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Earth Choice Laundry Liquid

Earth Choice Laundry Liquid

3.3 from 26 reviews

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All we use

Great product, all we use now as a family of 6. Kids muddy/painted clothes, dads underground clothes. Like any other detergent we occasionally use sard or the yellow soap on stains.

Purchased in June 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Better off using nothing at all

Bought this product with high expectations given what is printed in the bottle. The first load I followed the instructions but was very disappointed when I took out the clothes. Even the most simple stains were still visible. The next load I used 4 caps in the hope that it would do a better job, Wrong! Do yourself a favour, do not buy this product. It is useless.

Purchased in March 2019 for $9.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No


A nice cheap choice with a natural smell. I have used it ever since moving to Australia 1,5 years ago. It is more natural with less chemicals than other brands.

Great Product. No Problems. Happy Customer.

Been using for over a year now & it's a great product.
I have a f/loader, and at the end of the quick wash, I give the load an extra quick rinse,
which I can do on my machine.
Works great on my work, as well as my good clothes, sheets, & everything else.

I find it does clean our clothes

I have been using this product for nearly 2 years now in my front loader, I don't find the smell to be offensive, our clothes come out clean, sometimes if there is a stain on the item of clothing then I use the earth choice stain remover to spray on the stain.I have found the laundry liquid does not leave a build up of residue in my washing machine either, which is an issue with some brands as they create too many suds in the machine.
I prefer NO animal testing products, some work, others don't but I have no issues with the quality of this product.
I also like the fabric softener, dish washing concentrate and the dishwasher tablets, my dishes and clothes are always clean , now they have a toilet cleaner which I am about to try.


I wish this product would have different scents to choose in its brand for laundry liquids, otherwise this product is nice and affordable to choose from. After using it, it leaves your clothing smelling very fresh, natural and soft.

Happy with this product

I agree that it is not as effective as a detergent with harsh chemicals, but I am happy with this detergent and I apply additional products if I have to get rid of stains.

New formula not good

We've been using Earths Choice for some years. I've finding My skin is very itchy, eyes are running and have small exec a like patches on various parts of my body. Realised when chatting to my husband he had found the same. Have stopped using this. Wonder what is in the New formula?

Cheap but doesn't clean clothes

Very cheap but the clothes do not get cleaned properly, does not clean stains even with soaking or multiple washes.
I like their dish washing liquid but this doesn't work.

perfect was after wash

yep I agree with the other person , would not use anything else , you know using it is good for the environment and your pocket , also aussie made , good for your drains , and cleans well

This is fantastic, wouldn't use anything else on my clothes!

I have used this liquid for years and wouldn't change. It smells fresh and natural not like other powders and liquids that smell so flowery and fake. It washes well and leaves no lasting residue. From me and my family a big thumbs up to Earth Choice Laundry Liquid, please don't ever change the formula!

ants in your pants

I'm all in favour of products that are eco-friendly and are not tested on animals. There aren't that many to choose from. It's just a pity that this one smells like ants.


This laundry detergent smells like that decayed animal that died in your garden about a week ago. The scent is difficult to remove even with additional washings in an unscented detergent. I told my husband that if he ever purchases it again, it's going straight down the drain.

Problem with packaging

It's the second time I bought a 4L laundry liquid and every time there was a problem from leakage at the bottom of the bottle. I wonder why there is a seam on the bottom and if the manufacturer can consider changing it for a better one. I will not consider buying the product till this is resolved.

Quite frustrated by new formula in the concentrate liquid

I have allergic reactions to most laundry liqids and powders but I have been fine with earth choice until now
I don't usually buy the concentrate. I buy the normal strength. My daughter bought the concentrate this week
Now all the laundry allergies are back. Even leaving the laundry door open has given me a headache, stinging eyes and slight breathing difficulties.
What is going on?
Did you change the gentle formula?


I have been using this deturgent for just over 3 years in my front loader washing machine only to find that it was the cause of my machine breaking down - unable to replace part that was eaten out, so I have had to purchase a new one. I was told that I was lucky to get more than 2 years out of a washing machine using this product. NOT HAPPY at all

about average

I have found this product great to wash towels with as it doesn't leave any bad residue and along with its great price / someone simply can't go wrong to use it to wash towels plus it doesn't damage a towel like washing powder might

Someone could use it to wash clothes in warm water especially if they are not too dirty as well The new white container still does a reasonable job at cleaning; however, it smells unsatisfactory so I won't likely be buying anymore

No gross detergent smell left after washing!

Been using this since I switched to envirofriendly products. It gets my clothes clean with minimal smell left after its clean and no gross chemical smell. Cheapest supermarkert eco product available so very affordable. Only downside is the lack of pouring cap but thats being really picky. Never had any issues. However I do soak any stains before in a seperate product so can't really comment on that.
eco friendly, affordable, no smell after washing

Affordable front load washing detergent

I have used this brand for washing for about 18 months I haven't has any issues with it, it washes well, cleans, doesn't foam a lot and doesn't give me bleach marks because I have a front load washing machine which dissolves the detergent evenly before going on my clothes.

I assume people who put it on clothing will find marks on their clothing. I find it reasonable and very affordable. It's probably best in a washing machine where the detergent is dissolved before going onto clothes.
Washes well in front loading washing machines


What a great product no need to pay more Australian owned and made enviromental friendly and works great some of the bigger companies should take a leaf out of this companies ethics I have recomended to all my friends and they are all now using all the earth choice products
Enviromental inexpensive Aussie owned
That I hadn't given it a chance before

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Questions & Answers

Why do the instructions recommend only 30mls for a front loader, when it says 50 mls for just a handwash? In an 8kg washer this doesn’t sound like it could be enough....
No answers

Do i have to rinse after washing?
1 answer
I assume you mean is it like woolmix liquids that say you don't have to rinse? To tell the truth, I never tried it without the rinse cycle in the machine. Even in handwash, I have rinsed. I can't really answer the question. Obviously, you can skip the rinsing if you want, but the question would be whether the washed item would be OK or not. The stuff has such a nice scent that it would be worth trying, I guess. It isn't terribly sudsy, after all.

Why are my whites turning pink with this product? I do not use hot water, fabric softener, or any other laundry product with this product. I separate my colours from whites. I am extremely vigilant of preventing colours being washed with whites. I check pockets for coloured things; red stuff. I shouldn't have to keep complaining about this! I've complained to other laundry detergent manufacturers before & to be honest, have found them noncommittal in giving a straight answer! One even said they'd tried to get the same effect from washing with their product but they couldn't achieve it! ( I must be clever hey?) I'm getting quite fed up because all companies seem to manufacture the same stuff! I have very rare, expensive, vintage clothing, & I'm fed up with them getting destroyed! Can you tell me what is going on please? Regards Julie Power
5 answers
Could be the clorine in the water. I don't use earth any more it costs too much to replace washing machines every 18 months. I am sorry but I do not know the answer. Earth does have some harsh ingredients in it.Hydrogen peroxide is in earth laundy deturgent this is probably the reason for your pink spotsNonsense. It doesn't contain Hydrogen peroxide at all. Please read the MSDS data sheet that they have to provide by law and there in no Hydrogen peroxide in it.

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