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Mercator Eagle 1400 DC

Mercator Eagle 1400 DC

MPN: 36283450
3.4 from 20 reviews

Works perfect with 5 metre high ceiling

Pretty happy with the fan it doesn't spin that fast but has a high air output with the design.
With the seabreeze technology sometimes you think it's actually a window open with a breeze rather than the fan spinning

Purchased in November 2017.

Build Quality
Noise Level

Eagle dose not soar above us!

Whilst the fan was installed by a licenced electrician 2 1/2 weeks ago (Mid January 2019) we still have not had a turn of a blade. The fan looks fabulous but blows no air yet.
First we were advised that the remote was faulty we waited for over two weeks to get a new RC to find that did not work.... our sparky came back to fit a new isolation switch so we wait for Mercator's warranty dept to do something.
I should say we rang on the day of installation and spoke with customer care, we did what that person suggested to no avail and rang back it was decided to transfer me to Warranty,they were busy but did not return the call, Electrician could not wait any longer, so we could have resolved that issue up front.

Then I rang again next day that's when we were told faulty RC would post replacement subject to me sending an email. Which I did that afternoon. I did get acknowledgment after a few days but had to ring again when RC had not arrived, was advised that warranty dept only had two people for whole of Australia and they had to wait for the warehouse to get an RC out when I rang again they advised the RC had been posted (snail mail) the previous Friday ... it arrived the following Thursday (I would have though express post would have shown some urgency) We have gone through a heat wave in that two weeks so we bought a tower fan to cope with the extreme temps.

I should indicate that our electrician installed three Ventair and two Mercator fans, the ventairs are all good so is the Trinidad Mercator but the Eagle is yet to leave the nest!!
I have to fill in a warranty claim form but that has yet to be sent , so to date I have to say Mercator warranty dept is a absolute dud (both of them).
The reason for delay in installing the unit purchased a year ago we built a new house and on completion Son in law was to install a number of lights and fans but he has been so busy we had to get another contractor.
In summary $330 for a fan to look good on the ceiling is not what I call a good fan. We are hoping to get this resolved before next summer but not holding our breath.

Purchased in February 2018 at CNW Port Macquarie for $330.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Great fans.

Bought our fans about 12 months ago for the family room. We've had no problems to speak of and they are very quiet. We use them in conjunction with the air conditioning to push cool air through the house. The modern design looks good and they are quite a bit closer to the ceiling .

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Best fan ever

I purchased two of these fans. They are whisper quiet and perfectly balanced. My lounge and bedroom has 12 ft high ceilings but these fans move the air around with ease. The light is reasonably bright but dims down nicely as required. I don’t like the sea breeze function so much because I don’t like the air speed changing, but I see many other people really like the sea breeze....no big deal though. I highly recommend this fan and plan to install a few more in other bedrooms. Oh, and I got a great deal at CeilingFansDirect too, and they were very knowledgeable and friendly when I was in the phone to them when I had a few questions before I made my purchase.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

I'm surprised by the negative reviews

My electrician recommended this brand and model because it's economical to run and functionally good. The fan is extremely quiet, and it definitely runs very fast on top speed. I also like the 'sea breeze' option, where the speed alternates. I'm only disappointed that I didn't think my colour choice through before purchasing two fans, because it's occurred to me that white plastics eventually turn yellow. Perhaps these blades won't go that way, but the stainless steel/grey option might have been a better choice for me. My only gripe is that the housing could have been better designed to hide the screws, otherwise the fan is pretty stylish.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Don't Do It!!! Mercator very difficult to Deal with.

We purchased 3 Eagle 1400 DC Ceiling Fans. One has been faulty from the start, turning off when it wants to. The fans don't go very fast. I'm in Darwin and am interested in seeing how effective they are in the wet season when the weather is disgusting. Mercator have been extremely difficult to deal with and would prefer to pay for a technician to come up from Melbourne to check the fan than just replace it. The fans were installed by a licenced electrician, they were replacement fans and isolation switches were installed. I'm glad we decided to trial the fans before installing them in every room of the house. We will be checking out other brands of DC fans. Our biggest complaint is the difficulty dealing with Mercator.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Excellent fan, extreamely quiet & great air flow!

