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Melton Waves Leisure Centre

Melton Waves Leisure Centre

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Disappointed with the service

I applied for Melton waves swim classes for my children and confirmed a swim assessment only to arrive there to find out no one was available to conduct the assessment. The manager on duty asked me to call again on another day to book for another appointment. Poor management, disorganised and really bad customer service. The price one would pay to take a cheaper option I guess.

Rude customer service & extremely unkempt!

Unfortunately I thought this would be a fun morning out for my children and their friends. It was a complete waste of money and time (& who knows what germs they caught between it all!). Firstly I was told on the phone the wave pool opens at 9am on Sundays. After arriving at 9:30am not only was a large section of the pool roped off for swimming lessons, the waves only started close to 12pm. The outside pool is unkempt and full of bird faeces. The customer service lady in the canteen was extremely rude (to adults and little children) & very uninterested in actually serving customers. I finally packed our bags and left when the very intense smell of vomit started to drift through the centre, ewww! Will NEVER return.

Bad customer service, short of staff and not organised at all!

1. The lady answers the phone is rude. 2. Whole place is unorganised- my son is beginner but put him in a class with three other kids who already learned how to swim for 3-6month! 3. Made a complain about inappropriate level, does not get any solution!


this place has got to be the worst place and service i have ever experienced. The most rudest people i think i’ve ever come across, not gonna tell the whole story but the stuff that me and my daughter had to go through was an absolute disgrace. Let’s just say my 8 year old daughter was body shamed... yes you heard right BODY SHAMED. my kids loved it here until this had to happen, so disappointing!

Administration of resources, allocation of lines for water exercise and swimming club, spa signs.

1)The Swimming squad are using the lines close to the spa for more than four hours, in the lines in the other side is the water exercise class, only two middle lines for paying customers on peak hour, THE SWIMMING CLUB IS DOING AN AMAZING JOB, good to see kids exercising, but they can not have priority over paying customers over the use of the facilities.
2)The signs for the spa are too small, "NO UNDER 14 y.o. ALLOWED" and "SHOWER BEFORE USE" , needs to be larger (better not mention why). we use this facilities two or three times a week, if this issues do not get corrected, unfortunately we will stop the trip to the swimming pool from Caroline Springs, (swimming pools in Sunshine, Ascot Vale and St. Albans are also good options ). Thanks, George.

Expensive and short opening times for outdoor pool

The entry fee is double that of Northcote pool whose outdoor pool stays open for more months of the year. At over $13 a swim, families cannot afford to come here regularly, even with season discounts.

Not happy

So the family decided to go spend the day at the pool it turned out to be a good day up until we were trying to round up the kids to leave we had about 10 kids with us. And my daughter decided to swim out a little further then she is allowed to and was in the deeper end drowning right under the nose of not one but two life guards who were to busy talking instead of doing their job if it was not for my sister who swam out to get my daughter it could have turned out really bad. So be careful with the guards the prefer to talk like old lady's then do what they hrt paid to do

Not going back

They say they updated the heaters for the water been there 3 times in June July and pool was so cold i left after i walk in to the freezing pool.

Very unhappy

Very poor customer service, front desk very rude and unhelpful. little kids in the spa, spa no working properly and the answer is that they are waiting for spare parts, we are in 2017 that's unacceptable. No one shower before using the spa, full footy team come after training and no one showered before using the spa.
The spa is faulty, the water fountain and the showers are not there anymore, very dirty portables showers and toilets, but they still charging full entry fee. Filthy and bordering into a healthy hazard, very unlikely to be back there with the family anytime soon unless the customer service and the issues are corrected.

Extremely outdated. Poor unhealthy facilities poorly managed with inexperienced staff or staff that

Old out dated centre. 28 years and not even up dated. Why don't the council put money into the centre with approx 18 million dollars sitting in council coffers. Have a look at other councils and there facilities. 50m pools for clubs to train in. Clean healthy facilities for the general public to use. Absolutely 3rd world facilities. Wouldn't recommend for anybody to waste there money at such a filthy place. No HSR in place. Appallingly run. Belgravia can't organise a blah blah bla. Council don't give a stuff about anybody except there own purses.

