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Morphy Richards Illuma

Morphy Richards Illuma

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Fantastic Kettle - Pity no longer made

Fantastic kettle just died after 9 years. Had the wow factor well before competitors copied. Morphy no longer make this kettle which is pity. Fast boiler, sure mesh deteriorated 5 years in, but lights and switch continued to work. Easy to clean, we are on rain water so no staining evident.

Purchased in May 2009.

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Hi Loris B, Thank you for taking the time to review our product.

Love this kettle but no replacement filter

This kettle has gone strong 9 years and I still love it. It looks great. I watch it boiling away in the dark at night. But similar to other people's reviews, the filter has deteriorated, the mesh is gone and now it won't auto shut off when boiling. I contacted morphy Richards for a replacement filter but they don't make them any more. Very sad, everything else about the kettle is good working order but I'll need to replace it.

Date PurchasedSep 2008
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Thank you for taking time to review the Morphy Richards Illuma kettle. Unfortunately both the kettle and filters have been discontinued and are now obsolete.

Great Kettle, but you can not buy replacement filters anymore!!!

I love this kettle but my filter is just about to give up. I rang the customer care team and was advised you can not get the filters anymore!!! Without the filter the kettle just keeps boiling....... So this means I have to bin my beautiful kettle all because of a filter, doesn't make sense, you have to throw out a $100.00+ kettle just because you can not buy a replacement filter, not happy !!!

Date PurchasedMay 2015
Good afternoon JanelleJ Unfortunately the manufacturer of the Illuma kettle has ceased production of the filter however we will endeavour to locate one for you. Please contact us via an email to customer.care@glendimplex.com.auGood afternoon Morphy Richards, Thank you for your superfast reply, I will send the email to the above adress and I appreciate you trying to help in this matter. I really do love my kettle and it would be such a shame to have to bin it just because of the filter. I also understand that it is not your fault as the manufacturer has stopped making them, so thank you for helping. This small issue would not put me off buying Morphy Richards products, they are really great, thank you once again :-)

A beautiful kettle and it lasts longer than 3 months.

Have had this kettle for approximately 8 years. It was one of the first on the market with illuminated lights in the base. Loved the blue colour and bought it on a whim thinking it would be an expensive gimmick. 8 years later this kettle is like new and still going strong. Have been very impressed with the durability and reliability and considering the time it has been in service $150 was not that much to spend. Would definately buy this brand again. Is lovely making a cup of tea in a dark kitchen with the blue lighting.

Date PurchasedDec 2010

Love it! Can I find another!

9 years of faultless performance. This is a excellent product. Love the look, the features, speed of boiling is excellent. It met its end of life today but I am more than happy with the longevity and value for money. I hope I can find another one as a replacement.

Date PurchasedJan 2008

A blue kettle ,

The mrs wanted a blue colored kettle, so I got a blue one, NO a blue interior light , so back I go. Strangely I like it , yes its novel , but everyone loves it. Its quiet, boils promptly, not to heavy. Looks good, Not sure about the $80.00 aus price tag. But sure to get more out of it than my $9.00 dollar one - 3 weeks. And not discontinued on line plenty still for sale.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Fantastic Kettle

I have had my Morphy Richards Illuma Kettle for several years. I love the blue light when the water is boiling. I have had to replace the filter and one of the little noggins the filter sits on has now broken off could have been someone doing the wrong thing. I am seriously thinking of buying another the same to replace it. It was a great buy and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It was a wonderful gift I was given.

Date PurchasedMay 2009

Perfecto kettle. We all love it.

Illuma kettle. The entire family loves it and always has since we purchased it many years ago. We have had to replace the filter, but, no problem. Got them from supplier. It boils quickly. It looks great. It is easy to clean. Our friends have all wanted to buy one. They love it and they love the reliability we have experienced with it.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Poorly Made Dodgy Power Switch

This kettle went in the bin after the power switch snapped off.
Looks really cool in the kitchen when you boil the water at night with the lights off.
Poor construction and/or cheap plastic parts for a critical part of a very expensive kettle.
Will not buy this brand again and I will not be recommending it to anyone.

Date PurchasedJul 2015
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Hi Bjorn - thank you for your review of our product and my apologies for the frustration caused. It is worth noting that all Morphy Richards small electrical appliances are sold with a 2 year replacement warranty. From the information provided on your review, your product would have been eligible for replacement via your place of purchase. If you are able to retrieve the item, you should be able to arrange a return via the store. If we can offer any assistance in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team by phone: 1300-556-816

Happy user.

