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Miele FN 12827 S

Miele FN 12827 S

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Happier now

We bought our freezer August 2015 and are happy with the way the freezer works but like many others have had the handle snap off. I can't actually remember when it snapped off but it has been a while now. Ive finally gotten around to contacting Miele about it and they weren't very helpful. They just told me the warranty is for 2 years and if we wanted extended warranty we needed to pay an extra $249 at the time of purchase. Like someone else has said before here it is obviously a poorly designed handle for it to happen to so many people. It would be nice if Miele could replace it regardless of the warranty. I'm a member of the Miele for Life customer priveleges program so a new handle would be nice.
Update: After posting this review Miele got in touch with me and as a gesture of goodwill are going to send me a replacement handle. But if it happens again I will have to purchase it from Spare Parts. Fair enough. Now I'm happy.

Date PurchasedAug 2015
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Fridge and Freezer Never again

We bought white pigeon pair in Jan 2014. Thought we would invest in a good product so we wouldn’t have to worry for years down the track as we have had Miele washing machine and dishwasher, very impressed with both. Big mistake, both handles snapped off after 18 months and the fridge, freezes vegetables. Freezer has worked well but disappointed that the handle also snapped off.

Date PurchasedJan 2014
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Hi there, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. I'm going to send you a private message now so we can assist. Kind regards, Miele.

3AM Alarm

Bought freezer in 2015. Months later is started beeping on its own at random times in the middle of the night. Technician serviced the device & mentioned some physical anomaly but fixed it. A month later problem still continued. So Miele replaced it. 2 years later the replacement is now doing the same thing; beeping on its own for no good reason at 3AM-4AM in the morning & there's no way to permanently turn the beeping off. The freezer itself is great except for this one thing & it ruins it. Had I known it would be a 3o'clock alarm I would have had 2nd thoughts about buying this.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Fridge/ Freezer Very Disappointed

We purchased the pigeon pair and after 3 replacement fridges we were given a full refund, which we were happy with.
The fridge never reach the safe coolness temp and after much discussion it was decided they are European and don't have our humidity and high temperatures.
Now after 6 years the freezer has stopped working and we await the repair man to hear the outcome??
We have many Miele products and have never had any issues but this pair of refridgeration have been a nightmare. Very disappointed customers.

Date PurchasedMar 2012

Great freezer, pity about the handle

Very happy with our freezer and fridge we purchased 3 years ago however because of the vacuum created on closing the freezer door this puts a lot of strain on the handle when opening. The handle doesn't seem to be of a very good design to allow easy opening of the door. However on taking our concerns to Miele a new handle has been supplied to replace the broken one. Thank you Miele.

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Excellent Freezer, worth every cent

Purchased this freezer (paid $1599) to replace a chest model. What a difference!! This freezer has a very economical drawer system, all removable for easy cleaning. Each shelf holds alot!! We do our own home kills and so need the space. It uses little power and is quiet when running.
Downsides are: the controls are on the inside of the cabinet, so in order to adjust the temperature you need to open the door, wasting cold air. The 'off' for the alarm is inside too.
When we are pulling down the temperature of half a body of beef the unit can run for 18 hours straight.

Very, very happy with our purchase.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Very Good - As Expected

We bought a second freezer because this freezer simply works very well.
It is easy to operate, very practical and very efficient.
This freezer might be rather expensive but (as always) you get what you pay for.
Can't fault the product.
Still manufactured in Germany - not compromising on the good quality.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Addition to my initial review

Since my last comment on my initial review I have had the handle break off. It has been replaced, under warranty, but I am not impressed, now if I take something out of the freezer I feel impelled to wait a few minutes to access it, because of the vacuum seal which is generated by opening the door.
Also I have had the first relevant electricity bill, and it was very reasonable, so, for me, it has not been expensive to run. We have 3kw solar panels and a smart meter.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Very happy with this Miele Freezer

Freezer: Haven't had anything go wrong with this model at all (touch wood). Have had our pigeon pair 12 months now. Just be careful with the handle (read previous reviews) - don't open straight away after you have just closed the door as it sets up a seal. Wait just a minute, then try and don't put any force on trying to open it. I have my freezer chock-a-block full and it works fantastically. I love the fact that all compartments (drawers) are easy to pull out and then can be packed on the counter. I have named all my drawers with what is inside them i.e. fish, meat, bread, packaged foods, icecream - yeah, can't help myself!
At first it was louder than my previous freezer, but have become use to it, but can understand the way it goes through the freezing process, then it goes quiet.

