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Great for scooting with little ones.


I can scoot beside my 2 year old with one hand and pull them along beside myself if they get tired, it has fantastic stability and I'm not the most coordinated of people! it's not a speed racer like the one with 200 mm wheels but it's perfect to keep up with the littlest riders not focusing on balancing means I can keep a close eye on both my 2 and 4 year old while we all scoot together! Now I guess I should buy one for myself as this one is my husbands! Great scooter! So much fun!

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Micro S.Micro Scooters



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micro rocket scooter


I bought the scooter as i saw that it could take a weight upto 100kg.As i weigh 90kg i thought it would be good for me to scoot with my daughter&grandson.However i found that everytime i hit a slight obstacle it came to a complete stop!It looks great but it's definitely not for anyone over 70kg.Even though the wheels are fatties they need to be much deeper for adults to use safely.I've since bought the micro flex deluxe&that's the daddy of all scooters&much better&safer for anyone over 70kg.

Date PurchasedApr 2017


This is a WOW Micro Push Scooter


This Micro Rocket Push Scooter is very suitable for older folk due to the two wide wheels to sustain reasonable balance. I am over seventy years old and feel considerably safe scooting along on it. I am amazed every ride though that I can enjoy without being bucked off it. See you around cruising along on my WOW push scooter. Come on oldies join me. Check one out at your local bike shop - you will not regret.

Date PurchasedSep 2016


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Very sturdy.

Date PurchasedAug 2016



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Awesome product!




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We've just bought a second one!


We first purchased one of these three years ago for our daughter and it is still like new! She rides it to school almost every day and we've never had any issues with it, testament to its awesome quality! Now our second daughter is turning four so we've purchased another one for her. Highly recommend this scooter!

Broke within a week


I was so excited with this for a whole 4 days until the locking clamp broke. I used it to ride around the city, nothing to adventurous. Took it back and got a refund.
Looking for a safer option.



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Great scooter when I am allowed to ride it!


We bought this for me (dad) but my 3 year old loves it so much that he is always riding it instead! The fat wheels make it super stable to ride and the adjustable handlebars mean that both my son and I can use it. The wheels don't absorb the bumps quite as well as some of the other scooters and as such the ride isn't always as smooth but still a great product. Very well built.
well built, stable ride for kids, adjustable handlebars
wheels not as smooth as some others


Gala095Sydney, NSW

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A bit early for 3,5 year old, but still a great scooter


I have purchased Rocket for my son, who is 3,5 and it might a bit too early for him, but he loves it. I can also easily ride by making handle bar longer in a second. I also like that you can easily fold it and carry when you don't want to ride it. very good quality and service was great: our damaged lock was replaced in couple days. HIghly recommended.
Folds easy, stability, look



Rocket kicks [censored word removed]


Purchased it for our 6 year old daughter, she loves it and easy to ride from day one, now our four year old wants one, and she can ride it ok too. Dad scoots around on it too... Hubby researched this extensively and is extremely happy with the quality of the construction and the look! Have already recommended this to 2 friends for their 6YO's!
Quality, stability and the look!
Three piece handlebar set could be improved.



Best Birthday Present Ever


Purchased it for my son's 5th bday, he was estatic and the envey of all his friends. Selected the Rocket for its wider wheels and base to increase safety, everyone has asked me where to buy one. Delivery super speedy, recieved in 2 days. Very Very happy and am purchasing another micoroscooter for my daughter
The wide wheels and base ad to safety and balance for young kids
It is costly but don't regret it

Julie Lang

Julie LangMelbourne

Stole it from my 5 year old


Fantastic scooter however my lightweight 5 year old had some issues with the weight of it. He tended to always lean and found it hard to pull / carry. I however absolutely love it! I have never had a scooter in my life until now and gosh do I adore it. It feels solid and safe and responds well and all of a sudden I love scooting! And please don't worry I have bought my 5 year old a replacement micro sprite.. So we are a happy Micro family! Thanks guys...

