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Mr Muscle Drano Ultra Gel

Mr Muscle Drano Ultra Gel

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SapienGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Works with a little help


My shower drain was completely blocked up. I followed the instructions on the bottle and poured half the contents into the pooled water around the drain. After 30 minutes nothing appeared to change so I flushed the shower with hot water. Still no change at that point. I gave it some more time (an hour or 2) and still the drain was clogged. The magic secret, as others have stated here that the product needs a little help in the form of a plunger (or a toilet brush in my case) to get the water flowing. With a little bit of motion this product worked like a charm.

Purchased in January 2020 at Countdown for $13.99.

jerry t.

jerry t.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

It actually works


I'm a sceptic when it comes to these sorts of products. I moved into a temporary property from another city and realised the bathroom sink was incredibly clogged. I found this product at Coles Supermarket. I used this according to the instructions but used the whole bottle and after 20 minutes it was completely unblocked. Would highly recommend before using plunger or calling a plumber!!

Purchased in January 2020 at Coles for $13.70.

Shane C

Shane CMelbourne

  • 3 reviews

Works Well for the right job


Our shower was progressively getting worse at draining. I was told by a family member to try a drain cleaner before getting a plumber. So I randomly chose this one off the shelf at Bunnings, and made sure to read ALL INSTRUCTIONS, including those on the back of the bottle.

Followed the main instructions to the dot. The notice in water drain speed was instance and was 100 times better just after one application.

There's still half a bottle left, so I'll use that next week as instructed, even though it has already done it's job.

Purchased in December 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $12.00.


Imprezive!Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 23 reviews

A lifesaver


Purchased in December 2019 at Woolworths for $14.00.


HappyCustomerSydney, NSW

  • 19 reviews

Does not work


Two bottles later and problem is worse. Wish I kept receipt. Will call the plumber but thats 30 bucks form the drain, literally. And not to mention the use of hardly chemical.


gazmanPerth, WA

  • 2 reviews



bought a bottle of mr muscle to un block my bathroom sink ,followed all the instructions ,but did not work at all. this is the second time I though I would give it a go,but it did not,what a lot of rubbish .never buying this companys products to be ripped off.

Purchased in June 2019.


MoonSydney, NSW

It did an amazing job!


Didn't expect much and was getting ready to call a plumber in as the clog was very bad but still gave this a try and surprisingly it did work perfectly. It saved me lots of time and money.

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths for $12.50.

Didn't think it was working but cleared away drain perfectly


Used half bottle down shower drain as per directions but forgot and left for longer than recommended rises with hot water seemed to be worse first. Repeated and put some in connecting basin and worked wonders after running hot water for a while!

Purchased in March 2019 at IGA for $13.00.



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Did not unclog drain outside kitchen



  • 5 reviews

It made the problem worse


My kitchen sink was extremely slow draining. I bought Mr Muscle Drano Ultra Gel and followed the directions on the back of the bottle - I slowly poured the entire bottle down the drain. Five days later there is a scum covered inch or so of water/product sitting in my sink looking like an alien swamp and letting off fumes into my kitchen while I wait for my real estate agent to get a plumber out here. TLDR; now instead of a slow drain I have a toxic waste pit in my house. I will never buy this product again.

Mr Muscle


I tried this product and it simply did not work very disappointed claiming it unblocks drains . not a good product i would recommend it and will not buy any products from this company at all.

Mr Muscle Ultra Gel drain cleaner


Had a twin tub kitchen sink that would not drain and infact back up into second basin and then very slowly drain away Used various products in recent weeks with no sucess. Sighted the Ultra gel in Woolworths and in desperation gave it a try Used whole bottle in two seperate applications Worked wonders. Drains `away now as fast as the water can go. Very good result, very happy



Shower drain was completely blocked, put in the product first time and waited 20 minutes and washed it out with hot water and then did it again and watched with my own eyes all the water go down the drain! Works perfect now, HIGHLY recommend!

Worked fine for me


I poured half of the bottle into a slow-running bathroom sink drain and left it for ca 1 hour, then flushed with hot tap water. The effect wasn't immediate but a few hours later the drain was running like new. I did not use a plunger.



After trying the crystal version of draino without any luck on two occasions, I brought the gel version.
Finally I fixed my issue I waited over 30 minutes after placing draino gel down the sink.
I poured hot boiling water and I then used a plunger I think this is what really helped.
I gave it a second round just to make sure and all good! I poured the remaining down other drains.

Paul Gerard

Paul GerardGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Dreadful. Total con.


This product claims to "dissolve" clogged drains. After following the instructions, and placing 2 table spoons of the gunk down the drain, with the cup of cold water, and waiting 12 minutes.... NOTHING. I tried it two more times.. infact the damned drain is worse than when I began. This stuff is a total con. Hell I'm mad. They sell this material claiming " wonder" and being " industrial strength" and it B.S I tested the powder out side in a cup full of water. There's no corrosive action, there's no dissolving agent ... there's clearly no NaOH ( Sodium Hydroxide )... There's nothing. This is a scam and sham product from Johnson and Johnson.

Did it's job


I'm sure that it depends on what clogs it, but it definitely worked for me. I would do use this again. My bathroom basin kept clogging up. And it made our stink look so yuk. But I left it in there for 3 hours lol cause I went shopping right after putting it in there.

Doesnt seem to work


Used it as per the instructions, left it for more than 30 minutes, bout an hr and a half. It cleaned the drain but did Nothing for the blockage. Might take up the advice on going to Bunnings for that $5 plunger. Certainly much cheaper. Disappointed as the label indicated a resolution to the problems it calmed to be able to fix.

James C

James CGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Worked for me




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Clogged drain even more


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Questions & Answers



Does this help to dessolve the cardboards stuck in the drain and blocking it??

3 answers

This is what Mr Muscle say about their product: "Mr Muscle likes a clean drain, which is why he’s created Mr Muscle® Drano® Ultra Gel for fully blocked drains. It clears total blockages, penetrates standing water, and is professional strength." So based on that i'd say it would.

Paul Gerard
Paul Gerard

no it only dissolves built up fats and grease ... ie simple organic matter. I would suggest you keep pouring hot water down the drain to soften cardboard ( how the heel did that get there? ) and eventuality it will flow away with the water.


It didn't work
So the better idea is to keep flushing hot water now to dissolve it
Thats the only solution or spend freaking $500 for a plunbing job (no way)

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