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Vornado 660
Latest review: I love how the design of the fan. It really circulates the air in the room really well. It is quiet when it is at the lowest settings for sleeping. It is a little pricey and I was doubting whether it

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link
Latest review: The product can be used via wifi, which is one of my favourite features. it means that I can remotely control it if it is in the nursery and I haven't wanted to wake the baby. I suffer from asthma

Sunbeam FA8900
Latest review: Hi Sunbeam I went in to spend $90 on a fan and walked out of Good Guys after handing over $145 when I saw the difference in build quality between yours and the competitors for the extra 10's

Fenici 40cm Pedestal Fan
Latest review: Fan is good for small room. Good thing is, it doesn't make much noise. There are three power settings that is good to adjust cooling. Due to plastic body, It is light weight and easy to assemble. Fan

Dyson Tower Fan AM07
Latest review: Powerful fan, but in Australia, collects a lot of dust. Unable to clean it properly around the motor. The vents get really clogged, not even a compressor can blow it out. If it could be designed to

Fanco Eco Silent DC
Latest review: Fabulous service from Fanco, super quick delivery. This fan is just brilliant! So quiet and very effective. One of the things that attracted me to this fan was the drop from the ceiling is lower

Convair CoolTower CTF07
Latest review: Excellent in every way, except the beeping when pushing buttons is annoying. It's rather quiet but can pump out alot of air on high. The remote comes in handy too. It seems to be rather sturdy. I'm

Omega Altise O14B
Latest review: We had the older version, the Dimplex. It works well, but it's noisy. We bought the Omega Altise, not realising that it is exactly the same fan as the Dimplex. Dimplex have stopped making it and

Vornado 633
Latest review: It does move quite a bit of air. BUT it as noisy to begin with, and now that it's dusty it's *annoyingly* so, and the manual, while not only getting the number and location of the clips wrong, also

Dyson Hot+Cool AM09
Latest review: This portable hot and cool fan works great.. winter or summer anytime, anywhere..Just that amazing product that i was looking for.. Energy efficient as well.. Portable and covers quite of a room

Dyson Desk Fan AM06
Latest review: Do not buy these products Especially from their own webpage 1) bought the table fan it broke within 2 hours of normal use 2) after waiting 30 mins on the phone to get through to someone they

Vornado 533
Latest review: The fan has high velocity power compared to a cheap pedestal fan but the air is pushed in one direction. The idea is to use it with an airconditioner to push the cold air around. As a fan it works

Convair CoolTower CTF10
Latest review: In the beginning (let there be cool air) the output was amazing but after 2 years it doesn't seem to cool as well. It's still an awesome fan and I love love love how easy this fan is to move around

Kambrook KFA624
Latest review: bought this fan because my old one broke. always a difficult decision for me how much to spend on a fan because you don't need the whole year and i didnt wanted to spend hundreds and hundreds of

Kambrook KFA837
Latest review: If you are looking stylish, very quite and compact fan, this is the one. remote function is very handy. will give a very cool breeze near to air con (wonder how) in a close proximity. Ideal for small

Target Essentials TESPFW60
Latest review: We needed a second fan for this summer and decided to go for this one from Target. It was quite cheap and easy to setup. I am not sure about the power consumptions but the speed is good. Using it

Sunbeam Loft Tower FA7450
Latest review: Much quieter than regular blade fans. Lowest power setting is sending adequate enough air for medium sized room with oscillator on. Highest setting is noticeably louder. Buttons and remote easy to

Sunbeam FA7250
Latest review: Had this fan during summer and it worked pretty well It circulated the air with its spinning body Also had a remote control with a timer functionally too, that was a good feature However the fan

Mercator Eagle 1400 DC
Latest review: Pretty happy with the fan it doesn't spin that fast but has a high air output with the design. With the seabreeze technology sometimes you think it's actually a window open with a breeze rather than

Kambrook KFA413
Latest review: This fan was a decent buy as it was easy to assemble, has strong fan power and the noise output was okay. So far, we've been satisfied with this purchase and we've tested it for several hot nights

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