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Masport Crossjet

Masport Crossjet

2WD and 4WD
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Good machine, but not as good as videos

I bought this machine on the strength of the videos, I did not test drive on my property, but sadly I have found in my opinion it needs more horse power. On my property, in New Zealand it struggles with long grass, on the highest cut, and has stalled on a number of occasions.
The climbing ability is good but tends to struggle when both climbing and cutting, hence needs more HP
I am 5ft 8, so not that tall but find the seating uncomfortable along with the forward/reverse lever which seems too short and makes your arm ache after a while. I would much prefer foot controls, then you have a spare hand to hold on to the steering wheel or framework.
I find cutting across slopes good, well the stability is at least.
The machine is very fuel hungry and knows how to drink it when working hard........near the stall point, maybe a diesel version with more HP would be a good idea.
I have a tractor and slasher as well and have now found that I have to at least draft off some of the long grass before attempting to cut with the Masport which is a little disappointing.
At $12,000 I think this machine is overpriced, for what it can and can't do, in my case I would have been better off trading my existing tractor + the $12,000 and buying a bigger HP tractor and slasher.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Since buying this machine new I have found out that the cutting deck fitted is not the one off the cross-jet, it is the one off the Goliath ( spelling ) which is the next mower up in the range which has a bigger HP, perhaps this is the reason my mower struggles with the grass on my property because of the cutting deck was designed to be on a higher HP model and there for has issues.

Hard out little mower

We purchased this mower about 4yrs ago and use it to mow 3 sites we look after and anything that a mower will not do gorse rocks scrub to date we have done 1100 hrs there have been some general maint problems blades cross bar main blade shaft bearings front wheel bearings this was all after 500 hrs + a few belts all to be expected this is one tough little work horse we are very happy with NOTE we are very fussy with our maint oils greasing checking all mech stuff.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

A very impressive machine

I have had my crossjet 4x4 slasher for over a year. I hire myself and it out for work. I have pushed over 40mm diameter saplings and mulched them. I have pictures. I have driven into 2 meter tall blackberry thickets and mulched them. The machine has handled almost everything I have thrown it at. It shatters rocks as big as two fists.
I have worked it at 45 degree angles. It is incredibility stable. As I am only hired for difficult jobs, depending on the height & thickness of the vegetation, I can cut an acre / hour or hectare per two hours.I have always amazed customers with what the machine can achieve. I have abused the machine WITH ONLY VERY MINOR repairs needed. It will work hard for 4 + hours on the 14 liter fuel tank. A very happy customer.

Not bad at all

Personally i,d like a bit more Horse Power but thats just me i like lots of horses better too many than not enough. I am sure if i tried hard enough i could bend it, break it, bog it cause every machine has limitations get to know what they are and this machine will do most things for you, better than some not as good as others but compare price to what it,ll do. Overall thus far i am happy with machine
Sloping overgrown suburban blocks with very tall grass No probs.
just a personal thing but power steer would be nice :-)

amazing machine

i've had my 4x4 crossjet for 18months and have done 190 hours of what i would consider extremely tough and rugged work. 20 degrees............pfffff, i know it says 20 in the handbook robbo, but i've regularly used mine on up to 40 degrees(yes checked with an inclinometer) and in reverse! in the time i have used it i have had one of the plastic knuckles on the rops break because i hit a tree with the bar, and one of the steering linkage arms broke because my 25 yo son was being too lairy on it! we bent a bit of threaded rod to the same shape, put it in and off we went again. i have used mine to knock down lantana that is 4mtrs high and just as round, with stems up to 40 mm. sometimes it doesnt have the grunt to push through because of the density of the lantana, but usually it actually drags the plant out , roots and all. I have made a cage so i dont get scratched.. the forward reverse lever was too short but that was a simple fix to extend it. i'm only 5'7 and i could see that anyone that was abnormally tall would be cramped behind the wheel. when i bought it, it was raining and the paddock hadnt been slashed for two years. so the crofton weed and setaria were at least 4feet high and very dense. i could not believe the way this machine just cut a swaith through it like it was a neatly manicured lawn! dead set!!!! The issue of rocks..............i have all manner of rocks,(living at the base of a cliff) from small 6inch ones to massive boulders 4feet in diameter. in my experience, the larger ones stop the machine before it hits the blades, and so i go around them, the smaller ones it either hits and keeps going or smashes them up. i have had the misfortune to have driven over one and ended up suspended on it, in which case ive had to winch myself off said rock. (yes i fitted a winch to the rear bumper for such occasions) and also the times when im slashing new areas, cant see ahead and the ground drops away, or the front wheels disappear down a hole. i have noticed white smoke coming out of the engine occasionally, but this was when i had left it parked on a slope of more than 25degrees and i think the oil can get into the top of the engine under this circumstance. after about 60 seconds of running it disappears though. If the oil dipstick isnt screwed down tight it may allow air into the system somehow and cause this smoke. i had that experience with another bs engine on another machine, not this one.
tyres going flat......................get yourself some stuff called liquid patch puncture sealant. its green gel stuff that you put in your tyres and if they get a puncturs it seeps through the hole and stops the leak, as you drive along. i was regularly getting punctures from cockspur bushes until i used this stuff. it comes from super cheap auto.
i could keep going on and on, i think this is just the best machine around for steep rough terrain. TOUGH AND DEPENDABLE! i dont doubt your experience robbo but i thin unfortunately u did in fact get a lemon.
um...........it doesnt have airconditioning, or a stubbie holder