We purchased seven of these fans, that were installed in our new home during it's construction. We had them installed in each of the four bedrooms, the two lounge rooms and in the alfresco area. Each fan has an isolation switch installed. We are very happy with them because they are extremely quiet during operation at all speeds, and the air flow they generate is perfect for us in both the summer and winter mode. They are easy to clean - I wipe the blades regularly with a microfiber cloth. They look great and our visitors almost always comment on their stylish appearance.

We had two of the eight fans replaced without any issue by the manufacturer. Despite troubleshooting one fan simply would not work. The second fan worked but the LED light would flicker. The manufacturer sent out an electrician, and both fans were replaced promptly and all issues were resolved quickly. Another fan started to make a loud knocking noise that I resolved by applying a very small amount of the lubricant WD40.

As mentioned by others, these fans do have quirks associated with newer technologies, but this can easily be overcome by reading the user manual and understanding how the fan works.

Verdict: I love these fans, and I would definitely purchase them again, and recommend them to other people. Works exactly as advertised. Very impressed with Mercator who delivered us with great customer service and product support.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Extremely Happy

Recently purchased a Mercator 1400 DC fan to replace a useless 5 blade Brilliant Arctic Ceiling Fan. The room in question is 4m x 5.5m and this fan absolutely kills it and it is only set on three. The previous fan had to be set on high to even feel any air movement and then the neighbors would be complaining because my TV would have to be so loud to hear over the jet above my head.
The Mercator also has a "sea breeze" function where the fan speed will vary from high speed to low speed continually which I find a very impressive function.
If you want a fan that works and have a room similar size I highly recommend this one

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Quality product - but it has quirks - REBOOT!

Two Mercator Eagle with LED lights were installed and pleased with their performance in a Darwin NT home. Fans are quiet, develop enough air movement, and the blades are plastic and will not suffer the corrosion seen on s/steel or aluminium blades. Note these fans are controlled by a remote and there is no wall controller/switch used.

Fans replaced two 316 stainless steel fans that were 10 years old and were slowly fading in speed (316 is a code for marine grade stainless steel). Extremely pleased with Eagle 1400DC because the fans move air without producing a gale. If you want a fan to produce a gale, purchase a "high velocity ceiling fan" - see your electrical wholesaler.

Reading reviews, reports were noted where the fan "forgets itself", becomes "dead", and requires rebooting. The reviewer's advice was to trip the circuit breaker. The original wall fan control for the old fans were replaced with a simple switch, and, consequently, if the fan "forgets itself" or becomes "dead", the power is tripped, and then the fan responds to the remote. I have had this experience a few times. Clearly, in the reviews for this fan there are complaints that the fan has "stopped working" or is "dead". A simple reboot by shutting off power will cause the fan controller to reboot on re-powering and it should operate. If this action fails then there is a problem with the fan - call your electrician.

ADVICE: When installing Mercator Eagle 1400DC fans ensure that there is a wall power switch. Otherwise, keep your shoes on to visit power box!

Rebooting products to cause their control systems to re-start is very common with today's digitally controlled products. My 4WD requires it "system" to be rebooted, and one has to disconnect the battery leads, ground leads to car body, and re-connect.....and it is happy for another 12 -18 months. How many times has one rebooted their computer to sort issues?

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

This fan is useless

We purchased this fan because it promised great air flow, what a load of rubbish, it had very poor air flow, the sea breeze setting is a joke, this fan won’t keep you cool as you can barely feel it!!!, the speed 1 to 5 are all the same, with speed 6 being only a bit faster. We have had to bring in the old pedistool fan on the warmer nights just to feel some breeze, which is very annoying because the reason for getting a ceiling fan in the first place was to get rid of the floor fan to create more space. Very disappointed and peeved off.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

So far very very happy.

