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Mercury 115 HP EFI

Mercury 115 HP EFI

2.9 from 10 reviews

Best motor I've ever had no issues at all love it!

Bought my New Tracker Boat in early 2014.And I go fishing twice a month at least. I have had no issues at all. Great motor very quiet.Good job Mercury. I was raised on mercury outboard would not even consider another brand. I am always getting compliments on how quiet my motor is.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Stay far away...buy anything else

Brand new motor... 30 hours, fuel pump failure. Got it back from service, then 50 hours alternator failure ( that took a battery down with it ). High vibration at idle rpm, unless you put on an improved prop hub. Worst motor I've ever owned, and it still hasn't seen even 70 hours.
Stay away, unless you enjoy hanging around a shop waiting for parts!

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Piece of junk

I've had nothing but problems, I have a boat repair business and after working on mercury and other outboards, Please dont buy merc there soul objective is to keep you in the shop.
and replacing parts when these things cant make it 5 hours with out something going wrong there's a problem. Go yamaha suzuki.

Date PurchasedJan 2008

Mercury/Quicksilver Steering Helm. Steer clear.

I purchased a new Mercury 115hp in late 2014 complete with Quicksilver Hydraulic Steering. The motor is great and hasn’t missed a beat. The motor is now out of warranty and my steering helm has been leaking for about 12 months.
The leak is coming from the rear of the unit and after talking to three independent dealers all agree the the only what it could be leaking from the rear is if it was over tightened upon installation. It is not a serviceable part and is not checked during regular services.
I wrote a letter to Mercury that was sent to them by a dealer who have neglected to respond to my letter.
The boat has only done 98 hours in this time. Obviously this is acceptable to Mercury. I now have to replace the helm at my own cost.
If it’s normal and acceptable only to get three years usage out of the helm, I would be looking for a different brand of helm that is serviceable if the same thing happens.
I would have at least thought that Mercury would sell me a new one at cost, but no such luck.
The backup service is very average and communication is non existent.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

No complaints, love the new technology

Bought this brand new with my 2017 FH180 SH. Runs quiet, and smooth...can't even tell it's running at idle. So far no issues, and motor has met all my expectations. Other than running fresh water through the motor after a day out at sea....annual winterization and oil service has been done by the dealer.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Mercury Out boards

I have been a marine service technician for 24 years. Certified Mercury. Having read lots of reviews, I would like to offer my perspective. Most all the negative reviews I have read seem to have one thing in common. That is they should have been addressed at the dealership level, before the product was released to the customer. Mercury Marine, brags about JD Power and Associate awards, as well they should but these products can be not worthy of these awards when they arrive at the dealership level. So much has to be done at the dealer to deem them worthy. The package has to be rigged right, propped properly, and above all lake tested by a qualified service tech. All these things take time. Most dealerships don't want to spend the effort because they just want to sell boats in volume and get it gone. It is hard to justify sending a qualified service tech to the lake for 2 to 3 hours when he can be at the shop turning wrenches at $100.00 plus dollars per hour. Outboard motors are complicated pieces of machinery. Sometimes things just break. If the manufactures would allow more reasonable flat rate times for rigging, testing and warranty repairs it would encourage the dealerships to spend more time to ensure that the product is right before it is delivered to the customer. If the boat manufacturers and the engine manufacturers collaborated on the flat rate times and made them more realistic to real-world situations it would allow the dealers to take more time put out quality products.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Happy with mine after 433hrs so far!

I have had mine since new. I fitted it myself and I started servicing it after warranty ran out in 07. I have just put it on the electric dyno meter at the local mechanics for $50 and he showed me on screen its done 433hrs in 9years of use and all is perfect. Now there are people that don't know much that will say bad about certain brand motors, this is true, but I can tell you that lemons always fall in amongst apples! I have had a few different brand motors over the years and in my experience anything electrical or mechanical has it's drama at some stage! PS, I always hear..." I have never had a problem with my motor in 5 years ECEPT only needed to change my electronic sensor for this or that"!!!!! Get it people!

2008 Mercury Motor 115 HP EFI Four Stroke

Not a fan of Mercury motors. We have this motor on a pontoon and every year there is something that goes wrong with this motor! Stay away from Mercury motors. Next motor for me is Yamaha!
Good luck everyone with a Mercury! Don't buy! Not happy with this motor. Not Happy!

Motor has blown up!

Purchased the Mercury 115HP 4 stroke outboard 5 years ago but it had only done 129 hours when it literally blew up. It is currently being examined to assess the extent of the damage but first indications are that it is beyond repair. I am waiting for a report together with photos which I will send to Mercury Marine to see if they are prepared to replace the motor - with a suitable 2nd hand one.

Further to the above comment. On taking the head off, a conrod had snapped and the piston gone through the cyclinder sidewall and melted! There was absolutely no warning light or sound before the motor failed. Mercury Marine have been approached to supply a replacement block and cylinder head but have so far refused. I have photographs illustrating the damage. JohnTFurther to the above comments - Mercury eventually agreed to supply a new head and block at half price but with fitting by the agent it eventually cost me $8000+ to get the boat saleable. Have now sold it for $2500 less than it was originally advertised at so overall loss due to the engine failure is $10500. So still not happy with Mercury Outboards & wouldn't recommend them. Yamahas & Hondas are, I believe, far better motors

Black Beauty!

The 75 - 90 and 115 in the Mercury EFI four strokes are pretty much the same engine according to the Local dealer where I live. I have researched at great length, reviewed part numbers and specs ect, and the 75 and 90 appear to have different fuel maps written into the ECM, and not much else. The heads and valves - as well as fuel maps are different for the 115 but once again they are basically the same engine. The price differs quite a bit though when new so I cannot help wondering why ?? when they are all pretty close on identical motors.

These engines are excellent there is no doubt about that. Mine is a 2008 model 75 with around a hundred faultless hours on it to date. It pushes my 5.5 meter plate hull along with ease at around 45 KMH which sees it at about 4000 - 4200 RPM on smooth water and well under the top end RPM limit - plenty fast enough for me. It returns excellent fuel economy at that rpm as well. Around 2 klm Per Litre from memory on average. I was going to upgrade it to the 90 EFI 4 Stroke this year for a little extra grunt and get up and go, ( *Note* - the 75 4 strokes have oodles of grunt climbing up out of the hole compared to my last 2 stroke engine of similar size) but after researching them, I cant see a point - so I am going to upgrade the ECM at a far lesser cost I think. I cannot find a dealer to date that can rewrite the fuel map software to 90 spec, so I assume it is going to be a new ECM and Cowel stickers for me.

I would say they are amongst one of the most quietest on the market as well. I cant fault the 75 really - but as I say the 115's are pretty close to being the same engine anyhow - so I would assume the same to be true for them. I was never a fan of Mercury due to the old "Red Band" era mental poisoning most of us got back in the day, but seeing Mercury - (so I am told anyhow) sell more outboard motors than anyone else on the planet, also - having been offered this one at the right price, I told myself there must be a reason why they are world leaders - so I tried this one out. I have never looked back. An excellent product for sure, and cannot recommend them highly enough.
Quite - Fuel Economy - No more mixing fuel tanks or filling oil bottles. Extreme grunt whilst in the hole.Start first time - every time.

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I require ecm part and number

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Mercury 115 HP EFI
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