Not much acctivity for lil toddlers o

Went to the melton pool today been many years took grand daughter she is 4yrs old the tiny toddler pool not much activity for her and the shallow pool near by had sand in the bottom so. Said don't go there,we spent time in wave pool and it only last for about 5 /10 mins change room showers tiles , mold black on the grout seating in there not clean ,wanted something hot for lunch arrived 12.15 no hot food we left before 3pm no hot food .i do get it was not busy but lil one was hungry.should have had a sign saying no hot food due to what ever.

Very Dirty with nothing exciting

We went few weeks ago and the pool water was really filthy with bandages and dirt floating in the water. The residents are mainly very old people who seem to spit in the water. Not worth it.

disrespectful and racist lady

We went at Melton Waves just now with my son with autism. There's this lady on duty named Jo who is rude and no respect with disabled child. I told her to lower her voice about our queries and she would listen . I told her that it might scare my son and wouldn't listen until the manage Came and decided to give us a good price and she wasn't happy and called someone on the phone and let the queue get longer with unhappy customers waiting including myself so I left and dealt with my unhappy son and. Grandson. This lady shouldn't work on customer service. We felt so discrimated and diapreapected. Pls.do something about this.

Cold hydrotherapy pool

Went today and hydrotherapy pool was not a good temperature. Felt quite cold. Spa was cold also and jets are mainly in the bums not the back.
Saw heaps of floating dirt on the bottom of the hydrotherapy pool.
Kids screaming everywhere doesn't make it pleasant either however I know this isn't the establishments fault.
Another time we went the change room had poo chunks on the seat and it stunk the whole area out, was dry reaching.
Toilets are always wet seat and floor.
We used to enjoy going just to be in the hydrotherapy pool to relieve some joint pain in the hot water but after today being so cold we won't be back for a while felt a bit ripped off maybe they are trying to cut their electricity costs down.

dirty pool water

I started the water aerobics to lose weight with my friend. Whilst we both loved the class the water was so dirty, floaties everywhere in the water. Each time we went to class it was clear it hadn't been cleaned/filtered. I would love to come back to daily water aerobics but can't unless I know the pool is now clean.

Pretty average

they hardly turn on the wave machine at all
It runs for 5-10mins every hour I don't understand it and that leaves a pretty average indoor pool.

Rude Staff In The Canteen

How come some of your staff in the canteen is so rude, specially the old women there. They supposed to say polite to the customer but they not. My daughter buy a chips & she was standing for a long time, she ask were is her chip but the staff just ignore it but when I ask them again coz my daughter complain to me, I ask them in a nice way but they answer back in a nasty way. I know it's busy and maybe they are tried but is that the way they treat the costumer? Just asking!

Dirty change rooms and heated pool, cold

Heated pool, was freezing, taking my 21 month old to her swimming lesson was terrible, all mums and kids were shivering! Change room floor had poo spread along the floor tiles, change room showers had cold water also. All this is a regular thing at Melton Waves. If you're thinking of joining as a member or having your kids swimming lesson there, look elsewhere.


Pool was ok,change rooms filthy mould over the roof and walls, hair in drain along with used band aids soiled nappies left beside bin. Baby pool has a light attached to cardboard box you can see rust looking upto the roof and no doubt falling into toddler pool also it's really dark. Lifeguards don't look that far over to see if any child needs help didn't see one lifeguard look over at all while I was sitting there. Waves a boring they only come on so often. Best area was cafe freshly cooked chips! Melton waves needs updating its old now compared to new centers with water slides around the area save your dollars and go somewhere else guaranteed to have heaps more fun


We went on a sat morning, half pool was taken up, other side was packed, wave pool lasted 5 minutes, kids got bored with 20 minutes, not worth it!

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Is there a maximum kids for the aqua party? We just expecting 36 kids. Thanks
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Not sure re maximum for children cant help you with that answer never had a party there best you contact them for further information, and check out the place before you book wave pool only last for 5 min then you have to wait till they say its back on , and was not that clean i did hear that they were up grading my afternoon experience was not good.

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