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Navman MiVUE800 Dual Camera

Navman MiVUE800 Dual Camera

MPN: 3676686
2.7 from 40 reviews

Hate It!

We had the camera professionally installed. Not long after we had the message: Rear Camera is disconnected. We changed the SD card 3 times. Reset the dash cam and it worked for a while. Then rear camera has been disconnected AGAIN!

Call the help line, it's a known fault, send through the trouble shooting tips. Did that, tried the firmware update, now we cannot use the camera at all as it doesn't go past the warning screen.

Call Navman again, oh isn't that a fun task! Repeat yourself 5 times, they don't listen, I asked 6 times to speak to a supervisor, finally get through only to have to repeat myself yet again!

Cant tell you what the camera is really like as it has never worked properly since we got it. Now waiting to get it looked at by Navman... Would I buy one of these again - oh Hell No!

Purchased in December 2018.

Value for Money
Ease of Use

I like the system very much but I have a couple of questions.

I have 2 questions. 1) It takes too long to turn off after I turn off the car but if I set the LCD screen standby too low it is turning off every few seconds. 2) When turn off the car (esp at night) a picture comes on with a camera icon and does not turn off. The only way to stop that is to turn off safety cam manually. So I am disabling one of the features that I wanted. I do not want the screen on for extended periods after I have turned off the car (esp at night when it looks so obvious). How can I fix these problems. You need a much better user manual for those of us who are not technophiles.

Purchased in May 2019 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Features / Functions
Video Quality
Audio Quality
Night-Time Video Quality
Battery Life

Mivue800 Dual Dashcam

Very easy to setup.
Easy to set the settings in the menu.
I did have problems with the rear camera flicking on and off all the time (firmware update fixed that)
I keep getting a warning to turn my headlights on at night (I don't know why) my headlights are turned on, but that notification warning can be turned off.
I wish the recordings would override and record over the top of the old files, the camera will freeze once the memory card is full, you don't get any warning that the memory card is full and the camera shows that its still recording.
Its been the best camera I have used so far, I have been through 4 dashcams before this one.

Purchased in September 2018 at JB Hi-Fi for $269.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Readable Number PlatesYes
Car Model2018 Toyota Carolla Sports ZR180
Features / Functions
Video Quality
Audio Quality
Night-Time Video Quality
Battery Life

Good, not great, and the camera image should be better for the price.

I just bought the Navman DDR MiVue 800 as I needed a rear view camera that worked independently and not connected to the reverse gear.

I was using a Gater HDVR400L Dash Cam which had worked and had an excellent picture.

The Navman was easy to install and the instruction are very easy to follow. The in-camera menu is good and I found it easy to set-up the unit. Thank goodness I was able to turn off the annoying "turn on your lights" and other messages.

My initial disappointments are:
1: The quality of the dash/rear camera image as it is not as good in colour as the Gator. The Navman image appears to be "washed out" and lacks colour density and I have tried to improve the image via the camera menu, but with no success.

I have not played back any recorded footage.

2: I don't know how accurate the speed measuring unit is supposed to be, but it has been a few ks slower then the indicated vehicle speed, when even travelling at a constant speed.

If nothing improves over the next week - and other disappointments turn up - I shall t return it to JB's, and reinstall the Gator

March 11th 2019 Update: Different speed readings

This is a follow-up on my previous review.

Over the last few days I have found that the speed indicated on the MiVUE800 is always 4ks slower then the actual vehicle speedo reading.

Is this normal and what is the legal use if used as evidence in a vehicle accident? - hmmmmmm

Purchased in March 2019 at JB Hi Fi Woden for $229.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
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Hi Tom Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback with Navman MiVUE800. As for the image quality of the cameras, both front and rear cameras are 1080P. This video resolution is highly enough to get a better footage. I suggest playing back the recorded video on a computer using MiVue Manager to further check the quality of the recording. With regard to speed reading, the speed in the MiVue dash cam is GPS based, there can be various factors that affect the speed reading such as heavy cloud cover, large overhead trees, overhead roads and bridges. Vehicle factors include different wheel & tyre sizes other than OEM, transmission and differential ratios other than OEM can all affect a vehicles speed output. Vehicles from different manufactures will have slight variations in speed output. The speed reading in the MiVue Dash cam is to be used as a guide only. The device's speedometer has an accuracy of 1-3% of true speed. The speedometer must not indicate a speed less than the vehicle’s true speed or a speed greater than the vehicle’s true speed by an amount more than 10%. If you are experiencing a variation of +/- 15kmph, please check the firmware version on the MiVue device, go to Settings > System > Version. The latest firmware version is VAR0.03.EB.BA1OD. If you do not have the latest version, please click here: https://service.navman.com/M0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131618to install the latest firmware version on your device. *Note: if it's your first time visiting our FAQ site, select a region first then try the link again. Regards, Navman Support Team

Mivue800 rear camera issues

Brought MiVue 800 month ago front camera fine rear camera disconnecting all time (mainly purchased for rear camera ) Navman have known about this issue for quite a while to to

Purchased in January 2019.

