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Naturopathica FatBlaster

Naturopathica FatBlaster

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It taste like.....

It taste like shet...
bloody horrible makes me gag! But I have to use it al coz I don’t like to waste anything, but wil definitely not buy it again! Just can’t describe the taste..
definitely don’t recommend buying this powder!

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This review was for KETO-FIT PROTEIN CHOCOLATE by Naturopathica fatblaster NOT this product! Get it right product reviews!!

It works for me

I held off writting a review until I finished week 4 of the 8 week plan. I was sceptical at first but after the first 4 days of being hungry, Day 5 I wasn't anymore. I"m taking the Fatblaster Clinical twice a day along with the shakes. I look forward to my Chocolate shake breakfast and a shake for lunch made on skim milk. I have a healthy meal in the evening. I'm doing the 850 calorie plan app (which was on the lid) to get a bit off to get me motivated again. I am really happy with the results. I have dropped 7.2 kilos in 4 weeks, I have so much energy and my confidence and attitude is more positive. If you really want to hang in there the first 4 or 5 days feeling a bit tired and hungry, it is worth it. Thank you Fat Blaster.

Fatblaster Raspberry Shot Ketone

I add this to my water throughout the day. Great tasting and refreshing. I've noticed my energy levels are higher and sugar cravings have decreased. I used to drink energy drinks but have stopped since I found this.

Fat Blaster

Use fat blaster in my shake each morning, mixed with strawberries, bananas, mango and any other fruit I can find. I use 2 dessertpoons of the fat blaster, mixed with some water. Simply delicious. Fat blaster comes in three different delicious flavours, vanilla, chocolate and my favourite of all, strawberry.. Yum yum

Useless if you dont change your diet and eat healthy foods

I have bounced around with my weight for years and found that suppliments were expensive and a total waste of money if I didnt focus on eating well.

This product helped with cravings initially, however with anything, my body because used to it and then the effect didnt work as well. If your eating food that will make your blood sugars jump, skipping meals then eating fatty or sugar based foods, this product cannot work. So I am saving my money and eating healthy, such as eggs, veggies, fish and chicken for most meals. Only once I have achieved this routine, I am considering this suppliment as it can help a little. It is just a supplement and it is a lot like the fuel you put in a car. If you put in bad fuel, it wont run well, if you use great clean fuel, car runs far more efficiently. Adding a 'fuel' suppliment to the fuel will not help very much at all if you have bad fuel 'nutrition'.

The fact that I was paying money for this suppliment alone I think helped me eat better lol !

Awesome product

I have not long started on these shakes. I have chocolate and vanilla so far. I am lactose intolerant so I contacted the Facebook page to ask if I could have water instead of milk. I got a speedy response to tell me that water was suitable. I love the taste of these and I have had a few combination recipes too. I added mint essence to the chocolate and it was great.

I recommend them (I usually stock up when they are on special) and I have 2 a day

Excellent product.It worked for me.ss

Best product I have used. Lost 23 kgs in 4 months. Weighed 120 kgs before I started. Nice tasting but you need to shake properly. I cut sugars out and watched my calorie intake. I did very little exercise but the weight still fell off.

Best thing I've tried so far

The shakes are the best thing I've tried so far after trying many others and hating the taste. After having my baby almost 3 years ago I haven't been able to lose the weight plus putting on 10kg, since trying the fatblastet shakes 2 weeks ago and not snacking through out the day I've already lost 2.5kg and I feel better already.

