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Maxi Micro

Maxi Micro

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yanni930Sydney, New South Wales

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Very nicely made, great for a learner


My daughter loves this. This is good for a learner. She would ride this to school when I drop her off. It is very easy to assemble. We keep it indoors when it is not in use. We go on rides in the park over the weekends. Very easy to use. But it is expensive.

Date PurchasedJun 2017



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The best stroller for the young kidz

Date PurchasedNov 2016


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Best purchase ever for grandchildren


I have purchased 3 of these - one didn't get much use - because mainly ridden inside, however two of them have had a very hard life and apart from one of them fading, these have been absolutely fabulous. They are still going strong after 5-6 years of riding. I am now looking at upgrading to an adult size scooter to have at 'Grandmama's house' for them to ride when they visit.

Date PurchasedDec 2011


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Best present ever!


Our 4 almost 5 year old received this scooter for Christmas and he just loves it, he goes so fast on it. The year before Santa had made a terrible error of buying him a cheap scooter which he just never rode. Since receiving the Maxi he has been scooting everywhere! When he was two he had the micro that was great also. My husband put the scooter together and was so impressed with how strong it was. We do not have one negative thing to say about this scooter. It may not be cheap but there is a reason, it is good quality you really do get what you pay for as we found out!

Lucy Elizabeth

Lucy ElizabethMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Best Purchase Ever- Worth Their Weight In Gold!


My friend told me that these scooters were the "best purchase ever!" for her 4 kids so I have recently purchased them for my 3 kids. She was right! They are awesome, the kids just LOVE them. We have been scooting to school and at home they are on them constantly (inside and out). They are so well designed, so well made, excellent value and so much fun!! We are going on holidays soon and I was very excited when I worked out that I can take an extra suitcase and take them with us! So they are going overseas and interstate! (they are pretty light too!). I have ordered a micro monster kickboard for my birthday coming up and I can't wait until it arrives so I can go scooting too!

Very happy with this scooter


I have seen these around and thought they are not worth the money or that the kids will outgrow it. Plus the steering just seemed limiting. Absolutely not! these are wonderful. I bought the mirco maxi for my 4 and 6 year old so it can grow with them. It is super fast, easy to use, they picked up the steering really quick and after 30 mins were riding corners with ease. No major falls if any fall at all. So happy I bought these the kids are going to have a blast! now I have to get a micro mini for the 2 year old because she won't leave it alone.

Mummy of 3

Mummy of 3South West, QLD

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If you are looking for a great scooter then you've found it!


We purchased our 2 children their own mini micro scooters about 2.5 years ago. They have been very safe and have lasted the distance. You can always get parts quickly if you need them. The scooters are very well made and we look forward to purchasing the maxi scooters for Christmas.


BebeSSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 36 reviews

Excellent for kids with special needs.


We bought one several years ago now for our then 7yo son who has special needs - poor balance and coordination as part of this, and he could never manage to scoot on a regular scooter, not even a three wheeler one (two wheels in the back and one wheel in the front as they all seemed to be at that time).
The maxi micro was amazing, they lean to steer rather than turn to steer and the wheels at the front makes it so much more steady. He picked it up almost immediately and has been inseperable from it ever since. It enabled him to keep up and join in with his brothers which has been awesome.
Unfortunately it got backed over in the driveway this week and they are so expensive I can't replace it, this is their downside.

Mrs West

Mrs WestLos Angeles

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Not safe


The schooter is fun to ride , but we find it unsafe. If you look at the chip plastic part that holds up the t-bar and the base together you'll realize that it won't last long. Our lasted just about a year. My little one is only 5, occasionally riding his schooter. We're happy he didn't get hurt.



Good design. Shame about the after sales service.


Had a great experience with the Micro Mini so we bought a Micro maxi. The handles on the Maxi degraded quickly and broke off. Raised the issue with customer support and have been disappointed with their response. No apology, no offer to make good... Apparently we have been bumping the handles or the 'harsh Australasian sun'.
Easy to ride, stable.
Plastic degraded. Poor customer support with attitude. I expect better for the money you pay for these.

Fantastic kids scooters


We have now purchased three Maxi Micro Scooters for our girls, they are sturdy, easy to learn balance and control on and as a mum I really rate this product. Also after backing over one I found the customer service OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! They answered my call and said if I emailed photos of the damage they could assess and tell me what needs to happen. Which is exactly what they did in the same day. We got the correct parts from their advice and my husband was able to fix it himself, if he couldn't they said send it and they would. Haven't had customer service like that for a long time - thank you Micro Support
Reliable, safe

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Micro Scooters
Micro S.Micro Scooters

Brilliant product!!


This is a brilliant product. My son loves it. It is lightweight and stable and so easy to use. The steering design and break is great for young kids (he is not quite 4, but outgrew the mini version). It is wonderful to see him so happy and confident on it. Especially as he is not the most coordinated child in the world! I would recommend this product to anyone. Worth every cent.

Brilliant! Comes everywhere with us.


My son is not the most coordinated of boys however we purchased the Maxi Micro and it is brilliant. He scooters with confidence and loves it!! If he can ride it, anyone can!! It's also improved his fine motor skills due to holding the handle firmly etc as his Occupational Therapist could not believe how is fine motor skills had improved and the only change was the scooter!! Worth every cent.
Smooth and easy to ride



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Great quality


We ordered the Maxi Micro for my 3.5 year old as his first scooter. We looked at the size difference between the two (only 2cm handlebar height difference) and decided to get the Maxi as we didn't want to have to upgrade in 18 months time. We are really happy with our choice. He got on and started riding straight away with no problems at all. He's small for his age but this isn't an issue. He's still getting the hang of steering, but I can see him spending many hours on his scooter over the coming years. Also love that you can buy replacement parts and accessories.
Free delivery, excellent quality, color choices, adjustable handles.
Pricey, but if it lasts the distance then a great investment.

