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Naturopathica FatBlaster MAX

Naturopathica FatBlaster MAX

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Just started today

I have just started this product today
Definitely feel something strong happening!
Had two in the morning and then two before lunch .
I walked about 7 kms this morning so tired from that but was able to sleep for a few hours just gone despite the caffeine content.
I understand people talking about the light headedness, but I haven't had any nausea.
I used to use ablot of different drugs and this feels like a mild cocktail of speed, weed, acid and alcohol..
But it's all natural so I don't mind actually lol...
People shouldn't worry about the diarrohea, that happens when you're body is purging toxins, fluids and inflammation from the cells, just go with it.
I don't know if this product works yet but I'm only going to take 4 per day and then up it to 6 as its strong.
Let the concoction do it's thing.
Exercise, maybe go vegetarian for a few weeks to get the meat out of the system, drink lots of water and enjoy your life!
Walk on the beach, listen to music and embrace your soul and everything will fall into place.
I'll write another review when I see how these pills go.

Purchased in May 2019 at Weight Losers for $20.75.

Additional Physical Activities Sport
Weight LostNo change

Fat blaster

Very expensive with no result.
I have been using this product for more that 2 month, I was on diet and light exercise, but unfortunately with no result.
The product is very expensive.

Purchased in January 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $50.00.

Weight LostNo, gained weight

Waste of money

I've been taking fat blaster clinical for one week, I am constantly hungry and have put on one kilo. I don't know what the hype was all about a few months ago, they were impossible to find all over the country. Very disappointed.


Using the shakes wirh metamucil and one meal high in steamed leady greeens. Feel booated,
Looking fatter. Gaining weight too. Maybe it’s male menopause and i should give up? I exercise on a rowing machine and have a very active workplace where i’m on my feet all day and lifting heavy objects

It doesn't work

I wasn't bloated before using this product but 2 days in and i look 5mths pregnant. Will keep on them for a couple more days just to give them a chance but I'm not happy.

Suspicious about their effectiveness

I got my tablets two days ago and have been on them since then. I know, you might say “that’s not long enough to know if they work!” And while that might be true there’s more to the story than that.

I’ve been on a diet based on calorie counting, low carbs, moderate sugar and high protein for the past 2 months. I’m a 23 year old woman, 1.60 m tall and 64 kg now and I have lost 3.6 kilos that way since I started. I eat up to 1600 calories a day, most days 1500, I exercise 3 to 6 days a week for an hour and haven’t been feeling hungry at all. After 48 hours of taking these pills I’ve been feeling constantly hungry, I’ve almost eaten 1700 calories today!!

Whether these pills have a placebo effect or they actually work I don’t know. All I know is that I’ve been extremely hungry all of a sudden on a diet that I’ve been following just fine for the past 2 months.

They do, however, make me feel a bit more energetic, but it all comes with unusual hunger and a bit of reflux.

Just in case: My diet involves steaks, chicken, fish, bit of rice, salad, light cheese, bit of fruit and some veggies (although it’s too hot for veggies now), some low calorie dressings once in a while and a bit of carbs like water crackers or a bit of pasta once a week.

Have I lost weight with these tablets? Well, no, I didn’t give the tablets enough time to prove if they can do that, but feeling very hungry and having reflux all the time isn’t something I’m keen on.

I want my money back! I want a refund NOW

I changed from hydroxy cut to this crap and gained 4 kilos in a week on the regime and diet I’d been following for three months & (lost 10kg!) the on this junk I gained almost half of it back in a week and I’m now struggling to loose it! How do I get a refund!

i skinny

i skiny... it help me bee skiny i lok nice i take one a day.... vary good produtct ......... will use evae day!!!
my egish no good.. but lie fat blaster vary mus

I lost 10kgs in 3 months

I used this product in January through to March 2018 and yes I did do exercising even if it was walking on the beach because they make you sweat, they are tablets and taste really disgusting but they work !!!!! Take 2 before you are about to walk, and minimise your food and junk intake and don’t abuse them, I took 5 in one go because you won’t feel very good and if you have blood in your stools whilst taking them, stop for at least 24hours

When does it start to work

Have been on it for 5 weeks am still waiting to see a change in my weigh am very disappointed. Feel I should have some result by now. Very disappointed.

October 25th 2018 Update: Very disappointing

Have been on them for six weeks and still no change, will finish the three month supply and let you know the results.

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Finished the 3 month supply I bought and didn't lose any weight at all. Total waste of money.

Bloating bloating bloating

I have been on fat blaster Max for 3 days and I have been bloated the whole time and I've been taking one in the morning and one at lunch my stomach feels very uncomfortable and have been feeling tired because they keep you up at night have thrown the rest of the tablets in the bin waste of money!!!

Rubbish . Does absolutely nothing .

If this did what it claimed to do every one would be on it . It simply doesn't work . That's why they need to say when used in conjunction with diet and exercise on the box . If you do that you will lose weight any ways .