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Hi Makk I'm glad you're so happy with your machine. I suspect that if you've had good experiences, you'll write nice things and vice versa. It does sound like you've made a few modifications to suit yourself which is commendable although wouldn't it be nice if these were included as part of the machine when it was manufactured or available as factory fitted options even at a small extra price? Surely they could include a stubbie holder as standard equipment especially if they're selling it in Australia. I wish mine worked even half as well as yours but I've had thick grass about a foot high stop mine dead in its tracks. Thanks for the tip about the liquid patch puncture sealant - I'll certainly give it a try. And yes - it does seem I did get the one built by the last shift on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend after the crew had been out for a liquid lunch. I agree with you about the slope capabilities although I'm also aware that by exceeding the manufacturers limitations in the handbook if anything breaks it won't be covered by the warranty as the equipment has been used outside of their recommended limitations. Unfortunately I've needed to use my warranty quite a bit much to the annoyance of the company that sold it to me. Yes - the limitations in the handbook are probably there for the same reason they have to put "do not use in the bath\shower" on hair dryers. If they don't and someone is injured they'd be open to legal action because they didn't say that it couldn't operate on vertical slopes. In other words they've built in a safety margin for the intellectually different. I've certainly had mine on a slope in sandy soil where it needed to be towed out with a tractor because it just couldn't make it up the slope. Still; everyone has different experiences based on their individual properties. This particular machine was probably, in hindsight, not well suited to the task I had envisaged and I was probably a bit naïve to believe the salesman when he said that it would be fine for mine intended purpose. Ah well - you live and learn and I'm sure I'll be having many spirited discussions with the company that sold it to me right up to the point when the warranty runs out after which I suspect that I'll never hear from them again assuming that they don't go out of business before then. P.S. - I know you said you were 5'7" but I'm not sure those taller could be classified as "abnormally tall" unless you mean professional basket baller kind of tall. I think when you start to get above about 5' 10" you start to need to curl up into a foetal position to fit. To clear my few acres working about 6 or 7 hours per day takes about three days (allowing for the avoidance of obstructions) and the limitations of my machine and that's a long time to sit cramped up on a mower. Maybe the last shift on Friday also made mine shorter than others - I wouldn't be surprised! Thanks for your advice with this machine. I'll certainly give it a go. Cheers.

A Robust and Capable Machine

I bought a Crossjet 4WD in Dec 2012 so I could maintain the area of my bush block that surrounds my house. All this land is sloping, some steeply. It’s about 5 acres in size (though I'm extending it into the surrounding bushland as I find what the Crossjet is capable of). I researched the available options and chose the Crossjet on the advice of two mechanics with hands-on experience with these types of mowers.

My machine has now done 60hrs and I'm very satisfied with its performance. It’s extremely stable on steep slopes and has plenty of power to cut through long grass. It’s done an excellent job of slashing steep and rugged areas I’d never been able to maintain before. Its highest cut setting is high for a mower so I’m able to slash rough terrain whilst avoiding stones and branches protruding up to about 100mm. The slasher housing, cutting arm and blades are all robustly constructed and cope with the rough stuff typical of a seriously overgrown bush block. It’s also good for maintaining the established lawn areas I have, though it doesn't cut close if you’re after that manicured lawn look (I'm not).