Hi Pete, Like all supported products, firmware updates are frequently released. sometimes they add features, sometimes they fix bugs, sometimes they just improve the experience. While i can understand your frustration, if you are unwilling to take 5minutes out of your day to update the firmware (which in 98% of all cases resolves the issue) then unfortunately we can not offer more support. Thanks, Senior Navman SupportHi Pete, The manufacturing run for the MiVUE800 was in 2017. the firmware update was released after this. if you are having issues with the firmware update, we can arrange to have the device sent in at our cost to update the firmware for you. Generally speaking, all that needs to be done is the firmware put on your MicroSD card, then restart your device with the MicroSD inserted in your device, and it will automatically install. If you would like us to resolve this for you, please let me know, and we will private message you. Thanks, Senior Navman Support

Operating Instructions

Just purchased a car with this in it but cannot find any operating instructions that are large enough to read.
All i keep getting is a PDF that is so small you can't read it.
Any suggestions.

Purchased in March 2017.

Hi Geoff, If you open the PDF file and hold Ctrl on your keyboard, you can scroll in with the wheel on your mouse. it may be blurry, but then it should clear up after a moment. If you dont have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can hold Ctrl and then press the + button next to the backspace key, which will also allow you to zoom in. Hope this helps Senior Navman SupportYes thats fine but how do you then print it so you can take instructions to the car. I can only print the 2 pages which are unreadable.Hi Geoff, Do you mind if we private message you for some personal details? we can mail you a blown up copy of the quick start guide. Thanks, Senior Navman Support

Brilliant product

I Had the dashcam professionally installed. The Quality of playback is so clear and very easy to use. Everything working well. A very satisfied customer. I Would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants peace of mind whilst driving your car and when leaving it parked in a carpark.

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Hi Sue, Thanks for posting your review. We're glad to know that you find our dash camera reliable and easy to use. Your compliments are very much appreciated. Cheers! Navman Support Team

Rear camera not working.

Bought a mivue 800 dual camera, previously owned a 600 series. Came home installed the front camera and Plugged the cable in for the rear camera and you guessed it NOTHING. Tried several things to no avail. The rear Camera just does not work. Navman how do I fix it or how do I return it for a refund. I believe this may be a common problem with some of these dash cams. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Jim, I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing connection problems with your rear camera. Yesterday, I have replied to your email with the complete troubleshooting steps, hope that helps resolve the problem. Please let us know how you go. Thanks, Navman Support TeamStill not working with the updated firmware. I believe it unsatisfactory to send the camera back to navman and leave me with nothing while you look at it. This will be the last navman product that i buy or endorse.Hi Jim, Sorry about that. Your case has already been attended under case# 138214. Thanks, Navman Support Team

Still having problems

Bought 2 units. Updated firmware. Worked faultlessly for a short time. Now we are both bombarded with the very irritating "switch on your lights" message, when they are all ready on, and the rear camera continually disconnects. We had always bought cheap cameras in the past, and decided rather than keep replacing them to pay considerably more and get more reliable units from a brand with a track record. The cheap units weren't half as irritating.

Hi Woody, I am sorry to hear this happened. When the MiVue detects low light or dark environments, it alerts you with audio and visual prompts to switch on your lights (headlights). If you don't want this, you can turn this off thru settings>driving safety>headlight reminder>select 'off'. In relation to rear camera, we identified that the old firmware is the caused by this disconnection issue. To fix this, kindly refer to the appropriate link below and follow the instructions carefully. https://service.navman.com/M0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131618 *Note: if it's your first time visiting our FAQ site, select a region first then try the link again. After installing the firmware update, perform a hard reset. Insert a small rod (such as a straightened paperclip) into the shutdown button beside the USB port (on the top of the device) to shut down the device, then press and hold the power button to turn it on. Ensure all 4 cable connection points are firmly in place. Please disconnect and reconnect each connection point, while performing this, please inspect for any signs of damage such as bent male connectors. Very gently wiggle the connection points to see if there are loose fittings. If the problem persists, may we private message you to get some details for warranty claim? or alternatively, please contact us using one of the methods here, and our team would be glad to assist https://www.navman.com.au/contact-us Regards, Navman Support TeamAs stated in my original post I have installed the latest firmware, and have been through all the other processes that you mention. I have lodged yet another support request and they are now advising me to change my memory card. Why I wasn't told to do this last year when we went through this process, I don't know. They're telling me not to use Sandisk or Samsung, even though the FAQ page lists them as two of four preferred brands. Confused?Hi Woody, Sorry to hear the issues are not resolved. Regarding the microSD card, the SanDisk card's are made of a lower quality memory, and can generally fail much quicker than expected, which is why SanDisk doesn't recommend use in continuous recording devices such as dash cams (same with Samsung). The Sandisk/Samsung recommended for our dash cam must be a High Endurance Series. To ease some confusion, we list some of the programs and accessories that are compatible on our packaging that we recommend our users use for peace of mind. FAQ site <https://service.navman.com/M0100/DownLoad_Faq_131616_New%20Zealand%20NAVMAN_English%20Navman.html> I found that you sent another inquiry to our email support. Rest assured that our team are doing their best to help you resolve the problem and make you happy again. Appreciate your patience in this matter. Regards, Navman Support Team

