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Love N Care Twingo

Love N Care Twingo

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Have fixed the fault steers like a dream now. No longer terrible

Since posting my past review 7months ago, I contacted the warranty team who got me in touch with the local pram doctor in adelaide. Took my pram down there and was fixed immedietly.
The issue with these prams is they dont grease up the joint where you insert the front wheels making it metal rubbing on metal and unable to steer.
The pram doctor applied a very strong lube to the joint of front wheels and it has been a dream ever since and this was 6months ago and still no issues. He did say it would need to be applied after 6 to 12months of use each time but youll certainly know when it starts to play up and ive had no problems yet. This is something that can easily be fixed at home now if the issue was to arise again.

Customer care from love n care was not that great lady on the phone gave me a faulse email to begin with which is strange but i tracked them down, no follow up from them either to see if it was all good, but they did get me in touch with the pram doctor who id 100% reccomend.

The pram is stylish and fairly lightweight but strong and sturdy and has held up well over the 14months ive had it, so far only wear and tear is from getting in n out car small scratching to the frame like most prams and the back wheels push into the bottom of the handle leaving a small indent but otherwise is great and has served me well and with a third baby on the way (3 kids under 3 HELP haha ) this will be getting plenty more use with a toddler board attached at the back for the 3year old. The only thing i dont like is the seats still, just that bit too reclined in the sit up postition.
I have never had a door i could not fit through either.

Old review
Was great when i first got it maybe for a month, have had it 6 months and it is getting unusable the front wheels just jam and you cant steer it pulls to one side and dont even think about turning babys to face you the pram wont even move! The seats dont sit up enough either so my kids hate that. Dont waste your money on this. Have contacted love n care i want a refund!

Purchased in December 2017 for $600.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Great start, but wheels stopped working properly after a few months :(

Pram was initially amazing, however after 4 months of use, the front wheels randomly lock (not full lock) but twist funny and lock and making it almost impossible to steer and very difficult to manouver. Greatly disappointed! I am now looking into a Valco Baby pram which is what I think I should have purchased in the first place.

would not purchase another one!

i purchased this pram when my second child was born the price was great and looked nice until i got it home and actually used it , i no longer use it as i cannot steer it at all the front wheels constantly turn to the side and i have to stop fix them and go again,

Best item I've bought

This pram was the best choice i made for my twins very easy to steer easy to take up stairs. The shade canopy covered my kids whole body even up to 4 years old. I love how you can adjust the height of seat, from all the way down which is suitable for new born, to all the way up suitable for toddler. Best ever baby item I've owned.

Awesome double pram

I bought this when our second was a newborn and our first was 2.5. I literally can't live without it. It's an amazing pram. Fits through a standard doorway, is reasonably light for a double and is high enough in the seat for my now 3 year old to fit comfortably. They both even sleep in this if we go out for dinner. I can go wherever I need to go with this pram, I even use it to do the groceries as the seats are high enough that I can fit about $200 worth of groceries underneath. I do have a RAV4 and the pram fits easily in the boot, but I don't think it would fit in a hatchback or smaller car

Great pram but not safe

This pram was great when my twins were newborns, but now they are toddlers, we have constant issues with the pram tipping over. Love n care were not at all helpful in rectifying this safety problem

Excellent twin pram!

Our kids were born very close (18 months apart). So I bought Baby jogger city select but after 8 months I can not stand City select anymore due to its very hard to stir, specially if you walk up the hill and turn around and the pram was almost tip over.

So I decided to buy Twingo. What a bless, I wish I bought Twingo in the first place. It's very easy to stir and move around and have excellent balance. Cheaper than City Select!!! I love the seat can lay flat, including the feet can lay straight which you can't do that with City select. And I love the large canopy so the baby sleep longer.

When I bring Twingo in my car, I normally remove the seats so I can get more room in the car and the wheel it so easy to remove if it's get dirty.

But I have to warn you tho, this pram probably good for small people as it will last longer. If you are giant family then probably this pram only last 2 years or less.

