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Makita LS1017L

Makita LS1017L

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Thought My Eyes Were Failing Me

For the life of me I can not get a straight cuts from the LS1017L. I just wished I had done something about it a lot sooner then now but it's been the least of my worries with severe medical problems everything described in the first review applies here. My only hope is by writing a letter to Makita explain the situation and hope for the best, I will invite any of their representatives to come out and prove me wrong Used to have a lot of respect for the brand as I have a 10mm 240v drill and it has out performed a lot of other brands and is over 23 years old and still going strong.oh and this means the laser is out as well. Where I brought it shouldn't matter unless I have approval to return it.

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Note mine is the LS1017L not the 18 as pictured

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