Twice the oomph, half the electricity bill

Our little house, built in the 1980s, had no insulation at all. We had a 7.1kW wall unit which worked in the lounge and kitchen but never blew up the hallway to the bedrooms. 2 Summers ago we had our first Bub and we had fans trying to blow the cool up the hallway with no luck and a HUGE power bill.
This Summer when Bub number 2 arrived, we had to remove the wall unit as it was going to be on an internal wall due to house extensions. There was nowhere else to put a wall unit so the aircon bloke suggested we try a ceiling cassette and it is the best thing we have ever done.
The cool air blows in 4 directions so it goes straight up to the kids rooms and cools them down with no trouble. Super quiet, reminds you when to clean the filters, tells you indoor and outdoor temperatures and the best part, it cost half as much to run as our old aircon AND we were sometimes running it 24hrs a day in the heat of Summer.
A little extra $$ upfront means huge savings in the long run.

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Indoor Unit Height236mm236mm236mm298mm236mm298mm298mm298mm
Indoor Unit Width840mm840mm840mm840mm840mm840mm840mm840mm
Indoor Unit Depth840mm840mm840mm840mm840mm840mm840mm840mm
Cooling Capacity5.6kW7.1kW10kW10kW12.5kW12.5kW14kW14kW
Reverse CycleYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Heating Capacity6.7kW8kW11.2kW11.2kW14kW14kW16kW16kW
Outdoor Unit Height640mm750mm845mm845mm1300mm1300mm1300mm1300mm
Outdoor Unit Width871mm968mm970mm970mm970mm970mm970mm970mm
Outdoor Unit Depth290mm340mm370mm370mm370mm370mm370mm370mm

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