Although at 60 hours it’s far too early to assess long term reliability, so far I've had no problems. I have an engineering background so I examined its construction carefully before I bought it. The machine is well designed and uses proven drive train components such as a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 23HP engine and Tuff Torq K664 hydrostatic transaxle.
Capability, Excellent stability on steep slopes
Seating position could be improved to allow more space to swing knee in front of steering wheel when mounting

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Agree with your review. Good machine. The seating is close, but I managed to modify the stop position to get another 50 mm that makes a big difference in terms of knee room.

Strong and efficient

This is a great mower with an engine that is smooth and unstoppable. It eats up bracken and blackberries without missing a beat. Mine has been completely reliable and has held up really well to some pretty tough conditions.
The only thing I can fault is that the seat position is a little cramped for a tall person (I'm 6'1") and the turning circle is a little wide, but maneuverability is so good you soon get used to how to get around.
Strong engine, capable and unstoppable
Slightly cramped seating if you are tall

This is a great mower

This mower is really also a scrub slasher and has amazing abilities for its small size. The four wheel drive version is able to push the mower into brambles or thin scrub that is up to 3m high, lay the bush down and then mulch the material. The you-tube videos do not do justice to the capabilities of this mower. It does a lot more than they show. It does struggle on very lumpy terrain but it can mow big stuff surprisingly fast.

Yes, bits of the mower can get damaged when working large trees, but what would you expect. On larger grass areas it can mow reasonably quickly, working up or along slope. The mower is a bit cramped with steering wheel close to knees, but this actually works well when doing close in work in bush and is not an issue in open pasture work. Overall a great machine.
The ability to cut large scrub much taller than the mower.

I can’t say this has been my experience with this machine.. Having used one for over 70 hours now, the first review is still the more accurate one. Each time I use it, there's a 50/50 chance of it breaking down. I've also discovered that the mower deck is made from light weight metal which is easily bent when trying to operate on cross slopes (according to the manual it's a maximum of 18 degrees cross slope) and has rendered the mower unusable on two occasions now. Based on real experience, I just have no faith in the mechanical reliability of this product. As for its purported brush cutting ability, yes it can go through grass up to about 2m high so long as you go slow and it isn't too thick or too wet but then I've had it stop a number of times in long grass. If you watch the you-tube videos closely, the ground may be sloping but it's not undulating and there's no rocks (does anyone have a rural property without any rocks?) or significant obstructions (e.g. the top of a hill) in the way. To be fair, in the end it's just a lawn mower so it's capabilities and versatility are limited by its design. If all you want to do is mow grass which is not too long, slowly, on a flat, clear piece of land and you want to get to know your local service agent really well, then this might be the machine for you.Well, my review was accurate to my experience. Yours may be accurate for yours. My mower has done 70 hrs and proven to be tough and dependable. I have almost exclusively used it on long grass, blackberry, scrub, fern. It has performed very well. I have paddocks with long grass and many rocks. It will struggle when it hits rocks that are more than 30 cm in diameter but I think that's fair. The blades withstand a fair amount of rock work and don't get too blunt. I can mow 3/4 of an acre of long grass (up to 0.5 m high) per hour, pretty much at full speed. It will push over and mow trees that are up to 2-3 m high so long as they are less than about 40 mm diameter. I don't really use it for lawn, so can't comment much on its use as a lawn mower. It will get stuck in by rough ground such as where wild pigs gave dug the ground up into lumps 30 cm or more deep, again you can only expect so much of a machine much smaller than a full sized tractor.

Don't Buy This Mower!

Mower is slow, underpowered, and poorly made (i.e.pieces falling off it). There have been numerous mechanical issues within the first few months of operation. Significant limitations on slopes with poor reversing capabilities especially the 4 wheel drive version. Seating position is cramped and is unsuitable for taller operators; over 5' 10" or so. On average, mowing an acerage block takes a number of days so not the mower for anything larger than an acre or so of flat, unobstructed land. The UTube videos significantly overstate the capabilities of this machine - please take note of the speed shown which is always slow for a reason. Not well suited to Australian conditions.