It has only been one week since the fan has been installed by a qualified electrician and at this stage, it is performing great.
I ran it for around 1 hour after installation from advice given by the electrician to bed it in. This fan is installed in our family room and it certainly gives great air circulation and is very quiet. I am very impressed with the Sea Breeze function and use this function most of the time. On reading some of the reviews complaining about poor airflow as mentioned by another reviewer maybe they have had it set on winter mode ( blades rotating anti-clockwise) which would certainly not give the same airflow as on summer mode. On very rare occasions, it may not start from the remote but it is just a matter of switching the isolator switch on the wall off and then back on and it seems to reset everything. I will monitor the performance and reliability over the next few months.

Well, it is 12 months since we had this fan installed and this year (Jan-Feb 2019) was a very hot year here in North East Victoria. The fan has been on most days and has run faultlessly. The Sea Breeze setting has been fantastic. This fan is located in our family area which is 4x4 meters, the air movement is far superior to other fans located in other rooms. I am currently looking at installing another one in the Entertainment room. Our friends have been impressed with this fan so much that they have purchased two for their home.

Purchased in January 2018 for $200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Absolute garbage

I bought three Mercator Lilly fans, very similar to the Eagle fan. Fans were installed by a qualified electrician and after about one week's work on some hot nights, they all died. Tried the usual new batteries and to re-code the remotes, nothing worked. Was offered by their friendly staff warranty on all fans, but why would I shoot myself in the foot twice. Garbage.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

No Airflow? Fan could be spinning in the wrong direction.

I am a sparkie who has installed several of these ceiling fans. I was quite impressed with their performance so I was surprised to see some poor reviews on this site. Those people who commented on the poor airflow got me wondering whether they have the fans set for winter operation, where airflow is directed towards the ceiling. This may not seem particularly obvious to some (some may not even be aware that this is an option) as the control button for this is tucked away in the battery compartment. The idea of this is to stop it being pressed accidentally.
It would be a good idea to give this button a try if you haven't already. Could be the quick solution to your problem.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Disappointing performance

Purchased this fan for our pergola using an extension tube.Sad to say that even on the max setting (6)you can hardly feel any air movement.Forget setting 1,2,3 or 4.The fan just does not rev hard enough to create a breeze.
Interesting to note the claimed flow rate of 12000 cubic feet is rated per hour.Other fans are rated per minute .This equates to 200 cfpm.Any way the fan now resides in a small bedroom where it is just acceptable.One star for looks and one star for the light.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Best fan ever

Extremely quiet, beautifully balanced, fantastic airflow without feeling like you are taking off in a jet plane, have tried many fans over the years but this one has to be the best for a bedroom area
Just gives you a nice gentle breeze while trying to have a peaceful sleep, plenty of speed options as well

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Mercator Eagle Ceiling fans

We bought four of these Mercator Eagle fans. Terribly slow and no airflow at all. When contacted the Mercator, they sent an electrician and he commented that airflow is poor and also added that they will send an expert to fix it. But after 5 days, the response was " our electrician told that the fans are working the way they are supposed to be". Disheartening response. Thinking of taking this further.. Mercator should be bold enough to advertise that their fans are very slow.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Stylish, quiet and does the job

After extensive research, I have settled on this model due to the value (cheaper than other DC fan) and its style + many good customer reviews on other website (purchased from www.golights.com.au).

I was replacing my old style AC fan which I think was over 20+ years old and I am very amazed by the quietness, its looks and the air flow.

Those people who are after strong breeze might feel the speed is not fast enough but that is not the case for me.

I just got it installed and as of now I am very happy with my choice. I can see that the fan starts a bit slow as mentioned by other reviewers but I think that is because of its low energy consumption so that doesn't bother me as long as it does the job.

I think it gives better air flow than my previous AC fan so I am very content so far.
I guess I need to see next a year or two if it continues to do its job.

