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Micro Speed+

Micro Speed+

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My 9 year girl Loves her Scooter so much...

Date PurchasedJan 2019

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Perfect scooter


Just purchase the Micro Speed+ . My 11years old son love it. The scooter are much quiet and smoother compare to previous one from Toys R Us. He playing almost everyday after school . Highly recommend to everyone if you are looking for a high quality scooter. Best X'mas gift to kid

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Good quality Scooter but has a safety flaw.


The Micro Speed+ scooters that I recently bought for a 6 and 8 year old are very high quality pieces of sports equipment that the children really enjoy. However these scooters have a safety flaw; the lever on the side of the scooter used to fold the handle bar tube has sharp edges. Our 8 year old scratched her leg on this lever when she slipped adjusting the handle bars. I suggest Micro consider rounding off or blunting these sharp edges. As a safety precaution I have tapped the edges so that if the children slip or fall again on this lever they will not get cut.

Date PurchasedMar 2017
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Great scooter that my kid can take to adulthood


This was got for my son's 5th birthday and was an upgrade from the Mini Micro. He balances on it more easily than other scooters because it is heavier. The extra weight however has not slowed him down at all, even on uphills. It's robust and sturdy and is likely to last to adulthood, even using it as his 'daily driver' to school, especially as replacement parts can be sourced easily.



Super Nana loves this scooter!


I brought this for me - I'm a Nana! and love being able to scoot with the grand children. It so easy to use, smooth, fast but safe much easier than riding a bike. Fantastic!! It would be awesome for their mum to win one. I brought one for the Son-in-law and he scoots with the kids ages 6 and 4 and 2yrs.

Awesome scooter


I decided to buy the speed+ for my 5 year old instead of the sprite, and my daughter just adores it. Even though she is little, she handles it with ease, and loves the smooth fast ride. A great next step up from her mini micro. One very happy customer :-)



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Real Value for money


Awesome fun!


I purchased this scooter for myself to be able to ride when the kids were learning to ride their bikes - it was easier to get off a scooter to help them, than to get off a bike. We have since purchased the same scooter for our 6 year old - he loves him, and there is nothing better than finding some smooth paths and racing each other. Best thing I have purchased for ages! Good strudy design, bigger wheels mean less accidents, and fast with little effort.
Fast, sturdy, good size for kids and adults.

a fan now

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vibration from spiky rims


If you look at a picture of this scooter's wheels, you will see black, teeth-like, protrusions from the rim into the resin part of the wheel. When you ride this scooter, you move from one tooth to another, in what feel like a contant stream of small bumps. Even of a glass-smooth road, this scooter give you ride of a very course road.

In the end, I had to replace the wheels from those of "Flex" model, that have a smooth rim. This immediately solve the problem (while adding the cost of two extra wheels and time to fit them).

Apart from the above, this scooter is just as good as any Micro (I won 4 others Micros, incl. White and Maxi).
Spiky rims prevent smooth ride.

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This is a great scooter for kids.
I ride my speed to school and back every day, with my dad. It has great brakes, it stops really quick. All my family has a micro scooter. My little brother has a mini micro and my dad has a rocket and my mum has a speed too.
It goes fast down hills
Sometimes noisy, needs to be oiled



Speed is +++


The first impression of my son's Speed+ was what a wonderful looking machine it is! Surprisingly large and solid it makes the $40 department store scooter look like a piece of junk out of the recycling bin. Then the ride. How smooth, comfortable and safe, the brake really stops it. Speedy too, it flies along even going up hill. My five year old loves it and so do I, I want my own, now!
Beautiful design and build. Great for all ages 5+, great exercise.
Deck could be a bit bigger for adult feet.

Questions & Answers



I am looking for the next stage up scooter for my 5 year old - she has been riding her mini micro confidently since she was 2. I have heard a few parents comment how different the 2 wheeler scooters are (eg sprite?) in terms of hitting bumps and curbs.
So I was thinking of getting her the Speed + for the bigger wheels and shock absorption - but it says from 7 years. Is there any reason it wouldn't be appropriate?

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Hi Jackie,
We got our son the speed + for Christmas when he was 6 (he had been riding mine before that).

We also got our daughter a sprite (she was 4 at the time) - I wish we had of just gotten her the speed+ !

The speed+ do roll a bit faster than the sprite, but nothing the kids can't handle.

I would recommend getting the speed+ for sure.

:-) Kerry


Thanks so much Kerry - that's been really helpful :-)


Hi, the Speed+ is ok for 5 yo if she can handle the weight of it. The handle bar goes up and down so thats ok. It handles bumps pretty good and is a great ride



I'm looking to get a scooter for myself to ride to work on. It's a short trip only a couple of KM's so want something fun to ride.

I'd like a fast smooth ride but can't decide between the Speed+ and Flex Air, any recommendations? Open to other suggestions to


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Hi Jon - cheers for your contact. All I can say is based on our experience which doesn't cover the flex scooter at this stage but we've been exceptionally happy with the Speed+
What's your body size and weight? Reason I ask is the Speed+ has been most effective with our family from 105kgs (me to my daughter at 34kgs. Same shock absorbing ability and we're riding confidently on surfaces I would not with smaller wheel sized scooters. Very solidly made and looks extra cool of course.
Very fast as the name suggests plus there is an inbuilt flex in addition to the wheel technology that I was pleasantly surprised with.

Maybe consider what surfaces will suit which wheel size on your road to work?
Not sure if this helps - by I doubt you'll regret going micro either way

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