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Majans Bhuja Original Mix

Majans Bhuja Original Mix

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Bad advertising


Just opened a packet of nut mix, the photo on the front of the packet shows 5 cashew nuts in a small amount of the contents, in the whole of the packet there were 2 cashew nuts, advertising gone wrong????

Purchased in January 2020.

Tanya H.

Tanya H.Sydney Surrounds, NSW



I was excited for the new taste lemon chilli and coconut and all 3 flavours were there and delicious. My problem was it was a bag of noodles it had 2 sultanas, 6 almonds, 4 long crisps handful peas and noodles, noodles, noodles which are so thin as tasteless. It was very disappointing at with the other flavours it's a thicker noodle and holds flavour

Purchased in December 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $3.50.

I like the new taste more!


Their new mixes are just great, especially with coconut and this crunch. Simply incredible, combined with their incredible taste, just something explosive.

Purchased in September 2019 for $2.00.


EllenMid North Coast, NSW

  • 2 reviews

ZINGY mix is awesome


I totally love the new ZINGY mix. It is the perfect mix of spicy and has a lovely ZINGY flavour, with a touch of crunchy coconut. It is my absolute favorite snack.
Totally recommend it.

Purchased in September 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $3.00.


JoshWestern Australia

Love the new mix. Awesome job.


Always risking changing a good product but they’ve done a great job. Very yummy.
Added in some extra spice and taste. Can’t get enough of these. Great snack while watching tv.

Purchased in April 2019 for $3.50.

The best snacks ever


All Bhuja snacks are delicious and flavoursome and great for gluten free eaters. I love them all and it's too hard to choose the best one. They all are brilliant.

Purchased in December 2018 at Woolworths.



Addictive product!


All Majans products are simply delicious! They use the freshest ingredients and are very well priced.Such a good snack or to accompany a nice glass of wine!



I discovered the rice cracker mix about 1 month ago when my new world started to stock this product absolutely delicious its gluten free and dairy free and it's so yummy and it is a snack that does not upset my tummy.i love the different mix of crackers, sultanas,crunchy peas but I love the peanut noodles the best as they are made of wholesome food.Well done Majans



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We love Majans Bhuja!


Majan Bhuja is the only Bhuja we will buy - especially the original mix! It is spicy and crunchy with just the right amount of ingredients: beans, peanuts etc. My husband finds it difficult to eat any other brand and as a latecomer to the world of Bhuja I am now a big fan as well. It is the perfect snack! I'm also a fan of the packaging - professional, attractive - sure beats a clear plastic bag with a stick on label like so many other brands of Bhuja. Well done Majans, we cant fault your Bhuja Original Mix



The Magic’s in the Mix


All Majans Bhuja products are amazing! They are super tasty (using real spice - no flavourings) and crunchy every single time. I’ve never been let down. The mixes are magical and always please people. They are the go to snack in our house. My kids love them and I’m happy to give Bhuja to them because they have more nutritious ingredients than other snacks (especially compared to sugary snacks). The noodles are made with legumes and pulses, so they’re rich with naturally occuribg plant based proteins.
Enjoy The Bhuj!

Don’t waste your money


Not wholesome, full of carbs and dried noodles. Where’s the rest of the ingredients ? what a rip off. good on you Woolworths don’t like your choice!!!


MattSydney, NSW

  • 22 reviews

Seem to have gone downhill lately




Non-Healthy ingredients used


Though they call some of their products non-GMO, they are using ingredients that are extremely harmful. Example being Canola Oil (causing many kidney, liver and neurological health issues) and Maltodextrins (causing spikes in blood sugar, etc.). Definitely not healthy as they claim to be. Need to modify the use of ingredients.



BHUJA recipe changef


Manana BHUJA original mix has changed to a dominant salt. Flavour not spice. Absolutely terrible. Been buying for years but no more.



  • Verified purchase

Too Salty too !!


I agree with a review by [name removed]. It was horribly salty.
I wrote to feedback@majans.com in mid July, someone responded with "Your input is valued and we have shared this with our Quality team who will investigate this further."
then nothing, nada, zip !

They don't seem to take feedback too seriously.

Will avoid if this keeps up.

Tasty nuts


Delicious nuts with a spicy coating. I've had a few varieties and so far all pretty yummy. Would recommend for sure.

Love it!! Love the spice mix


Love it - love the spice mix!!! Can’t get enough of this! It’s my daily snack at work. Perfect blend of nuts, veggies and noodles... with a killer spice flavour!!


CatSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 16 reviews

Too Salty!!!


I have enjoyed the Bhuja original mix before, yet this time all my taste buds have been hit with is major salt overload! It's honestly like eating teaspoons of salt in a pinch of noodles. I agree on the sultanas-where are they? With everyone's reviews, I hope the company do a 'quality' over haul and don't lose more customers. I'm going to make my own, after a drink a litre of water!


AndySouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews



I hadn’t bought Majan’s Bhuja mix for many years. This is not the mix I remember. Noodles are now the dominant ingredient, with few chips, and far fewer peanuts, peas and sultanas. Way too salty as well. I won’t be buying again. So, quality is down, and they’re way too expensive for what you get.

Wheres the sultanas as advertised??


I really like the flavour but you are lucky if you get one sultana in each packet! Dont advertise sultanas if they are not there! Sultanas really make this mix

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Questions & Answers

Alexander D.

Alexander D.asked

Hello!. Can anyone inform me if the Majan nut mix is halal certified or not. There doesn't seem to be any certification on the packet and the I.G.A outlet does know but I see they have taken the product off the shelf.

No answers



Why oh Why did Bhuja stop making the "Hot Mix " . It was your best !

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Tatiana L
Tatiana L

They still sell the hot mix here in Wellington, New zealand

Jyoti D

Jyoti Dasked

Hi there. I've just purchased Majans Bhuja 'Original Mix' and 'Ancient Grain Twists'. Can you please tell me if they contain onion and/or garlic? They're not listed in the ingredients but they seem to have an onion flavour. Thank you.

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