After less than couple of months of installation, it stopped working and I can't get it to work. When I called the customer support, I was told to check the battery which didn't help and also to send them the receipt along with invoice from the electrician for the installation. As this was installed by someone who knows electricity, I don't have the invoice. Since it was not fresh installation but replacing an old one, I am very disappointed with the request for the invoice.. and I am amazed about how short the lifespan of the product is.It was simple replacement of old fan (AC) to this DC model, which failed to work after couple of months. When contacted Mercator support couple of times, they asked to confirm if there is isolator switch installed, wihch was there from before, and refused to help unless i have electrician invoice or written document. Well this might be current industry standard of getting away with product issues. Very disappointed about the product plus unreasonable support policy. I purchased it from golights.com.au but maybe I should buy my next fan from bunnings or Cosco where I can ask for replacement without much hassle.. If i could change the rating of the product, it would be 1 or 2 stars..

Overpriced and Too slow

Bought this fan recently and its terrible There are 6 speed settings but even at the highest speed setting.the air flow is barely noticeable.The sales crap of sea breeze feature is highly exagerated.
DC motor being efficient may be true... but if the fan is not able to provide enough air then whats the point of saving electricity
Overall highly overpriced fan

Absolute Overpriced and Overhyped Rubbish

Bought two of these. One fan would only work intermittently from the start. The other followed shortly after.,within two weeks neither fan nor light would work on either of these. When they do turn, they are painfully slow!!! so slow one can follow them with your eyes as they rotate. Also need to have a pedestal fan on to receive breeze. Claims they are more efficient and circulate air as efficiently as those that rotate faster is crap. Remote has one button for dimming and brightening light. You,press and hold button until desired level is reached however you don't know what is brightest/dimmest so you have to guess because if you press for too long the light will go back the other way. Complete waste of money. Will never ever again buy a Mercator fan!
Been in contact with Mercator and have been advised these fans can't go any faster because of the size and design of the blades. What that!!!!!!!!!

Quiet & elegant. I like it, but still early days.

I installed a Mercator Eagle ceiling fan, following dissatisfaction with other fans (HPM, Hunter-Pacific) which were too loud for me even on slowest setting (hence interfering with sleep). The Mercator Eagle has 6 speed settings (compared to the usual 3). I find the lowest speed (I) totally silent, and the 2nd speed (II) just barely audible if I listen carefully in a very quiet room. For me, speed-I gives a gentle, but sufficient, air flow to sleep beneath. Initially, I was slightly put off by the lack of any "beep" feedback when operating the remote control, but I'm getting used to that now and it's not a problem.

I was sufficiently happy with the first Eagle that I quickly bought 2 more for other rooms. (Mercator was apparently out of stock in Jan 2016, but Bitola Lighting at Browns Plains QLD still had some.)

Installation by my electrician was incident-free, and indeed simpler/easier than my previous HPM and Hunter Pacific fans.

However, I don't comprehend the optional "Seabreeze" feature, which cycles through all 6 speeds automatically. How is cycling endlessly through "very gentle" to "roaring gale" enjoyable? Anyway, that doesn't matter for me -- I mainly wanted a fan with a very gentle, totally silent, lowest speed, which also looked good. (I chose the white to blend in with the ceiling.)

It's still early days though. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that it's impossible to know yet how the fan will perform over time. (Some fans gradually develop annoying problems, and some reviewers have complained about other Mercator models in this regard -- but we'll see.) I'll try to remember to write a followup review in 6-12 months time.

