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Mavlab Nature’s Answer Powder

Mavlab Nature’s Answer Powder

Pernaease Powder and Pernaflex Powder
5.0 from 11 reviews

Amazing Product

My 7yr old GSD was getting a bit stiff after long walks , so after some research i tried this and wow , after two weeks he has no stiffness and is like a puppy again , a bonus too is his coat is so silky and his skin is itch free , i just give a teaspoon with a small amount of wet food in the morning , it's very fishy smelling and he eats it no problem ,

Purchased in April 2019 for $60.00.

Does as stated on the packaging

7 Y/O Lab/Kelpie who started to show signs of weaker back legs. Was suggested to me to give this a try. Within two weeks of 3/4 spoon a day for breakfast he is back to his old self after 6 months of cautious behavior when using his back legs. Definitely Recommend

A remarkable difference in a short time

I started this supplement last wk as my 10 yr old jack Russell had surgery on his knees as a young dog and they were just starting to crack a bit when he got up & he hasnt been as confident at jumping in & out of car or up and down stairs. Well he is cured! No joint clicking and has lots of bounce back thank you for producing a product that does what it says on the label. Benji even likes the taste as he is fussy with food.

My 15 + y.o. Chow Chow is now fully mobile after really struggling to get up and about

Was very sceptical when my vet recommended this product but I must admit it is really an exceptional product to ease arthritis pain in animals! All natural too !!

Change of attitude and mobility

Ive been giving a carpofen injection to my dog whos 60 kilo and it seems to help once a month from vet. Also an anti inflammatory tablet which i hav stopped all together. This pernanease powder has been great. Didnt hav a scoop or meassuring cup with it.
Great product. I only use when hes sore or limping.

Highly Recommended!

My 7 year old dog starting having mobility issues. She was having a lot of difficulty standing up, was limping, reluctant to go for walks and just looked unhappy overall. We took her to the vet who found the joints in her legs to be very stiff, so she was most likely becoming arthritic. She was prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug for pain relief, however this stuff can have serious side effects in some dogs (I wasn't told this by the vet...I found this out for myself). The vet also recommended natural supplements for arthritis. After lots of research I decided to give Pernaease a go (due to the many positive reviews I found). After 1-2 months on this supplement, daily (as well as a fish oil capsule) I can confidently say that my dog's mobility issues have greatly improved. She is happier, moves easier and is able to go on longer walks. So, I will definitely continue to give her Pernaease every day and highly recommend it to anyone with a dog that has similar issues. The cost of this product varies greatly, so make sure you search for it on the internet to get the best price. The larger 250g tub is better value.

Superb product

Zoë went on this two years ago at the same time she received a cartrophen injection- she had started yelping when moving. The improvement was instant, so much so that she hasn't needed a repeat of the injection, nor shown a repeat of the previous symptoms. She is now nearly 12 years old.
The price from outlets varies considerably- apparently there isn't a recommended retail price. Do check retail outlets in your area for the best price


The product was excellent. Cannot say the same about the Company.
We have 2 different sized measures, 5ml and 0.6ml included in the container, and giving our dog 1/3 measure has a factor of more than 8 times!!!
All our emails asking which one should be used have been ignored.
Easy to give
2 different sized measures

Natural relief for Dogs from Pernaease

A wonderful product giving relief to my two elderly German Shepherd Dogs one aged 14 one aged 11.
The younger was about to be euthanased at under 12 months old due to hip dysplasia when we rescued her & she has enjoyed a great life since. Has already lived longer than some healthier dogs. One annual visit to vet keeps costs down too. No operations or interference with the animal.
Quick acting & ongoing result
the smell! when they burp in your face after dinner


I got pernaease powder for my 8 year old dog as she was having trouble getting up after sleeping or laying down for a while,as she has arthritis my vet said to give it a go and I have hound that it has helped her so much, she seems to be more happier and she seemed to be getting up a lot more easer.my dog loves the taste of pernaease powder
dog like's it and easy to give
not much about it that I did not like

Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between pernaflex powder and pernaease powder?
1 answer
Hi. I did a little research and have found that both products are identical. However, Pernease is sold in Australia only and Pernaflex is available in NZ and other parts of the world.

Can Perneaese powder cause constitution in dogs?
3 answers
Constitution? Sorry, but are you thinking of 'constipation', instead? If so, I don't think so, because my dog has never had any negative side effects from using this product.Hi if it constipation then it could be if u are giving him/her a large dose that you havnt gradually introduced over a period of time. If constituion then are u giving any other medications or supplement at the same time?Thanks it was constipation! I'll reduce the dose.

Can pernaease powder give your dog the shakes?
1 answer
I havnt experienced this with my terrier. But if dog is on any medication it could cause a reaction


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