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I was told when I left Australia it would be immediate transfer to my traveller card using internet bank transfer Two days later, money out of my account and still not on my traveller card You have left us overseas with no money available If it is immediate transfer it should be exactly that. Why do you not immediately link it to the traveller card and make the funds available to use? 24/7 customer service was a joke... told me to ring internet banking services with a time zone delay of 15 plus hours.
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whats the exchange rate at the moment !! in the uk and belgium
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what's the cost of using my traveller card in the Uk and Belgium and cape Town
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the cost of using my card in the UK

When does it expire?
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Your card expires 5 years after being activatedSue P. We've had our card for three years and used it over that period without any issues.

Going to China. Which is the best travel card to use? Do not want to take my own debit card.
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Google "travel money cards". Choice magazine has done a great review of all of them including charges. NAB for example charge one of the highest currency conversion fees, on top of giving one of the worst exchange rates. So do your research.Thanks, yes have been checking. A lot of the travel cards don't load RMB. Someone said a lot of places take Australian or U.S. dollars anyway. A lady at our bank said don't get U.S. dollars as the exchange rate is way too low. So might just grab a little RMB and just take aussie dollars.

Why doesnt nab tell you the exchange rate for a travel card is much less than the going rate?
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Exactly. Also, never us the card as a hotel security deposit. They keep the money for 30 days regardless. There are much better options around.Because it is not in their interest. Their currency conversion fee, if for example they deduct funds in a currency not on your card, because they made the error, is also one of the highest at 4%. Never again NAB.Choice have done a great comparison of the various travel cards. NAB give one of the worst exchange rates.

Hi Can I link by NAB Travel card to my iPhone App and access Quick Balance without login? With thanks. Ian
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This will never word. You can use direct link and register the card @ https://myaccount.nabtravellercard.com.au/mcp-chweb/McpApplication.html?locale=au_NB But you'll have to reset ur password everytime u want to access the transactions. I was overseas and wasted a lot of my time calling NAB but nothing happened. Its lot more better to get credit cards from 28degrees and bankwest which does not have account keeping feed and only charges the converaion rate which is good compared to local exchange.

Hi NAB, after reading the reviews here, should I cancel the NAB Traveller card I recently purchased and find an alternative? I will be in America for 5 weeks and cannot afford to have the kind of issues people are claiming in their reviews. 73 negative issues including some less than a few days ago makes me very nervous.
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I would cancel and work with cash, or see if your current bank has a partnership with any American Banks (i.e. Westpac and Bank of America have a partnership). We were left with close to $1,000 in limbo for 10+ days, but luckily had access to another credit card, but even that was still hit with conversion fees etc.If you just use it for cash withdrawels and monitor it with travel card special Website not nab internet to make sure it is not overdrawn You would be ok bear in mind you will incur charges at ATMs Better option would be a Citibank Card for USA I applied too late for one unfortunately hope this helps Bobby socks Exchange rate with the nab is the poorest also Just back From USA 2 weeks agoThanks for the advice/tips. Much appreciated.

I just want to e mail someone e at NAB to ask which Bank in Amsterdam are you affiliated with, if any?
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Hi Chicka, we aren't currently affiliated to any banks in Amsterdam sorry ^TCThey don't affiliate with any banks so the NAB can scam you with their Traveller Card - Be warned! NAB and the Traveller card are high fees with no support!

How come I have $99 odd $ left on card but only $7 available?
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Hey Reiner, this sounds strange - I'd recommend contacting our NAB Traveller card team on 1800 098 231 ^JMI find it hard that a NAB rep can t answer this question????

Is it just me or has the gap between the spot rate and the rate offered by NAB traveller card blown out to 9%. ie they are charging 9% to convert Australian dollars into Sterling or US dollars?
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I'm not sure about MasterCard at the moment as too busy trying to get rid of it but did ask the question about using the normal Debit/Credit Visa overseas and it is on 2.3%-2.5% conversion rate plus $4 ATM AND JULY this year 2014 will go to 3% conversion. I am taking my Visa Debit/Credit card in 3 weeks time as no B Pay waiting time. Have control again.Last I heard it was 1% conversion from Aussie to international as they are there to make money...hidden costs I imagine.

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