Anaphylactic allergic reaction

I had the fat blaster shake on Wednesday this week and I do not have any allergies until fat blaster! I went into an anaphylactic shock that nearly killed me!! I will not use this product ever again!! So people be very careful.

absolute rip off dont bother

I tried the fat blaster tablets 2 tablets before each meal for a week
Day 1 felt very agitated and bloated and didnt eat much so thought ok could be ok
Day 2 i started to get the shakes also still feeling bloated and some stomach pains on my left side started but went away (prob gas ...right)
Day 3 i was in so much pain my tummy felt like it was going to explode it was so bloated and the pain in my left side had returned and it wouldnt go away for a couple of hours :(
Day 4 ... i decided not to take the tablets as i had been in so much discomfort
Day 5 feeling better (finally went to the toilet) so i decided to give it another crack thinking it was just something else
Breakfast was fine small portion and lots of water
Lunch was ok a bit bloated but i thought it was just the water
Dinner just after i had eaten i started feeling sick dizzy and light headed and the pain in my left side came back
Day 6 woke up feeling alright but shortly after taking the breakfast tablets was feeling horrible again so naturally i stopped taking the tablets
Day 7 weigh in day!
I had put on 500g and added 5cm to my waist line im still feeling really bloated and unwell almost 3days after i stopped taking the tablets
I would never recomend anyone try these they are full of crap !!

Fills you up, quick weight loss

I have just had a baby 4 weeks ago and lost a whopping 16kg in 3 weeks from just normal eating and then the weight loss stopped - meaning I had put on another 8kg which I wasn't happy about!

I have tried a few other shakes yet having fish allergies this was one of the rare ones without fish oil added and so far so good. I have lost 3kg in 3 days. Mainly water yet I haven't even been having the 3 per day on the VLCD. Instead I have been having a coffee and shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch (yet I have skipped one today as I wasn't hungry) then a very healthy high fibre lentil salad with a bit of chicken.

These shakes seriously fill me up to the point I feel sick thinking about food, they set in my stomach and give me the full feeling for about 4 hours. The chocolate though is revolting.... smells like dirt, tastes like dirt and resembles dirt. The cost at Chemist Warehouse on sale was 2 packs of 21 for $40... bargain!!

I love the vanilla shake though... no weird false flavours and goes really well with the skim milk. I will check in again in 2 weeks to let you know more progress as the initial will be a lot of fluid... lets see how it goes!
Tasty, quick and inexpensive
Chocolate shake tastes like dirt


This is a great product that stops the cravings, boredom picking and is a great kick start to losing the kilos. Nearly a week into it and love it. The thing is to excercise and maintain a healthy eating with this. If not you may lose kilos but will just put it all back on. Shop around as i found some places offer specials. At first i was dead set against products like these but i'm now eating my words as i said before you have to be determined to exercise and eat healthy while using fat blaster.
It works! stops cravings and helps give you a kick start
Price for 1 week can be a little expensive BUT shop around as i got it on special


I tried this product with great hopes. However, after taking each dose of this product, I would become dizzy, which worried me. After a few weeks of trying to tolerate this dizziness, I just gave up using it. There was obviously some ingredient in the product that didn't agree with my body, and I'm guessing that it was the guarana.

I felt dizzy after each time I had a dose

Too much sugar, not enough protein

I don't think this product has adequate protein and contains way too much sugar. If you are replacing two meals a day you'll get a sugar high then the crash. With a light dinner you will have a very low calorie day but the lack of protein means you'll start to lose muscle not just fat. As muscle is metabolically active you really can't afford to lose any. This is obviously not a long term solution to weight loss but could probably be helpful as a kick start. I wouldn't buy this brand again as there are much better shakes on the market with better nutritional profiles. I recommend Blackmores, My Whey and BSC for women. They have lower sugar levels and are higher in protein. The other shakes do cost a little more but they are of a higher quality. BSC is very good value for money coming in around $1.75 per serve but it doesn't come in the individual sachets.
On the positive, I really didn't mind the taste and didn't find them disgusting as other reviewers have said. Obviously taste is subjective to each individual but while others have said it is a thick shake, that has not been my experience. I thought it was rather thin but that may be because I use water rather than milk to mix mine.
All in all, it is a very low cost product but you do get what you pay for and there are much better shakes on the market.
Taste ok, low cost
High in Sugar, Low in Protein


dont even waste your time, if you think it works, then its all in your head, and you may as well take a sugar pill!
In fact none of these types of pills do anything- they are all money for nothing!
absolutely nothing
big waste of money and time - pointless


