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Yes total rip off!!! Never use them.

I bought a 30-year-old house and I wanted make sure all the electrical cables and socket are safe. Quoted me $6000 to do safety check, change all the lights to led and set new cables.

Expected a good job because I paid a lot of money but ended up like $60 work. Even more, the electrician asked me a tip. What a joke!

Now they removed their information from google due to numerous complaints about them.

Do not bother

Ii arranged a time for them to come out. They did not bother to keep the time and wanted to make a time to suit two days later. Customer service zero. Professionalism - not much.

I do not know why they stay in business.

Totally overpriced rip off

Booked them to come out and quote on installing 5 light fittings in our Adelaide house - they quoted $1200 - yes thats not a typo - I asked if he thought it would take 12 hours to do sarcastically and he laughed embarrassedly and said no but that was the price. I told him not to waste my time as that was a complete rip off and he should not expect me to pay the call out fee of $49. That was a ridiculous joke. I then complained to their head office and said they were a disgrace of a company!! Another electrician has quoted the job as $200 and will complete it next week. Avoid at all costs!!

Avoid like an outbreak of Ebola!

Mr Power advertised as if they were local electricians. Two electricians turned up at my house when only one was necessary. Besides the call-out fee, they said they would charge extra just to look at the problem even if the job did not proceed. Then the prices quoted for my "agreement" turned out to be 2 to 3 times higher than those charged by other genuinely local electricians. When I asked for the cost of materials and labour to be separately identified I was told it is not the company's policy to do so. Mr Power turned out to be a real shocker - buyer beware!


I am a pensioner and they charged me $108 for 4 power points. Advertised 20% seniors discount and got 10% They lied and said my p points did not meet Aus standards and would replace them for $10, I paid $180 for call out and $220 for work then $108 for $10 p.point, total work $728

Mr Power.

I live in a double storey townhouse and was given a quote of $740 for a data point between 2 rooms & lost $50 for this joke of a callout fee. From what I've read/asked around it should been $200-300 for a single data point but these jokers even call back 2 days later asking if I wanted to proceed with the work! I regret not googling reviews beforehand & was careless of me, wished I saw this site sooner.

Disordered technician and terrible sevice

Indeed the worst service I have ever experienced. Mr Power charged me at a premium price and delivered nothing. There is a reason why everyone has given such a low rate and leaves those harsh comments.

I won't blame the rude technician who attended my house, nor will I blame the disordered management the company has. Just want to say that I won't leave a 1 star rate if a half star option is given.

I am ripped off too - Guys you are not alone

I rang them becuase this is the first Ad I saw in Google. The electrician came with nothing in hands. Changed me $181 for diagnosing the issue when I had already told him what the problem was. I was also told that the switchboard was not safe because the switch doesn't trip while it does. It took $26xx to replace. It wasn't a typo it's $2600+. Of course I trusted this professional as he was the only one raised up that issue within 3 electricians coming in 2 weeks. I was also recommanded to join their membership which took $143 a year and I would get up to 20% discount for the three thousands dollars job - what a great save! I ended up asking him if $181 included fixing the problem and he said yes. Got me to sign on a hand written quote to make sure I paid him at least $181 if I refused to pay the hidden charge. He then got the tools, took the powerpoint off and said needed $140 extra for a new powerpoint and installation - that I can get it done by a handyman for only $70. If you want to be ripped off go for this company. I am sure you will be. Never trust ads in Google.

Unreasonably expensive; Absolutely hidden charge; Ridiculous Quote

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Do not trust the $20 off Ad in their website. I mentioned it after the $181 quote and the electrician said it was already included. What can I say.... I guess I would get the discount if I went ahead for the switchboard replacement.

Exploitative over pricing

Lost power today on one circuit. Mr Power charged $220 just to arrive. The charged $180 for 0 to 20 minutes diagnosis (20-40 minutes was more). Then charged $374 to replace a $40 RRP part which too less than 20 minutes to do. $795 for 40 minutes work and $40 in parts.
Quoted price for call out inc GST, but quoted prices for other work had GST added on. There was no notice given that the quoted price was ex GST. I believe that this is illegal.
This was on top of missing their promised appointment window by 1.5 hours.
But when you are stuck without power.

Mr Power - the electrical side of Mr H2O - overcharging is the name of the game.

Talk about over charging for a job. We had Mr Power (the electrical side of Mr H20), out to quote on installing a ceiling fan & relocating a pendant light. Their quote came back at $1043 - yes, seriously.
We shopped around and had another company do the job for $198. It took an electrician 2 hours at $90 an hour.
I cannot believe that there are people who accept these ridiculous quotes without shopping around - clearly those that do, have more money than sense.
On top of all this, they arrived over an hour late.

Incredibly expensive. Arrived an hour late

Total rip off!

I had electrical work done by them, they go by Mr Power for electrical. I had read bad reviews for Mr H2O but didn't realise it was the same company. Only found out when I disputed the price afterwards. Needed a cracked power point in my kitchen replaced. Changed me $139 for diagnosing the issue when I had already told them what the problem was. The electrician spent around 10 minutes here before disappearing for almost 3 hours to collect appropriate power point from their work shop before returning and spending around another 10 minutes replacing the power point. I had also advised them of what power point was needed before they came here but they were unprepared. They ended up charging me 2.5 hours for being onsite which is untrue. When I queried it the manager gave some story about it taking an hour to get from Andrews Farm to Kent Town. I can assure it does not take that long especially in the middle of the day when there's no peak hour traffic. Ended up costing me $430 to replace a power point which to be honest I could probably have done myself. I spoke to several people who work in the trade industry since and they have all told me I was ripped off and that is a ridiculous amount of money to change to replace a power point that took a grand total of around 20 minutes. Also found the manager incredibly condescending and spoke to me like I was an fool. Never again and I advise others to do the same. Total rip off.

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