In more detail:
Slow - supposed to be able to clear about an acre per hour But this is only if the grass is very short. If it's longer, you must reduce speed so as to not rob the blades of power so it takes much longer than stated. Depending upon the length of the grass, 3 and 4 times longer than stated is common. Mechanically it's probably a 5 out of 10 with frequent breakdowns common; i.e. the more you use it, the more it will breakdown. It would suit an owner who is capable of doing a lot of their own maintenance and has spare parts readily available. It has stated slope limitations in the owner’s manual of 20 degrees up slope and 18 degrees cross slope.

Your average stair case is 22 degrees so if your land is steeper than this, forget it. It's possible to operate on steeper slopes but you'll be doing so outside manufacturer's recommendations so any liability\injury issue is all yours. In the end, it’s a lawn mower and not a very good one. For acreage blocks, a tractor and slasher package is far better value, more versatile and more robust.
Looks good standing still.
slow, underpowered, and poorly made

Have you considered the AS MOTOR Sherpa 940 4wd all terrain ride on brush cutter? What mechanical problems have you had? I have a Crossjet and it's reliable and well built. What model do you have?I strongly suspect that this is a bogus review written with the sole aim of discrediting this mower. I've been using a Crossjet 4WD for over 6 months and there is no way it could be described in such negative terms. These are high quality, well-designed mowers, and the gripes he lists are without substance. His claims of mechanical failure and parts falling off are not backed up by any specifics. He doesn't give one example, let alone itemise the multiple problems he claims. The machine uses drive train components of proven reliability from reputable manufactures such as Briggs & Stratton and Tuff Torq. His claim that it’s “not the mower for anything larger than an acre or so of flat, unobstructed land” is absurd as it’s specifically engineered to climb steep slopes, handle obstacles and copes well with maintaining several acres of grass – easily confirmed by test driving one of these machines.

Questions & Answers

Having trouble lately with it stalling when engaging the blades. Doesn’t do it all the time but will do it 3 or 4 times in a row. Blade engagement clutch has been changed, new battery but still does it, usually after it’s warmed up say after 10/15 minutes or so.
3 answers
Try checking your air cleaner, this may sound stupid, but with the extra load on the engine when the blades are engaged if the air cleaner is filthy it could stall.Thanks Gavin, yeah have checked it with air filter removed and still the same.Not looked on mine but check that you haven't lost a spring on the govener, if it has one, because if the engine slows relative to the set speed normally the govener prevents a stall

Masport Crossjet 4wd. Fwd and reverse lever not operating? Have found that a bolt or screw is missing on rear left metal rod, on placeing a nail in just to hold it could only manage to move it fwd very slowly! Been a disaster this season,from full service,then blown gasket,fanbelt and now this! Am thinking of parking it in the mower shopfront window! Any ideas?
1 answer
It sounds like you have lost a bolt, which would hold the forward/reverse lever tightly to the linkage. As you say by using a nail you can get it to move slowly, this is maybe because most of the travel on the lever is used before the nail becomes tight and will move the machine. Try and find a bolt to fit in, if you have no luck I will remove the one form mine and let you know exactly what it is. Good luck.

My brother has a cross jet 2wd , it will start and drive but won’t engage to cut grass. What would the problem be ?
2 answers
It could be that the blade engage switch or the solenoid is faulty, that is where I would start first. Or on some models the highest cut is a transport mode which stops the blades from starting, drop the deck a notch and try again.Will tell him to try that .... cheers mate


Masport Crossjet 2WDMasport Crossjet 4WD
CategoryRide-On MowersRide-On Mowers
Price (RRP) $8,999$12,499
Zero Turn NoNo
Power SourcePetrolPetrol
FeaturesMulching CapabilityMulching Capability
Catcher Type NoneNone
Cutting Deck MaterialSteelSteel
Cutting Width920 mm920 mm
Height of Cut50 mm to 120 mm50 mm to 120 mm
Number of Blades22
Weight294 kg346 kg
Transmission TypeHydrostaticHydrostatic
Horsepower20 hp23 hp
Max Speed8.8 km/hr8.8 km/hr
Reverse Speed7.9 km/hr7.9 km/hr
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Engine NameBriggs & Stratton Vanguard 20 HP 2-Cylinder EngineBriggs & Stratton Vanguard 23 HP 2-Cylinder Engine
Release dateJan 2012Jan 2012

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