Red Duck

Red DuckWagga Wagga

Best Road Scooter Ever!!


Purchased two of "Rocket's" for my boys, 6 & 3 y o, and am SO impressed how the wide tyre handles on tar, just fantastic smooth sailing, they hug the road like a mag tyre, their stability and handling is unsurpassed. At last I can enjoy a walk with my boys and the dogs without lugging the old skinny tyre scooters home on my shoulder after the boys had thrown in the towel with frustration!!....We live in a quiet rural area miles from the smooth concrete of skate park so Thankyou for making the joy of scooter riding available to everyone.....At Last!!!

road dog

road dogCarramar

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The Need For Speed


This is not just a kids scooter. It's the same size as the adult Micro Monster Bullet scooter but faster. It doesn't have a carving mechanism but who cares, the awesome front and rear fat wheels give this scooter some serious speed. Roll past any regular scooter with ease, especially when they stop to stare at how cool this scooter looks. Solid build, wicked flames and those fat wheels are just so cool I can't stop talking about them. Its quite on the move and rolls over the bumpy paving with ease. Just if you start going down a hill get ready to act as that sound barrier is not far away.
Design, Solid build, Awesome flames, Huge fat wheels, Scooter stand, Easy to fold.
Slightly heavy when folded for a kid.



Smooth coasting


Bought my two children one each, then after a couple of shots I had to get one. It's rock solid. The quality is streets ahead of anything out there.

Love the big wheels. It's silent at the skateboard park, and they fold easily into the boot of our car.

It's a family affair :)

Lttle sticker on the front won't stay on

Questions & Answers



My son who will be turning 4 in a couple of weeks has been using Micro mini & he absolutely loves it! I do however, feel that he has outgrown it as he is quite tall for his age. So now I am deciding between this scooter and the maxi micro. Which one would you recommend? The micro mini made him super confident with scooting so should I jump straight to this fabulous two fat-wheeled scooter or opt for a maxi instead? Thanks!

1 answer
Micro Scooters
Micro S.Micro Scooters

Hi Dee,
Thank you for your question.
The Maxi Micro scooter is basically the bigger brother of the Mini. It is a bigger more robust version with an extendable/adjustable handle bar and uses the same lean to steer principle as his Mini.
The Rocket is a slightly heavier model weighing 4.3 kg and uses a different steering mechanism. You turn the handle bars to determine the direction you want to go in just like a bicycle.
Choosing between the two can be a little tricky - it really comes down to how good his balance and co-ordination is.
Does he ride a bike yet? If so, he will be fine with a two wheeled scooter and having the wider wheel will provide some additional stability.
I may be best to see both models in person so you can even test them for yourself to see which he will best manage with.
I hope that was helpful but please don't hesitate to ask any additional questions or contact us directly through our webiste:

Kind Regards.



What is the difference between Rocket and Monster bullet?

1 answer
Micro Scooters
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Hi Dillon,

The Monster Bullet has a carving wheel in the rear that is designed for tight turning circles, while also maintaining the wide wheels. So in short - the Rocket is less maneuverable than the Monster Bullet

Thanks - Sean

Sue Wilson

Sue Wilsonasked

I am a quite arthritic elderly adult who has succumbed to the joys of scooting to increase mobility. I have a small microscooter - bought a few years ago - which I use for travelling, but it's not great on rough or bumpy/uneven pavements, or on any light snow-ice covering. Wondering if I should try the micro rocket scooter - but need to know its dimensions when folded, so I know if it could be taken as hand baggage on aircraft. Many thanks for your advice.

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My experience with the Rocket is while the wider wheels do provide added stability, it is a bumpier ride compared to say the Micro Bullet. However, because the wheels do not taper in like others scooters there's no risk of the wheel "flicking out" if you hit a rock. The scooter itself will easily hold up to the rough surfaces and if you can handle the ride it will be a fantastic investment. The dimensions are length - 7900mm weight - 3850g height open 660-960mm height closed 220mm. Have never ridden the Rocket in snow before, so can't help you there sorry.

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