Now I learnt from City select they are very good in advertising but their product wasn't that great. I know when you buy pram you will try it first which I did but I didn't realized about walking through hills and all those stuffs.
Moderate price yet you get the most of it!

Pretty good

I got this pram new off gumtree...I had read a lot of reviews first...the sun hood is fabulous, pram has a bit of weight to it don't know how I'll go with two toddlers...takes up quite a bit of room in the boot...not for small cars...don't like the way the seats recline...I have to tie knots in the straps to keep the back of seat in place...love that babies cam face either way or one facing you and one not...great basket...needs a parent tray for baby bottles car keys phone ect..but at this stage think it's a pretty good pram
Great size fits through doorways
The seats are a bit flimsy not for small cars

Not what I expected! Very cheap make. Lots of cons!

I owned the Steelcraft Strider Plus 4 but my kids didn't like not being able to see where they were going when in the bottom seat so I bought the Twingo. The seats feel very cheap and flimsy, they don't sit upright enough so my kids are still upset because they can't see where we are going. The hood doesn't provide much shade. There are no pockets in the back of the seats. The frame is light weight but again feels cheap and unsafe. The buttons to release the seats are very difficult to access. My 2 year old son 90cm tall is already too tall for it!! I do not recommend this pram for families with a baby and toddler.
I am in the process of returning this pram for a refund because the wheels keep jarring on me mid walk!!! Probably just a faulty wheel but I'm not happy nor am I interested in a replacement.
Large basket. Narrow for a side by side pram.
Flimsy seats and frame, no seat pockets, seat release buttons are hard to access, seats don't sit very upright, hoods don't stop the sun, wheels keep jarring!

Love it!

I purchased this pram when I was pregnant with my twins. I have been looking around, researching double prams and everything was out of my price range. When I tried this pram I instantly fell in love with it! It is super easy to fold/unfold, the seats configuration is awesome - babies can face you, face out, or one rear and one front facing which is genius :)

The seats sizes are great, my babies tend to be a bit on the smaller side and there's lots of room! Weight limit is 18kg per seat, my 5 year old is only just 18kg and the twins are only 11mo so this pram will be used for a very long time! They are also super easy to take off/put in. There is an option to buy bassinets separately but because the seats recline flat I didn't bother with those. My twins have been in this pram since day one and always had a comfortable sleep in it. The belly bar is very easy to install/take off, also very easy to just unclip one side if you need to take child out in a hurry.

There is a 5 point harness strap, I found it a bit fiddly at first as it's not like the standard straps - there's the top part which needs to go in to the bottom part first and then clip it all in the middle part. When the babies are playing up it's pretty hard to get it done quickly! To undo them you only need to press the middle button which I find really easy and won't be too hard for the kids to figure out how to do! However, the buckles are soft padded so it deters them..

The canopies are huge, although because they're so high they don't do a good job of blocking the sun when babies are laying down. However, when they're sitting up they're great! Lower part of the canopy can be taken off to reveal mesh so when the babies are laying down they have this breathable part on the back of their heads which is really nice in summer. However, this obviously doesn't make it dark and it's a bit harder to sleep.

The basket underneath is huge! I find that my nappy bag takes a bit less than half the basket so I can normally put loads of other stuff in there as well. Very handy for quick trips to the shops so you don't have to get the trolley. Maximum weight for the basket is 6kg which can be quite a bit!

The wheels and the suspension are great, makes it a very smooth ride for the babies. The pram goes beautifully on rough terrain as well as normal roads, shops etc.. It's not too bad even on long grass. The tyres are forever air tyres so don't need to be pumped up and can't get a puncture which I feel is one of the best features of this pram.

The rain covers are huge, a bit fiddly to put on because they're so huge but once on they're brilliant! The handle is very easy to hold, has foam on it, the middle part of the handle has this triangle shape which is great, because you can put a hand bag hook on it.