Update (22 July 2016): after seeing Wendiwoo's astonishingly negative review of this fan, I'm wondering whether we're really talking about the same product. I have 3 of these fans. I've noticed that some of them would sometimes go into "sulking" mode, and wouldn't respond to the remote. But turning it off and on at the main power switch seemed to reset it ok. This is annoying, certainly, but not disastrous. (But if I hadn't thought of "rebooting" the fan by power-cycling at the main switch, I'd probably be as annoyed as Wendi.) In view of this problem, I should possibly revise my rating down from "Good" to "OK", but I don't know how to do that. Regardless, I'm going to keep all 3 fans (though I could easily afford to replace them). We'll see how they perform during next summer. To be sure, I have just now (22 Jul 2016) tried all 3 of mine again, after several months idle, and they all still work fine. Re fan speed: on lowest speed, the fan is indeed slow (that's the point of having 6 speeds --I use the slowest speed for barely noticeable movement of air when sleeping). If you can't get the fan to go faster, then it's probably in sulking mode and might need to be reset as described above. When working correctly, the highest speed is easily fast enough -- at least for me. IIUC, the idea is to move reasonable volumes of air at moderate blade speed. I can't comment on Wendi's light problem, since mine are the no-light models.Update (7 Jun 2017): after seeing Vj Kannan's & cyber's reviews below, I can only say that there's either something wrong with the fan, or it was not installed correctly, or mating between fan and remote needs to be re-performed. My 3 Mercator Eagles are still working perfectly almost 18 months after installation. (If I could change from 4 stars to 5 stars, I would, but I don't see a way to do that on this website.) I suspect it's important to have a mains-pwr-off switch for any fans, and not rely solely on the remote control. The mains switch allows you to reset their circuitry if they get their nickers in a knot and stop responding (which seems to be a common problem, afaict). I also keep them mains-off through the winter. As for not going fast enough, I only ever use speeds 1 & 2. On the highest speed 6, yes you can still (just) see the blades moving, but when I stand beneath it I reckon the amount of wind is far more than I'd ever need. If you find that "there's no airflow at all", then either the fan or the installation is faulty. Or perhaps the mating between fan and remote was not performed correctly, or needs to be re-performed. If you're not getting airflow, or the fan is not responding properly to the remote, don't put up with it. Something is wrong with your setup (imho).

Questions & Answers

Was on the verge of buying an Eagle 56'' fan but there seems such a mixed response here! Not sure if i should take the gamble on this fan. I am wondering if the issue is because it is being operated by a remote. Does an isolating switch come with the package? I am still running Martec fans for over 25 years.....might stick with that brand.
3 answers
There is no isolating switch supplied with these fans but that doesn’t matter. You only need an isolating switch when you need to synch your remote control with the receiver on the fan, but it’s very likely that you’ll never need to perform that operation. The fan remote control unit already comes pre synched so the remote works straight away without the need for synching. The fan operates directly from the remote control without the need for a wall mounted isolation switch. The remote control unit operates just fine...definitely no issues there. However, in the remote chance you need to resynch the remote sometime in the future you can do this without a wall mounted isolation switch. All you do is to ask the electrician installing which circuit the fan(s) are operating on and mark that on the relevant circuit breaker(s)in your meter box. All you need to do is flip the breaker and that achieves exactly the same function as a wall mounted isolation switch. I purchased two of these fans a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with them. They are whisper quiet and move lots of air on the higher speeds. They have been a lifesaver with the heatwave we have been experiencing over the last couple of weeks. I’ll probably purchase a few more of these fans for other bedrooms in my house. I recommend these fans and the Martec brand in general.My electrician used the wall mounted power switch previously installed for my old fans as an isolation switch.Unusual why this fan comes with no wall control switch. Usually, with most other fans it is the other way around. You get the wall switch but remote is optional. Do these fans operate from a wall switch as well as the remote? Just worried if remote breaks down there is no way of operating the fan.

My fan has stopped working - how do you re-pair the fan & remote? Had to do this before but cant remember the proces. Thanks Lesa
1 answer
These fans appear to occasionally "forget themselves" and require a re-boot. If this fan replaced a previous fan, or a fan with light was purchased to instal where a light was located, than there would be a wall switch. My fan has "occasionally" forgot itself, and one turns off the power to the fan, and re-powers ad it immediately will work. If you lack a power switch for the fan on the wall, the circuit breaker for the the fans/light will require tripping. Advice: When installing the fan, maintain the original wall power switch or instal one. Otherwise it is a trip to the power box and tripping the circuit breaker for the fan's circuit. Trust this helps


Eagle 1400 DC
Fan Blade Length1400mm
Blade Pitch23Degrees
Motor Wattage35W
Reversible FunctionYes

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