Susan Newberry

Susan NewberrySouth East Queensland, QLD

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Awesome scooter!


This is our second and third micro scooter purchase. We bought our first one for our daughter, and were so impressed with it, we didn't hesitate in purchasing micro scooters for our twins, when the time arose. We went straight to the Maxi Micros for our 2 year olds and they are both able to handle the scooters well.
Smooth ride, easy to steer, narrow wheel base at the rear so children don't clip their ankles, comfortable, great colours, great accessories

Great Scooter!


My son received his Maxi Micro Scooter for his 5th birthday and claims it is the best birthday present! He has willingly handed over his Mini Micro (still in perfect condition) to his little sister and the two of them delight in being able to head off scootering together. The scooters are a great design and when I watch the children scootering with their friends I am so glad we didn't settle for a cheaper two wheeler version. The stability and sturdiness of the Micro scooters puts them in a league of their own. Worth every cent.
Design, sturdiness, balance.

Best scooter ever!!


My 7 and 5 year old love their scooters - we started off with second hand micro minis, and after years of use moved the girls up to the maxis. The colour range is great -particularly if you have "pink" and "purple" daughters like mine, and the customer service is fantastic!
Light weight, well made, easy to ride



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Maxi Micro Scooter


Our 5 year old has a Maxi Micro Scooter and loves it. He rides it to school and all weekend. We couldn't live without it, it even comes on holidays with us. The wide board is great, the brake works well, he gives it a rough ride and its still working like new. Purchased from wassco.com.au in alexandria nsw
Cool looking, smooth ride, easy to ride.

Maxi micro


My son is 7 and has aspergers. He has terrible balance. This scooter has allowed him to keep up with other kids and give him confidence in his balance. Thanks so much for the advice, the staff were great on phone and very helpful. Would be great if your company discounted for kids with disabilities


SaltbushBendigo, Victoria

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Maxi Micro Scooter


Our little boy is just two - previously he had a cheap 3-wheel scooter, and was proficient with it, but not challenged anymore. This micro scooter is designed for older kids I think, but he took to it instantly - and rides it (with Dad) every evening. The quality of materials and construction is very good. The wheels and bearings are good quality and the scooter rolls really well. His older brother and the boys next door are envious. I think it will last and will be a favourite for years to come.
quality of materials & constuction.
would be nice if it was cheaper

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Questions & Answers



I want to buy micro maxi for my 5yr old daughter. She rides her old scooter to school now. Just wondering if she can ride the maxi scooter on the footpath too as the surface is bit more rough than the cycling track in parks and elsewhere

2 answers

Hi, My grandchildren rode their maxi scooters on gravel but they couldn't go as fast - depending on the gravel, it could be very slow. They also rode on our local footpaths which sometimes are not as smooth as could be. To be absolutely sure please go to the Micro Scooter website https://www.microscooters.com.au and ask the question. He may suggest one type of Micro Scooter over another. My four grandchildren LOVED their maxi scooters - One is 18 so she doesn't use her two wheeler very much, however, her younger brother or his friend use it while he or the friend use the Maxi. Hope this helps.

Micro Scooters
Micro S.Micro Scooters

Hi Megs,
The Maxi Micro is a very robust and durable scooter that is built to last.
It can be ridden on a variety of surfaces, however as Grandmama stated in her response the different surfaces can affect the speeds at which you can travel.
The wheels of the Maxi Micro and all of our other scooters are made from high quality Italian sourced polyurethane (PU) which help absorb any lumps and bumps you may ride over to help create a smooth a ride as possible.
If you have any other questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us direct at the link below:


Kind Regards.



I see the ages are for 5-12yo.
Our almost 3yo is already 103cm tall would he be tall enough for this scooter or should we go for the mini??

1 answer
Micro Scooters
Micro S.Micro Scooters

Hi Tabitha,

We recommend those ages as a guide - if your child is already a bit of a speed demon, and a bit taller, than go right ahead with the Maxi. If their balance isn't quite there yet, then you may want to look at the Mini Micro.

Thanks - Sean



My son is 3 in April and around 100cm, so he's tall for his age. Should we just get the most maxi micro instead of the mini? Please help!! We are looking for Christmas. Thank you in advance!

2 answers
Lucy Elizabeth
Lucy Elizabeth

I think you should probably get a micro maxi rather than mini. I have 3 boys (9, 7 and 3). The older 2 have maxis and my little one (3 1/2)- who is not very tall, has a mini- he loves it but uses his older brother's maxis as well. It probably also depends on if you have other children or if you can hand down the mini to anyone? (As your son progresses to a maxi). If you are in that situation you could get a mini and he could use it for probably about a year before progressing to the maxi- then hand the mini down. I think most kids by 4 years would have outgrown the mini , particularly as your son is tall. I am sure he will love the scooter- can't get mine off them (even in the house!)

Lucy Elizabeth
Lucy Elizabeth

Just measured my littlest one (I had no idea!). 3 1/2 year old is 100 cm so same height as your Son.

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