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Mount Franklin Spring

Mount Franklin Spring

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This water is ok I taste nothing bitter about it . The only 1 on the market that has a funny taste is FRAN TELLS . FRAN tells everyone her business like what ingredients are in this water . Frantelle the perfect traveller is toxic

Purchased in February 2019 for $6.99.

Only gave one star because I couldn't give zero

I switched over to Mt Franklin water two weeks ago because I thought the sturdy bottles would be easier to handle. After a few days I felt bloated and nauseous and couldn't think what might have made me feel like that. I drink my water at room temperature and the Mt Franklin tasted slightly slimy and didn't quench my thirst no matter how much I drank. I have stopped using it and threw the rest in the bin. I'm feeling a bit better now I've stopped.

Purchased in February 2019.

Best tasting spring water in Australia

Tried all types of spring water and I prefer this to all others.
Tastes nothing like Evian, which I really dislike due to its alkaline taste.

Absolutely disgusting

Didn’t know water could taste so sour until I had a few sips of Mount Franklin. I’m never buying this brand ever again I feel so sick now.


Now I may be young but I still have many opinions on mount franklin. Sometimes I go to the pool, and when I leave, I am really thirsty. So I go and get some mount franklin. But I go to have some and the lid just won’t budge and then when I finally open it Boom water is everywhere plus when I got to drink some water it was disgusting Think I’d rather just spend a bit of extra money and buy some Fiji Even just some plain old tap water would be better than Mount Franklin Fiji is just plain better it may cost a few extra dollars but who cares if you drink Mount Franklin There will be consequences

Acidic water. Needs review

Acidic water, can taste it in my gums and stomach. Is there any testing or quality control for mf? Can't remember it being this bad. Not going to drink this water. Not sure if it's safe. It really is bad. Hope someone looks into this

Sour water

Mt Franklin water is disgusting.
Everyone needs to boycott this product seriously full of acid and salt.
If you want to get sick keep drinking it.

High acidity! it tastes... terrible!

I bought four "500mlx20" boxes from Woolworths 2 days ago. By comparing it side by side to Woolworths' and Aldi's water brands, It was slightly yellowish and tasted horrible. It was like it went through a harsh purifying process so I decided to use my PH kit to determine the acidity. Woollies PH: Green 7.1, Aldi PH: Green 7.0, Mount Franklin: Dark Yellow 6.6 "pretty acidic for drinking water". I will definitely never buy it again.

Great water, best taste of any bottled water

Firstly, I am sad its owned by Coca Cola, but their reverse osmosis filtration process is second to none. The water is great, and the bottles are rigid and hold up to being transported really well. Probably not the drink t drink if you're genetically inferior person who can't remove bottle lids, can't tolerate salt, or somehow get plastic shavings in your water (i.e. you're all kinds of stupid).

Taste isn't as good as it was a few years ago, I think they have changed the process and it tastes worse at room temperature, but I drink it cold because I can afford a fridge.


This has sodium 12.5mg So if you are allergic to sodium, not the best drink to have.
It gave me terrible stomach pains.

Can't remove lid

Love the water but can never open the bottle myself. I always get my partner to take the lid off. The last 2 bottles we bought, even he couldn't remove the lid. We actually skinned our hands. I even tried using my teeth! Don't have this problem with any other brand. Will have to buy something else now so that I can be guaranteed of getting a drink!!!! I surely can't be the only one with this problem.

Stale Water and Dodgy Plastic Bottles

Mt Franklin used to be the best bottled water. Now it tastes stale like it has been sitting in the bottle for years. The worst part of the Mt Franklin plastic bottles is when you unscrew the lid to open it, plastic fragments (almost like shavings) stick on my lips and tounge, God knows how much I've swallowed.
Cheap and Nasty!! This never used to happen.

Terrible design for the CAP

The most intolerant part is the cap. I am a young, strong and fit guy but every time I find it is hard to open the cap. It causes skin damage on my thumb.

This water making me real sick

Since I started drinking this water.. i.ve been feeling very unwell.. lips are dry.. feel crook and panicky..palpultations bones aching.
When i change brands it comes good . This is very frightening

Bad taste

I bought a slab of mount Franklin. It was not the whole slab but three or four bottles were terrible tasted bitter and made my mouth numb. I rang the company but they wouldn't let me send the bottles that wrte affected they wanted unopened bottles. But as I said most of the slab were ok. So how could they test the bad ones I'm totally at a loss. Will never buy again. Which is unfortunate because I only drink bottled water.

very ACIDIC, how weird!

As you'd know, Mt Franklin, as a huge company sells a lot of these spring waters. Have you tried the other version bottles of these types? They taste like chemical and when I drank it, it was like drinking something toxic or something very acidic. It was bad. It felt like something was tearing the throat, like LITERALLY! so be careful and stay safe. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS WITH ME :)

Gross, very hard and flat tasting.

I'm not fond of tap water, so I've always bought bottled water of various prices. Evian tastes the best to me because it's soft and easy to guzzle - I wish it tasted the worst considering how much it costs lol. Mount Franklin on the other hand is terrible unless it's bone-chillingly cold and I'm dying of thirst. It's very hard tasting and leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth! I'd much rather drink tap water over this waste of money. At least Evian actually tastes good for what you pay for it.

this is perfect

the best and only water to buy. definitely wouldn’t buy any other brand. just wonder why they have gone up in price at woolworths and coles from $5 deals to $12 ridiculous

Worst than tap water

Acidic water with low pH which is why it makes many people feel unwell and causes migraine headaches. Best to drink tap water as the pH is neutral or imported bottled water such has fiji water, evian and acqua panna (neutral to alkaline ph levels). Was wondering why I was feeling unwell. I purchased a ph test kit and after testing various water will never drink large quantities of mount franklin ever again. The results are shocking and mount franklin hands down the worst water you can buy (far worst than tap water). Who knows where they are getting this water from but I suspect they do not even want to pay the water bill and filter tap water. It could be waste water from the Coca Cola factory. Buy only water where the general pH is stated on the bottle.

A great Bargin

I can assure you all water is not the same. Thank you Mt Franklin please do not change your water in any way. Cheep, convenient bottle is easily disposable

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