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MooGoo Milk Soaps

MooGoo Milk Soaps

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Moogoo milk soap

Need this soap for grand niece who has eczema. Read a article how it helped a 3 year old.Would like this soap even if a sample because she suffering bad this Summer

MooGoo Milk Soaps

I've bought these MooGoo Milk Soaps before and it is absolutely wonderful! It is so soft on my skin and I don't have any rashes which is fantastic! In the past I'vr bought many different soaps and all of them gave me rashes and I was itching all the time it was terrible, the ingredients in theses soaps which you buy at chemists and supermarkets are not good for your skin. In my eyes Eyes MooGoo are the best! Thanks Amanda van Vuuren

Smells good; feels great!

I've used all three of Moogoo's Milk Soaps at some point, and each of them smelled good and were pleasant to use. They all left my skin feeling soft and moisturized, but my personal favorite was Goat's Milk. I loved them all; wouldn't use any other brand of soap.

Gentle, smells great and doesn't crumble

I absolutely love the fresh goat milk soap bar from Moogoo. It comes in a huge size so I could cut it up into half. You don't need to use much. Just use a little and lather up what you already have in your hand and you'll be surprised that you have a lot more than what you think. The smell is fantastic and although it has fragrance it doesn't irritate my skin (maybe because it's phthlate free?). This doesn't contain essential oils (which is a plus for me since I had dermatitis). I have been using moogoo products for about 2 months I think. I also use other products such as Shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, etc. Pretty much almost everything. The reason was because I had contact dermatitis on my right hand after some reactions 2 years ago from a detergent. Never got cured because I need my right hand to work and pretty much everything irritates my hand. Until I recently tried moogoo. After changing everything to moogoo, my hand has improved and it's almost healed now. Before it was so bad that the skin turned raw and bleed. After using moogoo, and making sure I wear gloves (for sensitive skin) for extra protections when doing chores, my hand has turned smooth again. I'd say it's 90% healed already. Highly recommend this soap and other moogoo products.

Smells wonderful

I have reviewed all the moo goo products I like - and there have been a few. I wasn't keen on the milk wash but these soaps are fantastic! They lather better then some other natural soaps and smell absolutely fantastic! Skin feels good after using it. I have sensitive skin and experience no problems with this soap. The only negative I have is the price but you probably get what you pay for. I'd like to be able to locate them in a bulk pack.
The smell
bit expensive but probably worth the money

Moogoo scalp cream, shampoo and cond

I have always suffered from really bad psoriasis, especially on my scalp. Last Monday it was unbearable and at it absolute worst, my WHOLE scalp was covered and starting to spread down my neck and onto
My face. I first tried the scalp cream (first application last Monday night) then over the weekend purchased the shampoo and cond. today only one week later my whole scalp is almost psoriasis free. ( only a few patches left) coming from someone who has tried pretty much everything I can HIGHLY recommend these products. :-)
I liked that try are Australian made products.
A little pricy, but the torture I have been through with my skin it is worth it.

Very good for sensitive/baby/toddler skin

Our family are huge fans of the whole moo-goo range. The soaps are excellent for dry/sensitive skin, but I can also use them (I have oily skin) without any pore clogging/greasiness. If anyone in your family has any skin problems (including eczema, psoriasis or seb derm - we've got the trifecta here) I would recommend trying these or the milky wash before using the chemical treatments at the pharmacy.

Love these soaps

Fantastic quality product, incredible on my skin and they smell great too. I use them for myself, both my children and husband. My kids and I have really sensitive skin & eczema flare ups, since using the MooGoo soaps this has been decreased by a dramatic amount. Would recommend these to anyone seeking a more sensitive option.

Fantastic Soap the best! :)

This is the best soap I've ever had. It makes my skin feels very soft and very clean. It is very creamy and lather up beautifully (especially on a loofah). It doesn't waste or melt as easily as other natural soaps do and it smells good and to top it off it's natural!!
I find it very good for my face. I have dilated pores and therefore an oily and bumpy skin with black heads (especially on the forehead) and since I have started using that soap my skin is lots less bumpy, black heads are slowly disapearing and my skin feels really soft. I still get the odd break-outs , due to hormones probably, but they disappear basically before they get visible and inflammed. Add on top of that the Moogoo Skin Milk and my skin never felt better !!

