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Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slices

Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slices

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Vego for 10yrs with 3 toddlers

The better snack for us besides icecream and choclates when kids want a kiddie treat. And i love them too as an on the run mum. Healthy and sooo tasty! My kids dont eat snakes and lollies so great substitute. Soft enough to eat for all the family.. tods to parents to grandparents.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $3.00.

Chemical taste

I agree with other reviews that "something is not right" with this product. They always taste like chemical, bad, man made chemical !
I understand production methods and I think it comes from the toxic, poisonous plastic wrapping being put on the food product while the plastic is still hot and just formed which could /would taint the contents with a chemical taste.
I think the product is suspect and will not eat them further,
Our milk is filled into plastic containers as it is blow formed and the milk acts as a cooling agent for the plastic helping to cool it and form its finished shape.

Delicious !!

I tried the chocolate bars and they are absolutely delicious. Great for breakfast or as a filler throughout the day if unable to eat a full meal. Highly recommend it !

Something wrong with these bars

I am not one to easily get sick from food but couple of weeks ago I got so sick and ended up throwing up entire day and and night. At the time I wrote it off to something being wrong with dinner because only other thing I ate that day was this almond and honey bar but didn’t think that would ever make me so sick. Yesterday I had one of those bars at work for lunch and by afternoon I was so violently ill throwing up in a bin at work. There is nothing in the ingredients that ever caused such a reaction for me before these. Never touching them again. I still feel sick.

Mother Earth Oaty Bars

Love these bars as a nutritional fueling healthy snack or for filling up on, love the crumbly smooth chewy grainy textures, between a cake and a biscuit not too hard but not too soft just perfect, love the range of assorted flavours

Delicious home made taste

These bars have a pleasant baked texture with a nice buttery taste . My top picks are : golden oats , almond grains and honey , peanut butter/lemon merangue


Hopefully these bars stay affordable as i will now never eat anything else. I had bought 30 boxes of the things with all there flavours !!!!

Give a miss!

Thought I would try the peanut butter bars.honestly - they were vile,bland and I threw the rest of them out straight away in the bin.i have had the muesli bars with the yoghurt before and they are really nice.the peanut butter ones were a let down

What are in these?

Have never experienced such heartburn/relfux as I have after eating these. So confused because there's not a great deal of "terrible ingredients" in them. Very dry and blah though.

mother Earth baked bars

Very dry and hard and grainy and they fall apart not good anymore l use to love the chocolate chip oaty slices hope they change for the better again

Great snack

I enjoy them all. Easy to eat, they don't hurt gums or teeth. They fill the spot when I'm hungry.

Good stuff

Love them,raspberry white chocolate,two a day easy.Wholesome and easy on your teeth unlike a lot of bars out there.good stuff...

Maggots & webbing - disgusting

Bought a few boxes and found baby moths, maggots and white webbing inside the box and inside the individual plastic wraps. DISGUSTING!!! check all boxes all the same. Do NOT buy!!!

Taste quite nice

They are nice as a snack , I used to eat uncle Tobys Musli bars but since they changed the recipie I went to these bars. They are a little dry however.

Why so dry

I purchase the Choc Chip bars once a week. I usually purchase at Coles. BUT lately I have purchased them at Woolworths and they are so dry and hard. Is it how they are store them? Checked expiry all good.
Didn't enjoy one today that's for sure.

I keep these on my desk at work!

I have a box of these on my desk at work! I can't get enough! I like the ones with the bits of chocolate in it the best, and if you heat it up slightly it just melts in your mouth!
I wish more came in the box, like muesli bars, so that they would last longer but I'm happy to go with what they offer for now.

Contains Walnuts

I am heavily concerned with the advertisement of nuts on the package as a bar contains 6% walnuts.They need to label clearly on the front of the box that this oat bar contains walnuts! As my mother mistakenly took a bight of the disgusting bar, As she says.


Very disgusting to see these still being sold and nothing being done about the maggots and the best part is that they just ignore it which makes its more obvious that they know their selling them with maggots living inside the bar.

Maggots don't buy

Maggot fell out while I was eating this, noticed maggot eggs and webbing all through the others in the box. Took them outside and burned them. Don't buy for the love of all that is holy. I am mentally scarred.


In February 2016, I had the awful experience of taking 2 bites into a stale tasting Chocolate Baked Oaty Slice. I checked the Best before Date and it was September 2016 so slid what was left of the bar out of the packet only to discover white webbing along both sides and a pile of webbing at the base. I shot off a complaint letter directly to Mother Earth. They responded by saying they take this quite seriously and would be investigating. Sent a bag of products to me however, I was never really a fan of the Oaty Slice following this previous experience. I can categorically tell you after seeing a live MAGGOT crawling along the side of a bar today, in an unopened packet, I WILL NEVER BUY THEIR PRODUCTS AGAIN ! Clearly I am not the first to complain about this very unpleasant experience.

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What is the GI value?
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Does the format of the expiry date follow DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY?
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I do like the almond, grain and honey Oaty Slice - however I am concerned about their calories and fat content. I eat one of these each day with a fairly regular sort of diet. I am trying to lose weight but am I sabotaging my progress because of these bars?? Liz
2 answers
These slices contain 181.5 Calories each, but they do contain about 27% fat (of which 40% is saturated (bad) fats), 10% protein and 44.5% carbs. They also contain 20% sugar (8.5g). and only about 5% fibre. Given the small size and total calories, I wouldn't say that you are impeding on your progress, but I would advise that you stick to one a day as the sugar and saturated fats are on the high side.Baked Oaty Slices contain fibre and wholegrain cereals and can be consumed as part of a balanced diet when eaten in moderation. They are not designed as a weight loss product, however can be enjoyed if replacing other food choices with similar nutritional value.


Baked Oaty Slices
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