This pram is very easy to manoeuvre, even with one hand, it turns beautifully and requires minimal effort to push. Sometimes it feels like it pushes itself :)

Tether strap is nice and long which allowed my older child to hold on to it while still have "freedom".

Brakes are easy as well, just a foot brake which works perfectly. The price was pretty much half of that of other double prams which is great considering the top quality you're getting. I constantly get lots of comments on how the pram is awesome and how cute the twins look in it and how comfortable it must be. Option to buy separate boot covers. Overall I'm really happy with this pram!!

*One tip is that I purchased an Outlook twin shade and it's very thick with a zipper in the middle, so when my babies go to sleep I put it on (fits perfectly on this pram) and it makes it nice and dark while still letting air in and keeping bugs out. When not in use it's folded in the storage basket and the pram can still be folded with that in it. Highly recommend!
inexpensive, solid, versatile, lightweight frame, very pretty looking!
fiddly straps, no storage pockets on seats, handle is not adjustable, doesn't come with mosquito net, if the seats are rear facing they need to be taken off before folding the pram

Not as handy as I thought

Bought the twingo when I fell pregnant with my second baby. I thought a side by side would be more beneficial since my eldest was still quite young (10 months at the time). However, I found that the seats were quite small and the reclining positioned was really flimsy. The visors were excellent as they blocked of a lot of sun but as my son grew taller, he grew out of his seat just after baby number two was born making the pram unuasable. The way the seats could be configured into different positions/directions was excellent but lining them up in a hurry was never easy. The pram had heaps of storage underneath however the way the bars lined up, prevented my nappy bag from being easily accessible. The biggest downside was how heavy and awkward the system was. I was never able to lift it into our car by myself.
Great sun visors, heaps of seat configurations, big storage basket.
Bulky, heavy, small seats,

Versatile Stroller

I purchased the Love n Care Twingo in April of this year as I have a 3 yr old & 15 mth old. I wasn't happy with the size and weight of some other strollers and the one I really liked was too expensive. I tried the Twingo and liked the fact that it has so many configurations for my toddler and baby.
Different configurations, ease of assembly, weight it is able to carry, size of shopping basket, reasonably priced
A bit wide and tight fit through doorways, quite heavy, requires a large boot, seat quite shallow and canopy/back of seat quite low.

I love my twingo!

I purchased this when my son was 19mths old and my daughter a newborn (now 25 and 6mths and still getting used daily) and I'm so glad I did! I had looked into double prams for quite a while as I didn't want one child stuck under the other as they like to look around when we're out walking. Because we live in a small town it's generally just as quick to walk places as it is to load the kids in & out of the car. I also take it power walking and find no problems with it in regards to steering (even jog with it sometimes).

Features that I love -
* easy to pull apart and assemble.
* having one seat facing each way.
* large basket that fits heaps in it.
* large shade cover.
* reclines back enough for a newborn.
* well balanced.
* fits through standard doorways.
* easy to steer.
* solid tyres = no punctures
And last, but not least, the compliments I get about it when we are out and about.

If I had to pick a flaw the only thing I can come up with is the material. Because it's a mesh type of material it does let some light through. But when I had a sleeping bub I just put a blanket or wrap over the top to block it. It also isn't very wind resistant (but that's what the covers are for I guess). On the plus side, it is very breathable.

I have also purchased the rain covers which are good as they are 2 separate covers so you can choose to use one or both.

I have been using this pram for 6 months now, almost daily, and even though my son is tall for is age I think he will still fit in it for a fair while longer, which means it will get plenty more usage.

I really can't rate it more highly and I do happily recommend it to my friends.
As listed about - I love it all. They are quite inexpensive compared to other brands.

is it suitable for newborns without the carry cotYes! I never purchased a cot/bassinet. It reclines right back which I found fine for a newborn. Only suggestion I have is that I used to lay a blanket in there for her to lay on just so that she was a bit more snug. Hope that helps :)does it come with a shade cover? or is this purchased seperatley?

Loving my new twin pram!

