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Australia Post Load&Go Reloadable Visa Prepaid Questions & Answers

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Can't log in, won't accept my password. Can't reset password, won't accept email as valid. ???
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I couldn't log in
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Hey Heathr, I recommend contacting Load&Go directly about this using the number on the back of your card. ~Sami

I have lost the letter that came with my replacement Load n go card can i still activate at post office without the letter?
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Hey Ann, The letter is required for getting the card activated. I recommend giving Load&Go a call directly using the number on the back of your card so they can assist with getting you a new letter. ~Sami

We are closing our business down at the end of this month. How do we withdraw the remaining funds.
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Hey Joan, If you’ve got left over money on a closed or expired Load&Go Reloadable Visa Prepaid card or Load&Go Travel card, you can access that money (minus any fees or charges), as long as: -your card is registered, and -it hasn’t been lost or stolen To check fees and charges, view our: Load&Go Reloadable Visa Prepaid card terms and conditions: http://auspo.st/2xUzzB2 You can reclaim your funds by completely this form: http://auspo.st/2kyMkfp Please note, if your card isn’t registered or it has been lost or stolen, unfortunately you won’t be able to access any unused funds once your card has expired or been closed. ~Sami

I have a loadngo Prepaid Visa card and it has expired. It expired in March this year. The lady at the post office said you will get another one at the end of the month. I still haven’t received one in the mail. What should I do?
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Hey Kerry, So long as your card was registered with your current address and your balance was greater than $6.95 you should receive a replacement card. I know there was a delay with the manufacturing of a batch of cards so it's possible that has delayed the delivery of your new one. If you don't see anything by the end of this week or you are concerned please contact Load&Go directly using the number on the back of your card so they can follow up. ~Sami

Can a refund from a store come on this card as it was used for a purchase and now they do not have the item so have refunded the money into the load and go card.
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Hey Joanne, Should be okay but if you encounter any issues or you have any concerns please contact Load&Go directly using the number on the back of your card. ~SamiThanks heaps

My load and go card has expired but I haven't received a replacement. Do they send it to me or do I have to ring up for a replacement
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Hey Lisa, A new card will be sent to you if: - You have registered your details (including your name and an Australian address) and - Your available balance is greater than the card renewal fee ($6.95) prior to the expiration date In this case, a new card will be automatically mailed to your registered address with the card renewal fee already deducted from your card balance and the remaining balance will be transferred to the new (renewed) card. If you don't meet the requirements your card will expire and will not be renewed. You will no longer be able to access funds on the card. If your card hasn't been renewed automatically, you can redeem your closing balance by downloading a Balance Redemption Request Form and sending it to us. We'll arrange for any funds remaining on your expired card to be transferred to you less any applicable fees. http://auspo.st/2kyMkfp ~SamiThanks Sam, I appreciate your time

Hi I have just purchased a Load&Go card with my own identifications. Is it possible for me to register the card in another name (such as my son).
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Hey Amy, The card can only be registered in the the name of the person who purchased it which is why we ask for ID to complete the ID check for the card. ~Sami

Hi, I have recently purchased a load and go card and would like to know how I can pay online but overseas in the US. My payment does not go through when buying from overseas websites and amazon. Please help. Thank you in advance.
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Hey Teresa, I've done sme digging in the Terms & Conditions for this card and have found the answer in section 8. Limitations on use of Card. It looks like a tolerance limit might apply in this situation. This means that the merchant may obtain an authorisation or approval on the Card for an amount up to 20% or more than the total bill (or anticipated bill) to cover additional items such as tips and incidentals or to ensure that adequate funds are available to cover the final purchase. If you are making this purchase and have enough money on the card to cover the purchase, the exchange rate difference and a possible 20% tolerance limit I recommend contacting the merchant to confirm if they accept payments from prepaid visa cards. If they do and you are still having no luck please call Load&Go directly for further assistance using the number on the back of your card. https://auspo.st/2I0OZxA

How long should a Load & Go have on it before it expires ???
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Technically they are meant to have a 2 or 3 ,year limit.... however many people are receiving them with as little as a year to sixteen months to next expiry date. Auspost excelling in customer service again!! Why this should be happening is a mystery to most of us... Hope this insight helped you,:)Hey Jake, The Load&Go card expires 3 years after it was produced and the expiry date for each card is printed on the card itself. ~Sami

