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Logitech Stereo Speakers Z120 Computer Speakers

Logitech Stereo Speakers Z120 Computer Speakers

4.8 from 4 reviews

Better than expected.

I was after a simple set of speakers for my desktop, just to be able to watch some TED clips and making some skype calls.
Gotten this for $20 from target, usb powered, small, was totally expecting to leave it on max volume all the time.
These speakers get surprisingly loud and are definitely more than good enough for office workstations and study rooms.

Impressed... and at less than $30... no decision making necessary!!

Purchased these today from Target... been listening to them all day and very impressed. Sufficient bass & really good general performance. Perfect little computer screen side speakers ... & no sub-woof to keep kicking under the desk.

Buy them. Great sound, simple interface, usb powered. Good sound

Buy them. great sound, simple interface, usb powered. Good sound.
Stop looking. They're perfect.

neat package, simple design, clear and elegant

purchased for 20 dollars Australian

Package Contents
User documentation
Part Number
PN 980-000513
Technical Specifications
Total watts (RMS): 1.2 W
Hardwired USB connection (for power): 1
Hardwired 3.5 mm connection (for audio): 1
Controls: Power and volume controls on right speaker

Great indoor speaker!

Good speaker for indoor only. Not good for outdoor since it would be very soft. But indoor use would be very great! When used indoor, you will notice deep bass and crisp sound. It is like a surround speaker when put into full volume. Again all the benefits involved can only be reaped when used indoor. Aside from being soft ourdoor, its overall an excellent speaker.

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