Pleasant design and the blue boiling water colour brightens a kitchen full of creams, light browns and stainless steel. A robust kettle a little heavier than others I have purchased has a quality feel. Some care to avoid spilling is needed a when pouring as the spout is quite wide but this is manageable and around the receptacle which is preferable to spillage running down the spout that I have experienced on other kettles. The filter didn't last long but it is not needed if the kettle is kept clean and tap water used. The seemingly prolonged boiling issue is fine by me as from my understanding it is preferred as it ensures water born bacteria is destroyed.
A great kitchen accessory.

Date PurchasedOct 2010
Hi Mike - thank you for taking the time to review our product. You may be interested to know that you can purchase replacement filters for this model direct from our Customer Care team either by phone: 1300 556 816 or email: Customer.Care@glendimplex.com.au. Fitting a filter will assist with reducing the boil time and should assist with the overall function of the kettle.Thank you but in light of the health issues I think I prefer the water to boil longer. I will inquire tho' in case I change my mind.

Good value

We're on our 2nd Illuma kettle and still consider them to be good value for money. The 1st unit gave us nearly 6 years of reliable service before the element finally decided to fail....with a nice loud pop. Of course the two Illuma kettles we gave our kids are still both working fine.

The kettle is easy to use, not too heavy, and still fits well into a modern kitchen..

would give more but....

I thought this would be a wonderful kettle, but I find it heavy and cumbersome. It is also difficult to start, I have to push the starter down several times before it clicks in, you also have to hold the top when you do this as the base is too small for the size of the kettle and it tips unless you hold it. So over-all very disappointed pretty blue when it boils.

Cool looking kettle when boiling

Had this kettle for years. Friend got it initially. Love that clear glass design with blue lights when boiling. Still working after using it pretty much everyday for last few years. If you want something a little different from those boring kettles, this is the one for you. Makes boiling water seem more interesting!

This Kettle doesn't get my blood boiling!

Just purchased this kettle after two inferior models bit the dust. Love the design, mirrored finish and blue led. Boils quickly and love how it comes with a two year warranty. I like it when a company stands behind their products. Also got a 33% discount from purchasing online. Would recommend to anyone wanting style and functionality.

Love it

Have had this kettle/ jug now for about two years. Love so does everyone else. The filter cloth brine awhile ago so i threw the whole part out. Now sometimes i have to manually turn my jug off. But for two years and still goingish. I'm happy

Would not recommend!

Aesthetically the kettle is great to look at when boiling water. However after a couple of months, I found that the switch that turns the kettle on, became increasingly difficult to depress. I contacted Russell Hobbs customer service who failed to answer my query regarding repair or replacement.

Watch out! Severe burn!

I had owned this jug for 18 months when I picked it up when it had boiled. The handle broke off(only held on by 2 flimsy plastic bits). I sustained severe burns to my thigh that required dressings for about 6 weeks.
Its a shame as it was so pretty.
Note: purchased December 2011. Only posting now as horrified to see it is still being sold.

A little Extravagance

Bought this kettle a few months back as a little piece of extravagance for the kitchen. Needed to replace the old one.

The kettle is well made and works a treat. Very quiet.

The Illuminating water is a pricey gimmick but hey? It looks cool :)

Don't forget to buy some citric acid. You will need this to keep the kettle nice and clean.
Looks great, performs well
A little pricey.

Pretty, fun, heavy, slow to boil

Looks pretty when it lights up, and can see from across the room if it is on. It takes a long time to boil, when the kettle is half full it is "maximum", heavy to pick up and need to tilt over a long way before the water comes out. Very expensive
looks pretty
long time to boil, heavy, expensive


Fantastic kettle, being awesome to look at whilst it is boiling water, however after just over two years of trouble free service the blue light died. After a phone call to Morphy Richards, I was told that there is no replacement globes for it. So unfortunately, it is now a 'reflect' rather than an 'illuma'
Definitely a major talking point when it lights up!
It is a reasonably quiet kettle and does its job fast
No replacement light globes!

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We have noticed a bad taste of the boiled water. Coffee and tea taste off. Now always put new water in ever time, however still at times is not good. I followed first time use procedure, and have now also done a bicarb rinse and boil. Still have the problem. Love the blue light, but disappointed with the taste. Has anyone had same experience?
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Can't say we have... We often clean out with citric acid as per instruction manual.


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