Hi , my current load and go card is set to expire. My question is about the activation of the new card.. it will be my fourth one and I am registered online witn an Auspost account can I still just activate it online after receiving it? I noticed people talking about having to go instore to do so .. I also would like to know what happens in my case where I do not have photo ID of any sort and never have..but I have all other identifiers eg birth certificate, taxation number,marriage certificate, medicare,centrelinkID and utility bills. These were used previously with no problems...an answer would be appreciated.
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If you still have reasonable credit on it one should be sent out to you. (Say $10 as a round number) While I bought mine over the counter, I found it had been added to my my post account by giving them my email, and was already activated. This caused confusion as I was told over the counter I had to activate it. It's only a half answer, but hope it helpsThanks for the info.Hey Cass, If you are eligible for a replacement card once you have received the new one the letter that comes with it will ask you to bring the letter and ID into the post office for activation. This is so a privacy check can be completed. The accepted forms of ID are listed here: http://auspo.st/2xKHEZQ If you have any questions regarding the ID requirements please contact Load&Go directly using the number on the back of your card. ~Sami

Tried to use my card by swiping however would not accept payment without pin number. Is this correct that I need a pin or was the transaction not successful because it was over $100. I entered that the transaction was "credit"
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Hey Steve, Any transaction over $100 cannot be paid with pay wave and will require a pin. If you don't know your pin you can visit our website and check out the "lost pin" section for information on how to get one. http://auspo.st/2vVWHj7 ~Sami

Hi, have received my new card and activated at PO, noticed the expiry date is 04/20, I thought they lasted longer than that, sure I didn't have a new one last year, I this an annoying change or am I forgetful?
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Hey Sue, Not a change or you being forgetful. Each card has expires 3 years after it was manufactured. ~SamiThank you, I would have thought it would expire three years after activation, learn something every day, cheers SueSorry that is silly, the date is stamped on it, wonder where it has been for two years.

Hi I've just got my new replacement card after my old one expired for the 2nd time. The letter with it says I have to go into a post office to verify my identity to activate the new card. This wasn't a problem in the past but I now have a medical condition that means I can't go into the post office to do so again. No one else can do it for me on my behalf as they're "Not me," I have never had a problem using this card in the many years I've had it and I want to continue to do so, but I can't verify my identity if I can't physically go into a Post office????? Robyn
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Hey Robyn, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this, I've been following up with Load&Go to find out what options are available. Unfortunately this policy is a global compliance that we need to follow, Australia Post has no control over it. The only way to activate your replacement card is by attending the outlet with the letter to verify your ID. I wish I had better news for you Robyn. ~SamiThank you for looking into this Sami. Seems like a ridiculous policy for a card that you have to put your own money on though!!! But there's nothing I can do about it unfortunately. Thanks again :)

Hi, I received my new load & go card in the mail a few weeks ago, I just went down to the post office to activate it but threw my letter out on the way in thinking I didn't need it. But turns out I do and now I can't activate it without the letter, is there a way I can activate it? I don't really want to wait for a replacement card to come. Thanks
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Hey Courtney, I'm not sure. I recommend calling Load&Go directly about this using the number on the back of your card for further advice on what is possible without the letter. ~Sami

can I activate my new card on line
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Hey John, After you have registered and verified your card you can. Check here for details on how to do this http://auspo.st/2xKHEZQ ~Sami

I would like to ask can transfer money by bank
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Hey Thi, You can load money directly from your bank account via Internet banking using the 'Pay Anyone' details printed on the back of your Load&Go card. How soon your funds are transferred depends on your bank (minimum 2 business days), and there may be transfer fees from your bank – just check. Here are the steps to follow to transfer the funds. - Select a new 'Funds Transfer' from your internet banking account - Enter the recipient - BSB: 880 100 - Enter the recipient account number. Use the 9 digit account number (Acc No) located on the back of your card - If a recipient account name is required, use 'Load and Go' ~Sami

Can I pay for items & shipping through Wish app.
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Hey Debbrah, If Wish accepts payment from prepaid visa cards, yes. The best way to know for sure is by getting in touch with Wish and asking. ~Sami

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