I have 10 month old twin girls and was struggling to find a pram that suited our needs. The love n care twingo is amazing!
The seats can face either way which helps with privacey when the babies are sleeping, there are funky pram liners included which are well padded and easy to take out and clean, the pram is light weight and easy to steer, fits through standard doors, the hoods are extra long giving lots of sun protection and it is easy to fold PLUS fits in our boot with lots of room for shopping etc
I am very happy with the twingo pram and brag about it to my multiple birth parent friends!!
Light, attractive, easy to handle
Buckle on belt a little hard to use

Plenty of comments on this one!

This is an awesome pram. The fact that the seats can lie flat and face either way is wonderful. I have two children, both under two when we bought it and it is a wonderful choice. It fits through any normal doorway and most supermarket checkouts. You don't think it will, but miraculously it does.
We have had so many comments on this pram. It beats the Phil and Teds and the Strider because both babies are the same height and their is NO loss of leg room. Anyway who wants their baby stuck way down near the road sucking up all those exhaust fumes! Keep them up high I say.
I also have a Joolz, and this pram is as good. The basket underneath is a wonderful size. When my oldest doesn't want to ride it in anymore I will be sad to say goodbye.
everything, size, flexibility, light weight, basket, foldability.

Love n Care Twingo

Brilliant pram for having 2 children under 3. We had a 17 month age gap and when our newborn came along we were after something suitable for 2 young children. We purchased the Maxi Cosi Mico Capsule and adapter so one side of the pram was travel system compatible and our 17 month old faced outward.

We did sell this pram once our daughter decided to walk due to the fact it wasnt a practicle single pram when required.
Great for 2 children that are close in age. Love the fact a doublt pram can be put into a travel system. Wheels were large for great manouvering around places.
large frame, although it did fit through standard doors it was still a struggle to get through. Didnt like the fact that only 1 capsule was compatible and the capsule frame was flimsey and cheap styled for the price. Challenging to take off 2 seats once both children are in them and place them in the boot.

1 comment
which adapter do you need for your maxi cosi mico? i bought one for my babyjogger stroller, but it probably wouldn't fit on this one?

We love this pram for all it's features!

We have had this for 12 months now since our twins were born. There are are so many features we love about this and while there a couple of minor annoyances, they're not enough to say don't buy it.

I love that I can face the girls to me, it really cuts out a lot of curious twin lookers getting too close them. Their hoods are large and easily cover them while they sleep.

It's very lightweight, easy to fold down and unfold and doesn't take up too much room in your car as the seats are removed before folding down -just make sure the wheels are folded in.

it also has some great air vents and zip throughs so you can make it as sheltered or as breezy ayou like.

But the best part is that it has fit through every single doorway we have gone through - I love seeing the look on people's faces when they've just told me I can't get through somewhere!

it's also easy to keep clean and take care of. It's been left out in the torrential rain by accident but it was a breeze to pull apart to dry.

Things which have annoyed me are the straps: you need to clip the shoulder onto to the waist strap before buckling and this can be frustrating at times although I can see that later on when we won't need the shoulder straps this won't be such a problem anymore. The shoulder pad comes off the strap quite easily and can be a pain to put back on when you're in a hurry.

The other thing which has been a real bother at times, is the adjustment of the back rest, I find this quite hard to use and I have to stop and pull really hard to lock the back rest in place so that they are not lopsided.

One other thing is that even though it has a huge store area under, if you have the seats facing you, it can limit the size of what you want to fit in there.

All in all though, this is by far one of the best twin strollers around, especially if you are looking for something that will take you from newborn through to pre-school!
Lightweight, easy to fold and manage, durable, inexpensive, reversible, fits through most doorways! Newborn to 4years!
Straps/harness are a little tricky, back rests are difficult to lock in place

1 comment
Update: the foam handle bar split on one side (14 months later). Called the distributors/head office, who are only in the next suburb over and I was able to get a zip on cover for the handles. Was very happy with this as I would not have been impressed if I couldn't get this. Not entirely as comfortable as before but certainly does the job and still looks great!

