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Makita DUR181Z

Makita DUR181Z

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Line trimmer for edging lawn

Line needs to be heavier duty .
I have the single string head but feel the twin head is better for a large block.
l only use mine for lawn edging which it does very well. I thought Makita would have sold it with better quality nylon line.
You will load less line on a double head machine though. All good because my impact drills etc use same batteries. It is worth the money in this case. Line is easy to replace.

Purchased in March 2019 at Mitre 10 for $125.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Weekly
Grass Type Short grass

Work very well, robust.

This cordless machine is nearly as powerful as my old plug-in unit, but much easier to use as no cable to lug around. It uses the same 18V Lithium battery as the Makita cordless vacuum cleaner DCL 180 that I bought at the same time, so no need to buy extra batteries and chargers. I bought one charger, two batteries and the vacuum and line trimmer, but on second thoughts I could have saved $116 by only having one battery. The line trimmer is only used every two weeks and the vacuum daily, so sharing one battery would have been easy and much more cost effective. If after a few months you disagree, then go buy a second battery, but no urgency to buy two up front.
Only gave it a 4 out of 5 star because line trimmers always put strain on my back, even though this one is fairly light and has a useful shoulder strap.

Quite surprised

After doing my research - bought the promotional kit. (with battery). Came with strap and extra line. Line ok for now. Prefer colour type. Easy to see.
Easy to use, powerful and tackles some tough areas. Battery lasting around 45min with constant use and quick to charge.
Bumper feed was easy - once I got the hang of it.
There are no gimmicks with this model. No wasted time and little fuss to set up from the box.
Read all instructions for safety purposes prior to use. Promotion kit may not be around long. I would pay the extra for skin and battery separate. An extra 30 dollars at Bunnings Warehouse.
Check it out on YouTube.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Perfect for the price

Awesome product. Great for small to medium sized lawns. Has adjustable head for comfort also swivels 180° for path edges. Enough power for general use and a 4aha battery will last for a supprising amount of time. As usal with line trimmers the strap is useless and uncomfortable. Its light enough to not need this though.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Excellent battery powered trimmer

Was after a trimmer for general backyard use. Thought about a petrol trimmer for a while but was swayed to battery power by the chance to get the wife behind it.

Had other Makita 18v tools, but no charger so brought this from Bunnings as a package, with charger, 1.5amp battery, trimmer, some safety goggles and a sling for $399 NZD.

Have used it a few times now and it makes short work of the yard, trimming with no issue grass edges, some climbing creepers (jasmine) and a larger rough bank with kikuyu, black walnut seedlings, lilies and everything else. It is very quiet, well balanced and simple to use. String self feeds, with a simple bump on the trimmer head if a longer section of line is needed. The protective head plate is useful to protect the trunks of small trees etc.

I have a 5amp battery and using that I've only ever used about 1 bar of the battery, or about 20 minutes of use. The provided 1.5amp battery would be largely useless for any prolonged use. So, if you are thinking of getting this, get a larger capacity battery.

Overall, satisfied with this purchase.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great value for money

Looked for a decent line trimmer at a reasonable price and after some research I decided on the Makita DUR181Z. Its light, easy to use and does a good job for some tough jobs around the house. The battery (not supplied) it requires is also interchangeable with other Makita tools. My only complaint would be how fast it goes through 'line' but then again it comes with probably the thinnest line available and I worked it hard but it can be easily changed for a more durable one. Other than that I highly recommend buying one

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Questions & Answers

Do you think this would be powerful enough for a 1acre block with some large weeds (approx 1metre)?
2 answers
I don't think its ideal for doing a huge area and its only as powerful as the battery you use. You would be better off with a petrol one. In saying that, it could handle it I reckon as I've been clearing dense weeds in my yard with little problem but again i believe battery life is your bigger issue if doing a 1 acre block.You might be better with a DUR189. at 279 dollars. You can get the charger and bty for 20 dollars more that is really a great deal as these items alone would cost you around $200 if you bought them separate. Uses thicker nylon and I have found it lasts a long time. I also purchased another spool so I would have a spool ready to go straight on when the nylon runs out rather than stuff around putting new nylon on during the job. This model has 2 nylon cutters as well so does the job a lot quicker and better over big area. I got mine from Toolmart but a quick google should give you a retailer. Also has speed adjustments for different conditions. Here is a link to have a look. This is the $299 version with charger and BTY. It is $279 without the charger and battery but for $20 you would be mad not to get the charger and bty even if you already have a Charger and Battery. [weblink removed]

Are you bound to using a Makita-branded battery and charger? It would be good to have an idea of how this extra expense (and maybe being locked-in to a system) makes the Makita compare against some other trimmers that come with everything.
1 answer
You can get 'after market' batteries and chargers, but Makita I don't think warranty the tool with their use. You can get this with battery / charger as a package but the battery is the package is a little anaemic really. Like any 18v system, you get locked in once you make a purchase.


Power SourceBattery
Price (RRP)140

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