Best freezer I've ever bought!

Quiet, (initially when first plugged in was a little noisy but have had no problems with noise since) efficient and not overpriced when you look at the quality. Compared to other freezers we looked at, the Miele has an excellent energy rating. My Quarterly electricity account has dropped noticeably since I replaced my old chest freezer with this model. Love the enclosed slide out drawers - which seem to hold a considerable amount of food. My second Miele product and am extremely happy with both.

Amazing Freezer! Quiet, well made, efficient.

This review for this freezer is about identical to its fridge mate.

So as many may have read, I have become quite the Miele fan. Started with a Vacuum 4 years ago, and adding something all the time. Up to 8 products at the moment.

A and I recently bought the Pigeon Pair Fridge and Freezer, as our year old LG was just honestly poorly made, drawers were snapping, and was just so small. From 309L total save to nearly 800L

Upon the initial purchase, I was unaware that the fridges are made by Liebherr (some negative reviews on reliability issues with Liebherr products (and still Made in Germany, that magic word it seems. So they can't be all that bad; quirks I can deal with, being a German and Swedish car fan, quirks are fine, but unreliable, as my Askos were. I decided against the KFN 14842 SD ed/cs mainly because the freezer was just too small for our needs.

There was a time where I wanted everything stainless steel, but over the years have grown to love pure brilliant white. I'm a matching person, matching appliance brands, colours et cetera. And this fridge does not disappoint. It's extremely quiet, and has plenty of space, which is filled with high-quality drawers and shelves. This model does not have the "Soft Close" doors which I loved about the KFN 14842 SD ed/cs, but it does have the easy release doors, the seals are worn less and in turn would need replacement far less. This model is a 3.5star which is excellent for a freezer.

The shelves are heavy, in a sturdy way, the drawers are extremely well made and can handle 25kgs per drawer. Also each drawer also has a glass shelf below it so that you can remove the drawer and use a shelf, or remove a shelf and drawer and be able to store much larger items, what Miele calls "Vario-Room", doesn't sound all that, but in real life, such a handy feature. The shelves and bins can be thrown in the dishwasher to wash; no more hand washing. The user controls are simple and easy to use.

Only small issue is it didn't like being on -15C, woke up to the temp alarm and had to lower it one more setting to -18C

Easy to clean
Well built, quality materials, consistency between Miele's BRW colour, the Brilliant White matches every other Miele product in white perfectly
Very versatile
Lots of space for anything you could think of
Great efficiency
Can be easily "built in" with included kit.
Easy open doors
Easy to move shelves around
Cools quickly
Very, very quiet

Lack of "Soft Close" doors
Many articles about Liebherr's less than stellar reliability, although touch wood, not an issue to date. So will update on that aspect.

Grasping for Cons, overall an excellent, well made, high-quality fridge which will serve us well. Will follow with review on matching fridge, Miele K 12820 SD

If you are in the market, for the price you can't beat it for build quality, a name with a 97% loyalty rate, and much-improved customer service. I have found that a similar Liebherr is slightly cheaper, and a Siemens, which I cannot confirm is made by Liebherr, is cheaper still. But I'd rather pay a bit more and get that "Immer Besser" attitude that a company will stand behind their products.

Will report back anything of note, and don't hesitate to ask any questions.

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Miele FN 12827 S
TypeUpright Freezers
Price (RRP) $2599
Energy Rating3.5

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