Best choice for twin pram! Why spend more for less options!

This is the best twin pram an excellent price too, I also brag to my multiple mum friends bout mine n they all wish they had one! I've got 3 under 3, and my twins live sitting facing each other and it's one of only prams u don't need to cover when their asleep cause the hoods r sooo big. My toddler sometimes rides in the seat and even fits to sleep at times but particularly loves riding on her skateboard which fits so easily onto it as well. When we found out we were expecting twins we actually bought the steel craft strider, but after using it for 7mths found this, sold it on eBay and paid for this with change! It's by far a better pram in every way, lighter, has even more options (both can face u, new for a double) easier to steer, looks g8, massive easy access boot space, nice high seating so not back breaking bending angle putting kids in n out, and fits easily in boot (I have a 4wd but I actually stand it in its side n takes us waay less room than strider did and I don't have to take it apart. U won't regret choosing this pram i reakon. Well done love n care!
(if I had to pick a con it would only b that the handle is not adjustable for my short hubby, but I can live with that!)
See above comment, so many to list!

I have had my twingo for 6 mths now with twins and hate it :( my twins are 15mths old and having them side by side is a disaster! They get bored shopping and fight or one will fall asleep and the other wil poke them! The harness is really fiddelly you need to connect the higher arm strap to the waist strap then clip in I don't find the basket accessible at all as my girls face out which doesn't leave much room to find anything underneath! Which skateboard are you using to attach to the twingo?

Why pay more when this has got it all?

I have a 16 month old and a 10 week old.
This pram is perfect - fits through standard doorways, changeable seat directions, lots of cart space, great summer features (huge canopies and you can open up the side for just netting around your child so breeze can come in)

Fits in my car once dismantled - is EASY to put together again.

VERY happy with product
Price/size/colour (LOVE RED) i get so many comments when at the shops asking where i got this pram from

Good product, just very large

I bought this for my two year old & a newborn, and so far I've been happy with it's performance. I would recommend this if you have a toddler & a newborn & make sure you have a large car to carry it in
I like the fact that you can face the seats either way & the hoods are nice & big to protect bub from the sun.
The only bad thing is that it's quite heavy & very big, so eventhough we have a 4WD with a large boot area, this pram takes up the entire area. The clips to hold it together once folded up, are also a bit irritating as they are pretty manual, instead of one that just clips easily.

This is THE best twin pram an excellent price too, I also brag to my multiple mum friends bout mine n they all wish they had one! I've got 3 under 3, and my twins live sitting facing each other and it's one of only prams u don't need to cover when their asleep cause the hoods r sooo big. My toddler sometimes rides in the seat and even fits to sleep at times but particularly loves riding on her skateboard which fits so easily onto it as well. When we found out we were expecting twins we actually bought the steel craft strider, but after using it for 7mths found this, sold it on eBay and paid for this with change! It's by far a better pram in every way, lighter, has even more options (both can face u, new for a double) easier to steer, looks g8, massive easy access boot space, and fits easily in boot (I have a 4wd but I actually stand it in its side n takes us waay less room than strider did and I don't have to take it apart. U won't regret choosing this pram i reakon. Well done love n care!I have this stroller but I find it really very light and I'm not very strong. This stroller just locks into place automatically, there are no clips, I think the original reviewer may be reviewing the wrong model.

Questions & Answers

Can you replace a harness or the shoulder strap please.
No answers

Looking for a rain cover for this pram. Where can i get one?
1 answer
I really have no idea, I bought my pram at my baby warehouse which I think now no longer exists

Can you attach a trader capsule? Does it fit the maxi cosi adapter or is there another adapter to fit? Thanks
1 answer
Hi Mel, Not sure with trader capsule because we never use one. You can call Love and Care helpline and so far that I remembered they are in NSW, they help me alot and quick too


Price (RRP) $749.00
Seating Type Side-by-side
Max User Weight 17 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
FeaturesArm Bar, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight15.1 kg
Folded Dimensions47 x 74 x 104 cm

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