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Moccona Coffee Pods

Moccona Coffee Pods

3.1 from 15 reviews

Great value

Really good tasting coffee, Great value, especially when you can find it on sale
Available in all supermarkets
We've tried many substitutes & this is the best

Great coffee

I have been trying intensity 10-12 pods from all manufactures and at last I have a really nice coffee. Much nicer than Nespresso Ristretto pods at half the price.

Moccona coffee pods are about as good as it gets

I use either 10 or 12 strength Moccona pods. Frankly I think they're better than the Nespresso pods and I've tried most of the other brands as well. I do however use two capsules to make a solid cup of coffee. I normally wait till they're on special and that means maybe $4 for a pack of 10 capsules. The capsules are well packaged, fit my machine more snugly than some other alternate brands. It doesn't seem to matter which brand of capsule, a single pod usually means an insipid coffee if you're using a larger cup or mug. Another hint - a teaspoon of traditional Ovaltine is a good alternative to the usual chocolate sprinkle.


I just purchased the pods for Nespresso no 12 strength and they are tasteless and look like dirty dishwater. If you like real coffee then this isn't for you.

Cant live without my Moccona "INTENSE " Caffeitaly Pods

Not very happy with Moccona, as they are now deleting from their range," Intense" caffeitaly Pods! All about sales/profitability Mario

Why did Moccona pods for Caffitaly discontinue?

We have switched from Moccona coffee pods to mr Barista super strong some time ago.
Moccona bold was our preferred coffee, but when Woolworth (or Moccona) reduced the packages from 16 to 10 pods at approximately the same price, we tried Mr Barista coffee and liked it better than the Moccona coffee.
We recommend Mr Barista Coffee to everyone we know.
Hopefully Coles will keep supplying it.

Good when they were available.

I am bitterly disappointed with Moconna for their decision to discontinue to supply their coffee in capsules to suit the Caffitaly system. Is the reason for this to generate more profit as they are now only selling coffee capsules to suit the Nespresso system. Nespresso capsules hold 5.2 grams of coffee were as the Caffitaly capsule holds 8 grams. I find it strange that they are both selling for the around same price and in most cases the Nespresso compatible are dearer. This is a lot more profit for them with a lot less coffee used. I suggest that we all now switch to the Mr. Barista Super strong Capsules, which are available from Coles supermarkets and are only $6:00 per box of 16 capsules. I have found them to be very similar to the Moconna Intense capsules. Why not try them I don't think you will be disappointed as I was not. Moccona have lost me and even if they were to realise that they had made a marketing blunder and reintroduce Caffitaly capsules I will never buy them. After trying the Mr Barista I now believe that the Moccona were very much over priced.

Love Dark Roast Moccona pods.

Love Dark Roast Moccona pods, work well in my Caffitaly machine. In 2 years of using pods only ever had 2 pods leave coffee grounds in machine. Easy to flush out grounds.

I love this coffee

I have had no trouble at all with the pods in my Caffitaly machine. I tried other bands, but Moccona is my favourite. Also the pods are recyclable.

Terrible for the environment

They are incredibly wasteful. I really wouldn't recommend buying these because the plastic just goes to landfill and as far as I know they are not easily recyclable. They taste good and they last for a long time, but it just isn't worth adding to the massive amount of garbage we produce everyday. Sorry Moccona, you make decent coffee but you really should replace the coffee pods with something else.

love this product the smooth pods

only problem i have with it is when they go on special my fav sells out quick the smooth flavour but have had no trouble with this brand and in fact am taking my second machine to work to start selling them at work at the bowls club instead of instant coffee. i give this a ten out of ten.

Simply dont work properly

Main problem is the capsules don't work properly with a failure rate of about 1 in 3 in my Caffitaly machine. 1 in 3! They appear to be blocked and the pressure increase makes the machine leak water. It makes a box pretty expensive. I have tried the whole range and overall the taste is quite strong which i like generally and without the harshness of Robusta beans that most strong coffes have. That would be a plus except there doesn't seem to be a mild version to mix it up and the strength isnt rated by number but by description; Rich, Bold, Intense etc. I am currently drinking a "Velvety" which should be mild & smooth by my reckoning but could also be named "slap you awake".
My experience? I bought each box in the range when they first came out and was bought as a gift another 10-12 boxes so I have had about 15-18 boxes. Never again.


Unfortunately these taste just like instant coffee and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. All the other brands are a lot nicer, Macro being my favourite but they are not always available.


The coffee pods burst, about 4 out of 5, which is a lot & they are quite expensive, will not be buying them again, very disappointed. The flavours are not the best either.

Poorly made & blocks the machine

I tried the Moccona pods in my Caffitaly machine and the first pod I tried burst at its seems when the steam was put through it. I persisted though, allowing for bad luck, but since then, 4 out of 5 pods have not operated properly, caused issues with the machine, and blocked the filters.
The taste in only average and the price is above most of the pods that I can get.
Overall, I'll not buy these pods again, nor will I recommend them.

Questions & Answers

is moccona pods compatable with Caffitaly
No answers

Moccona coffee pod no 11 red on is it still been made?
1 answer
No Moccona have stopped supplying coffee to suit the Caffitaly system. Is the reason for this to make more profit. as Caffitaly capsules hold 8 grams of coffee and Nespresso capsules hold 5.2 grams per capsule. Interesting that Nespresso compatable sell for the same price or higher. Suggest you try Mr. Barista Super Strong capsules.These are available at Coles Supermarkets I find them to be very similar to Moccona Intense Red Capsules and are only $6:00 perbox of 16 caplules.

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