Fantastic results if used properly

This product has helped me (and all others I’ve recommended it to) immensely! It GREATLY increases energy and also reduces appetite when lowering calorie allowance.
It needs to be taken on an empty stomach with lots of water first thing in morning, and/or 20 minutes before exercise. NEVER AFTER A MEAL.
As I find it slightly detoxing, I would start using the product slowly, and then increase up to 2-3 x 2 tablets a day. If you want a good night’s sleep, I would not take it after 1pm.
I’ve been using this product for over 15 years, and it still helps me more than anything else I have ever used. So pleased to have it still available! :-)!

A god sent

Absolutely fantastic if you are 100% committed to losing weight. You can’t take this while still eating bad foods, it won’t do much. If you start counting your calories and exercising a minimum of 30 minutes every day the weight literally falls off of you.
What I would highly recommend (only because this worked for me) is that you eat 1,000 calories (of healthy, nutritional food) or less per day, take a multivitamin once every morning, and a minimum of 2L of water everyday (water ONLY, no soft drinks or likewise). Have a look on the internet at the 7 essential nutrients and what foods they’re in, and incorporate some of those foods in your 1,000 calories. It was hard but it was absolutely worth it in the end, just stick with it.
My meal plan on a basic day includes;
Breakfast; Porridge with LSA and Chia Seeds 140cal
Morning tea; Banana (large) 140cal
Lunch; Rice Bar and Yoghurt 105cal
Afternoon tea; Nuts and Apple 200cal
Dinner; Lean Meat or Salmon and Veggies 250
Dessert; Low-Calorie Jelly 30cal
Totalling 865 calories, considering that’s below 1,000 calories I would sometimes have slightly larger portions depending how hungry I am.
Would also recommend getting a pedometer. At the end of the day you can google the conversion of how many calories you burned based off how many steps you took, it’s a good feeling.

Started off Ok but didn't do much in the end

At first I felt less hungry and I thought this product was going to help to lessen my appetite, then the nausea and headaches started. I thought I'd stick with it just to see if it worked, but there's still nausea, headaches, stomach upsets and after almost finishing the whole pack I don't think I've lost more than 1kg. It's really not how I thought it would work. Even eating less due to nausea hasn't made me lose much weight. Not a good product imo. I wouldn't bother again.

Waste of money and potentially harmful to your health.

I bought this product out of curiosity. I was almost certain that i m wasting my money but since i d never tried something like this before i figured what the hell. 5 days after taking the recommended dosage, i could not sleep at night, i felt extremely weak, my blood pressure was very low. Losing weight was the least of my concerns. I threw the rest of the pills in the bin. Never again.

Still regretting

Took for last 14 days 2 tablets daily..for the 1st 2 days just little headache and dry mouth then nauseated constipation. .I was thinking they will be fixed slowly..I took only 2 tablet in the morning after meal..my sleep routine has changed ..hardly manage to sleep at night sometimes 3 am some days 4am wake up 8 or 9

Very serious side affects

I thought this could help me lose weight but no, it did nothing to aid my weight loss. Instead, it gave me a very dull face, weakness, fever like symptoms, anxiety and severe digestive system problems. Well, maybe I've only got myself to blame for using this product for too long before I realised. I'm still suffering the after affects even after five months of stop using it - I now have gastritis, acid reflux and possibly IBS. I feel sick, bloated ad lethargic every single day and it's affecting my studies. Honestly, use this at your own risk. The ridiculous amount of caffeine in there and it's laxative nature is a great way to f** your digestive system up.

Not effective.

I exercise an hour a day and follow a relatively healthy diet but wanted to shift 5kg. Tried it for three weeks and did not notice any change. No weight loss at all. Quite disappointed.

Works...but dont rely on it alone

Okay iv been trying to loose weight by counting calories and working out. I have lost around 4 kilos doing this but it took weeks for me to see results.. after that iv been to holidays and gained back all the weight iv lost if not more. So i did the calorie counting again and exercise like before. And i also started taking fatblaster max at the same time and found that i was slimming down around twice faster than without it. So i can say that it does work when you combine it with other weight loss methods.

I also like to point out that i only take one tablet before meal or exercise. So that is around 2-3 tablets a day. That is only half of what the box recommend which is 2 tablets 3 times a day.

As for the negative side effects, i did experience feeling slightly nauseous around half an hour after taking the tablet. But that's only when i am sedentary after taking it.. I dont feel anything if i am working out after taking a tablet.

Also remember that each tablet contains 73mg of caffeine so dont take them if you plan on taking some sleep soon after.

So i suggest taking one tablet at a time first and see how your body reacts before taking them full on. Also do some exercise and calorie counting with it. Dont rely on this product alone. No pain, no gain..

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oh no I wish I had seen these reviews before I purchased the tablets! I was looking for instructions because they aren't specific on the pack. This made me suspicious and now I am too worried to take them.
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I'm on these three days in and do not feel any different. When are they suppose to kick in?
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Hello I’m wondering if fat blaster can decrease effectiveness of Lexapro? ( anti depressant). I have become depressed and anxious twice while taking fat blaster Thank you
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