen I found it on line in a pack of two and now need more. I think it was on ebay. Good luck very hard to get now.Thank you ... will keep lookingI bought mine from a service station in Gympie Queensland but I have seen them in the chemists too

Are your lip balms Cruelty free vegan?
1 answer
The Lip-eze product does not carry any information on the packaging. However, out of interest, I looked up the site and found that the company does not report the use of animal testing, and other web references also support their practices to be ethical. But, as the product contains lanolin, which I believe comes from sheep, I suppose it would not be vegan friendly.


Lip-eze Lip Balm Regular
CategoryLip Care
Price (RRP)4.50
Release dateFeb 2012

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