I clean my 2 years old son with the soap and it is very soft for his skin. It's a good heavy duty soap too for the ones who want a good scrub.
It is more expensive than your average soap bars from the supermarket, but considering that's all I need in my bathroom for the whole familly, that the bars are 130g instead of 100g and that they last ages, it's very economical.
We used to have in the bathroom :
- 1 soap for my husband
- 1 shower gel for myself
- 1 baby bath product for my son
- sorbolene lotion for nappy change
- 1 face cleanser for myself
- 1 toner for myself
- 1 soap for hands

Now we have : 1 Moogoo soap bar !
I cut it in half, put one half in the shower, the other half by the sink and that's it, no more confusion, no more waste with all those packagings, and lots of savings :-))

Favourite Soap!

This is a review for the goat milk one. I have really dry sensitive skin with eczema and the only soap which didn't dry out my skin, irritate it or agitate my eczema was the sensitive soap from Dove. I was a little worried seeing fragrance listed in the ingredients for this product. It claims the fragrance is phthalates free? I don't know what that means but it didn't irritate! The soap is very solid and didn't melt instantly and glide into a slippery liquid like normal soaps do, which surprised me. Instead it glided onto the skin really creamy, like a solid moisturizer. The letter I received with my order from Moogoo suggested that instead of rubbing the soap everywhere and wasting it, I should persist in lathering up what it put on my skin. It lathers up really well for a natural soap, it is nice and creamy! It also removes the sting from my eczema :). Normally fragranced cosmetics scare me but it had a nice subtle fragrance. What I also love is that it does make the skin soft and moisturizes it a bit. While I would never dare skip my moisturizer, this is the only soap which moisturizes my skin to this extent and makes it this soft.
The texture and the soothing and moisturizing properties.


I often get the soap with my moogoo order and really like it. It smells delicious and seems to have a moistorising quality to it. It's so gentle the kids even use it and it doesn't sting or get in their eyes. Has a really natrual feelng to it also.
Beautiful, cream soap that don't dry out the skin and smell just delicious. Does't melt away as fast as normal soap and didn't leave much soap scum on the soap dish
Nothing, it was lovely. Shame it isn't in more stores though, but you can order online.

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I would like to try it but I'm cannot tolerate any type of synthetic frangance. Would anyone have the ingrediants list or know what type of fragrance it contains?


I really love MooGoo's soaps. They smell beautiful, I know they're not full of chemicals and that they don't affect any of the family's excema, dermatitis or sensitive skin. I'll definitely keep buying them.
Smelled lovely.
Doesn't bother dermatitis, excema etc.
All natural.
Nothing really.


Mmm, I got my first bar of the oatmeal and honey soap when my son was a baby. It is so nice and gentle for sensitive skin and the smell is nice but not overpowering. I just swished the bar through the water for my son's bath, but the oatmeal in the bar itself made a nice gentle exfoliant when used directly on my own skin.
It is moisturising, smells beautiful and contains nice ingredients
I have to order it online and I forget to do so--would be great to see it in shops in real life. But the product itself is wonderful.


i love everything in the moogoo range, so the milk soap is no exception. it is lovely and soft and creamy on the skin and has not irritated my sensitive skin. to me it does exactly what it says it will do, which is all i want. obviously more pricey than the usual soaps at your supermarket, but so much more worth it. you know exactly whats in it, no chemicals and all the ingredients are words you CAN pronounce which is a good sign. wouldn't buy anything else now atleast for myself anyway.
creamy, soft on skin, no chemicals, non drying, great for sensitive skin
more pricey that others, but as i say worth it.

Best soap ever

i love the Moogoo range of products, especially this one. It is lovely and soft on my skin and does not dry it out like other soaps can. to me it does exactly what it says it will do, which is all i want. This product is much more pricey than the usual soaps in the grocery store, but it is definately worth it. I was first given this product as a present. I loved it so I have continued to purchase this product. If you want something a little more indulgent than the ordinary soap, give this product a try!
Doesn't dry the skin

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Where do i buy moogoo products in hervey bay qld?

Questions & Answers

Why can't you get Moogoo Soap in United States? I've been trying because my grand niece has eczema. I heard how it helped a 3 year .
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Can I use as facial soap daily? Is it suitable for face?
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Can you use milk cleansing bars on face?
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I use it on my face to cleanse and remove my make up! Just make sure to avoid contact with the eyes :)


MooGoo Milk Soaps
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