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Maybelline Tattoo Brow

Maybelline Tattoo Brow

2.6 from 16 reviews

Dries out quickly

The product is difficult to apply to get the perfect brows, I would rather be using dip brows instead. There's not much in the little bottle it dries up too quickly after a few uses.

Purchased in March 2019.

Ease of Application

Great Looking Brows!

The Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint in Grey Brown is suitable for those with black hair. Apply the product onto your eyebrows, if you have made a mistake, use a cotton ear bud and wet it with water and wipe the mark away. Wait 15 minutes and then scrape off the product using your fingers. This process does not pull out any eyebrow hairs, from my experience. If you think your eyebrows look too unnatural because its too dark and does not suit you, you can always wipe off some of the tint with a cotton pad and water till it is suitable looking for you. The tint lasts up to 3 days depending on how frequently you wash your face. This product basically is designed to fade, therefore just apply the product again and you've got your "new eyebrows" again yay! Also, if you would like darker well-defined eyebrows leave the product on for longer than 15 minutes. This product personally is an excellent product, when your tinted eyebrows fade, it is ok looking. It does not fade to a horrible colour like for the other available colours Maybelline has, which other reviewers have complained about.

Purchased in February 2019.

Causes Irritation No

Don't waste your money on this

I bought Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Tint Pen because I thought it would look more natural than a pencil or powder which I currently use. The product is very dry and does not apply as demonstrated in the video put out by Maybelline. I went back to where I purchased it to complain and the shop assistant told me to stand it in warm water for a few minutes before I wanted to use it. Made absolutely no difference to the application. I found it difficult to get a good brow shape with this pen and it does not apply like actual brow hair as claimed. It does stay on overnight once you can get some of the product out. I would not recommend this product.

Pretty bummed:(

I don’t enjoy writing a poor review, I really had great hope in this! (maybe it was just my experience or a mishap with this certain one) it hardly went on, not much came out, it was all spotty, and it was so light it hardly showed up enough for proper cover, I got medium brown. I I left it sit cap side down for days so hopefully the product would go to the felt tip… That didn’t work..so I got it a little bit wet and it finally started to work a verrrryyy little bit:( I’m pretty let down! And it (for me) was such a sad waste of money..

brows on fleek as always

this product is nice in keeping my brows on fleek, the product lasts long and it doesn't need much precision for the product to work wonders. I highly recommend this because of its performance and price.

Great product

I actually really like this product. It’s rub and smudge proof and stays on all day without rubbing off. The only downside is that it doesn’t last 3 days like it says unless you don’t wash your face. But in reality most people wash their face at least 2 times a day so it only last 1 to 2 days. That said I have oily skin, but maybe for dryer skin types it might last longer. But overall a thumbs up from me! It’s much better than putting on eyebrow pencil or shadow which smudges every time you touch your face.

Doesn't last 24 hours!

The product has potential but it just doesn't last. It's really just leaves a bit of a stain on the skin and it will rub off. It also washes away with water so the first time you have a shower after application the stain is gone. For what it is, it's expensive and not worth the money.


Followed instructions, but it still pulled off quite a bit of hair from my eyebrows. That's not even the worst part, but it turned out GREEN!! Like those tattoos you see on elderly women who have had their tattoos for ages, when makeup tattooing first came into the scene. Ugh NEVER AGAIN.

wasn't very happy but the product is fine

I bought this at a local drugstore nearby. I used this everytime I get out of the house and is still not impressed, the product is not highly-pigmented and when my forehead gets oily, i can see that the product is wearing off. For someone with better skin condition, I think this product will work well.

Not bad for half price!

This product is fantastic especially if you are low on time in the morning. I bought this on special for half price at Chemist Warehouse and it worked just fine! Saved so much time. It does fade but overall happy with it.

NOT good at all

I bought this product after seeing it on tv and thought it looked pretty cool. At the time it was on sale at the chemist warehouse, so was happy to pay half price to give it a go. Unfortunately it was not a success. I followed the directions as per the box, which is 3 simple steps. Application is really easy, and removing it is great. The negative is that the 1st time I applied it, it only lasted about 4 hours and just disappeared. I then attempted it again the next day applying it in the morning, and by the afternoon once again it had simply worn off. Was very disappointing, and only glad I didn't pay full price. I only wish I had my receipt as I would have taken it back for a refund. I myself would not recommend this product.

What total rip off

Product does not work, how can they claim it lasts for three days when it come off in the first shower. I am sick of companies taking our hard earnt money and making claims that are not true. Never will I but a product from this company again . Cost $24.00 which is more than I earn for an hours work. Maybelline you should be ashamed of yourself.

Didn't last one hour.

I followed the directions and left the product on for 2 hours. Peeled it off and went to bed. At first it looked good. I carefully washed my eyebrow area with only water and the dark color came of and left an orange shadow. Very disappointed

Does exactly what it says.

I am a complete brow fiend and have tried every brow product out there for my fine sparse brows. I was sceptical at this because it looked too good to be true, but for once it does exactly what it promises. I used dark brown, applied it carefully exactly where I wanted it including in gaps where there are no actual brow hairs, left it on for 30 mins and the results were so good that I had no need to fill in with a pencil. I'm finally looking forward to summer and not having to visit the beautician every two weeks so that I can go swimming without losing my brows. Don't hesitate to try this if you have thin brows.

There are currently only two shades available, so while the dark brown was perfect for me I dare say blondes and fair hair ladies might be wanting some lighter shades.

Best Product Ever!!

Works perfectly! I use the medium brown shade and in tints amazing. I usually leave mine on for 30-45 mins and it lasts 3 days and slowly fades over the days.

Incorrectly coloured stain

My daughter bought a light brown colour as she is a natural blonde. She cried after using this product as it stained her eyebrows ORANGE! This stain stayed on her for 3 days, no matter what she used to remove it! She used the tester in store on her skin and it seemed to be correct but the reality of using it on her brows was a total shocking failure, because of the extremely different outcome to the advertised colour!

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