I have been taking these for 5 days now, have lost 2kgs already.
not sure what everybody is saying about the powdery taste - maybe you aren't shaking it enough? I pour my powder into the milk and drink it straight away. i have also cut out fruit, sugar, and carbs completely and instead eating lots of salad and fresh vegies, small amounts of protein and green tea as my drinks. its so simple and easy, the only thing is teaching yourself not to snack on things or eat more food after (not that i could because it is so filling.)
i see nothing wrong with this product at all, i have only had vanilla so far and i love the taste of it... although mum says it is a bit sweet.
i plan on doing this for 2 weeks to lose 5kgs... probably not an ideal option for those wanting to lose heaps of weight.
Full feeling, nice taste, not a complete meal replacement program
21 sachets is an odd number when you are only having 2 a day.

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The best thing in the world. It tastes like vanilla but it makes you feel better.>

Most vile product ever tasted by me!

This product was absolutely terrible! Why? Because I couldn't get the sugar taste out of my mouth after trying it for the very first time. Result? I binned it!

The sugar taste was so strong that I was drinking bottles of water to try to get rid of the taste which, seemed to cling to all of the inside of my mouth. With a taste like this, it is not going to control anyone's sugar habit, only make it worse.
Absolutely horrible!

Far too sweet, the taste just clung around the inside of my mouth so badly I had to drink gallons of water.

Great tasting

Well popping the fat blaster pills or just drinking the shakes is not going to result in major weigh loss. A combination of exercise and healthy diet/lifestyle is required.

I started the shakes and found that they are great tasting, they helped me stop feeling hungry and graving sweets etc. I made sure that i am consume between 1200 and 1300 calories per day and limiting my intake of carbs from breads and pasta and of course sweets and processed foods. I make sure I consume protein rich foods, fruit and veg.

In the first I lost 3 KG which is pretty good considering that the recommended amount of weight to lose according to GP's is between half a kilo and 1 kilo per week.

These shakes and pills are not going to be the answer in the long term, etc but they good in the sense that they help you get on track to living a healthy life style and teaching you to eat the right foods and those to avoid.

If you tried shakes and pills and other diets and they not working then talking to your doctor would be a good idea there are other options which require surgery that will ensure you lose weight but again life style changes and healthy eating habits are going to be a major part
Helps control hunger and cravings for sweets
Can be expensive in the long term.

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I bought a box at Chemist warehouse for $14.99 per box.

Yummy, thick meal replacement shake.

The Fatblaster meal replacement shakes are one I am impressed with. I have tried both Optifast and Optislim and they don't compare. The Fatblaster ones are thick and filling and lovely tasting while not being overly sweet. I have tried both the chocolate and the vanilla flavours and prefer the choocolate as I am generally a big chocolate fan. They contain a good amount of nutrients for the purpose.
Taste, price, thickness, filling.

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I would agree. The taste is very nice and they whip up lovely and thick when you add ice. For a little extra flavour I add frozen berries it tastes naughty so I love it....

Great product really works

These shakes taste great, I have taken them in the mornings for 2 weeks and in that time have lost 2.5 kilos. I don't feel bloated at all like some have mentioned. I am satisfied until lunchtime and do not feel the need to pick. I know it has only been 2 weeks but I am still confident that I will reach my goal.
If not consumed straight away it is hard to drink as it becomes quite thick

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Hı does anyone using FatBlaster Clinical tablets and what’s your experiences
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Hi, I've changed to a keto diet and I've replaced 2 meals a day with the keto shake meal and mixing it with coconut milk and a little double cream to incorporate enough fat to satisfy the keto diet requirements. Doing this with my 1 meal being salad or veg and protein, will i still loose weight in "ketosis" or will I need to add more or less good fats to my diet? Is there enough fat in the shake along with my main meal to keep me in ketosis without mixing it with the coconut milk and double cream? My aim is to stay in ketosis to loose weight, that's why I brought this keto friendly shake.
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Why does tne shakes give you the runs and gas and stomach cramps
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