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Naturopathica MenoEze Forte

Naturopathica MenoEze Forte

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Increased hot flushes

No relief flushes were more frequent and more intense.
I took 1 daily then stopped due to the intense increase of flushes then tried 2 a day which made no difference only got worse
I have got more relief taking evening primrose oil 3 a day that helps replace omega 6.


The medication provide relief of my symptoms within a few hours. Comfortable on the stomach. Suffering from vertigo is disabling and the menoeze efficiently minimises the symptoms subsequently refocusing my energy & balance.

Working for me.

For a year or so I had hot flushes, then came heart palpitations and sleep interruptIon. My efforts to 'embrace' the symptoms were wearing a bit thin! The final straw was an episode in bed of a strong electrical feeling of tingling pins and needles right up and down my body.

I asked the pharmacist for the best natural treatment and she directed me to Menoeze forte as it has multiple ingredients, not just one, so perhaps it would have a broader coverage of symptoms. Although the packet says take it for 4 weeks to gauge its effectiveness, from the first day I took it my hot flushes virtually stopped. Also my heart flutters have mostly gone away and I am sleeping a lot better. The tablet smells quite bad so I take it with a flavoured drink. I only take one a day. if my symptoms come back I will try two tablets a day. Anyway I am glad I found it as the heart palpitations especially were really annoying me.

Maz here for an update: I ran out of tablets and found that I did not need to get any more. It is 3 weeks since I hab a tablet and no hot flushes or other symptoms have reappeared. One other interesting thing is that when on the tablets I had a pain in the ovaries - sometimes one side or the other and sometimes both sides. After I stopped taking the tablets the pain went away after a couple of days so I suppose it was the oestrogen causing the pain.update 2 I have not taken any more of the tablets. Some symptoms are back - hot flushes are milder and less often and really not strong or frequent enough to bother me much. The ovary pain is gone. Still exercising with weights and cardio and lost 14 kilos in the last 6 months and I feel so much better and younger! I am aware that bone loss and loss of balance can creep up at this stage of life so am fending it off with exercise.

Happy and free of terrible night sweats

I have been using Meno Eze Forte for just over 1 month and am so happy. All my night sweats and occasional hot flushes, that I was having during the day have gone completely. Even better, I am feeling calmer and happier. I am also sleeping really well, whereas before taking Meno Eze, I was waking up every couple of hours bathed in perspiration.
It worked really quickly

Questions & Answers

What is the best time of day to take meno eze?
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As directed on packet I took it every morning

Do they make you gain weight?
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Hi I would suggest that you contact the manufacturer for info on weight gain but I would be very surprised if you would gain weight as normalising hormones should help even out fluid renention Cheers Leanne

Hi Leanne, I have just taking Menoeze forte at night and wake up in the morning feeling nauseated and dry reaching. I have also had an upset stomach is this normal?
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MenoEze Forte
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