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Lumina (Aldi) Electric Multifunction Food Grater

Lumina (Aldi) Electric Multifunction Food Grater

3.0 from 3 reviews

Mushed and wouldn't grate

I tried it with cucumber, capsicum and carrot, and was incredibly disappointed with the results. It made a terrible mushed-up mess of the carrot and capsicum. I'll be returning it, it's clear the motor is just not powerful enough for the task it is meant to fulfill. Aldi products are usually quite good, this is a real let-down.

Poor quality motor, not strong enough for the job.

Cute little helper

This appliance is very light weight, but helpful. Doesn't work very fast and the 'On/Off' button needs to be pressed continuously while processing food, which is a bit disappointing. Have only used it twice (purchased today) to shred zucchini and carrots into neat ribbons. Easier than a standard grater, small to medium jobs.
Update: donated the appliance to Oppshop and got a proper food processor instead.
Price, compact size, easy to wash
You need to press On/Off button continuously, otherwise the motor stops.

Useful Little Gadget

I was thrilled when I saw that Aldi had these knockoffs at nearly a quarter of the brand name price.
I've been wanting a little unit I could use to speed up the small scale grating and slicing I do daily but I didn't want to spend $95 on the Tefal unit - way overpriced! So $25 at Aldi was just the ticket. I've had it 3 months now & pretty much got to grips with it.
What you have to realise is that this machine is only little , so you have to be gentle. When using it, you don't push hard on the food, just keep a gentle pressure or you can bend the connecter & then it will be stuck. My DD did this & we had a tough time seperating the parts.
We've grated & sliced cheese, carrot chocolate, onions & it works very well, although bits of food do get between the grater and body of the machine. No biggie, it's not very much. Had an issue with leek, the outer layer wrapped right around the shaft & it made a funny noise & stopped. But when I got it all out, the machine started up happily enough & grated me some cheese. No more fibrous things then.
So overall a great little machine for the price. & the parts go in the dishwasher, taking up less room than the old box grater.
Inexpensive, dishwasherble, very, very handy, safe to use
You do have to take care with how you use it. No good with soft or fibrous things - tends to mangle tomatoes

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Too hard to use bought one & have now returned it for a refund. Couldn't get the cones in properly - or, if I did it mushed up anything I tried to grate. I eventually gave up & returned it - very disappointed.

Questions & Answers

What is the price?
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Can you buy the graters separately?
1 answer
Hi Sandy, The model I used to have had the blades included and I haven’t seen Aldi selling them separately. Hope this helps

Are spare parts available?
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I’m not sure, best to ask the manufacturer. I have donated my grater a few years ago and bought a more powerful machine as I cook heaps. Sorry couldn’t be more helpful


Electric Multifunction Food Grater
Price (RRP)25
Power (W)50
Release dateNov 2012

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