Pleasantly surprised

Bought the unit on impulse a few weeks ago. Then went home and read the reviews. Uh-oh I think. Went to the Navman 800 site and (1) downloaded the patch and (2) read their other suggestions i.e high quality SD cards etc. Works like a charm. Only thing, there are never enough adhesive cable clips. Had to go to Bunnings for more. For the price you think Navman could throw in 10-15 of these. Just saying is all.

Rob Murray

Hi Rob, Thanks for taking the time in reviewing our product, we appreciate it. About the additional cable clips, can we private message so I can get some of your private information? We may be able to request for free as long as your device is still within the warranty period. Cheers, Navman Support TeamFollow-up on my previous comment (above) I had previously commented that there are never enough adhesive cable clips. Navman Official contacted me and arranged to provide me with 4 additional bags of cable clips. Very happy with their follow-up effort. Rob Murray PS Unit still working faultlessly.Hi Rob, Thanks for letting us know. glad to hear its working :) Cheers! Navman Support Team

Doesn't pickup rear camera.

Bought 4 dashcam as Xmas presents.
Installed the first one this morning and doesn't pickup rear camera.
Double checked my connections and all was installed correctly.
No rear camera.
Let's see what the other 3 cameras do.
Not to impressed so far, and I hate it when it doesn't do what it's meant too.

Now an EDIT.
Its hot Xmas day today.
Car must have got over 50-60degree inside.
Unit has completely switched off. Doesn't power up.
Only getting worse.
Is it worth installing in the other 3 cars.

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Hi Mario, I am sorry to hear about your experience with the MiVUE800. for the rear camera issue, please follow the troubleshooting in the link below (If this is your first time visiting our service website, you may need to select your region and use the link again) in 99% of cases, this will resolve rear camera issues very easily. https://service.navman.com/m0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131573 regarding the heat, the MiVUE800 has a recommended operating temperature range of between 0 degrees celcius and 50 degrees. it is recommended that you do not leave the device running in strong direct sunlight, and the device will automatically shut off around 60 degrees as a safety measure. Regards, Senior Navman Support

Garbage and terrible customer support

Purchased the mivue800, worked for a short period of time, before it froze, when through the online fix, still didn't work.
Have been in contact with navman, in the end the solution is to return it to them, an absolute pain, as it seems to be an issue with the product.
Also participated in their cash back promo, apparently my application for the cash back went via the North Pole, so it didn't make it in time, even though I had emailed them well within the promo period, with the online form.
Anyway terrible product, and dishonest customer service.

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Hi Vic, As we have advised during correspondence, your submitted your redemption on the last day of the promotion, and your proof of purchase was received after this date, and unfortunately was not valid. this was prominently displayed on your confirmation email. Even if it was sent the same day, it would not arrive on the same day unless sent via courier. Regarding your issue with your device, i note that you advised the troubleshooting steps did not work. it is standard process with any product to then send it in so our service department can resolve the issue for you. Kind Regards, Senior Navman Support

So far So good

Hi, we have had our myvue 800 almost a year, only using the front camera so can’t comment on rear camera problems. As some background, this was the third unit of this kind we bought (not Navman ) and returned, nuff said! Our only problem we have encountered is that “ a start recording message “ comes and goes on the screen but the recording led remains illuminated. I have yet to check the sd card for recording but all appears ok, the sd card is a Toshiba which I assume is suitable. I have today purchased a myvue780 so my fingers are crossed for no problems having read the reviews.
Myles Leniston.

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Hi Lenny, Thank you for taking time in reviewing our product and for buying a new one. We just have to make sure that you are using one of the tested or compatible cards for our dash cameras to work properly. We're afraid that Toshiba has been removed from our compatible card list. Below is the link where you can find the updated list of compatible cards. https://service.navman.com/M0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131565 You also need to make sure you have the latest firmware installed to fix any issues that may arise. Below are the links where you can download the latest firmware: MiVue 780: https://service.navman.com/M0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131619 MiVue 800: https://service.navman.com/M0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131618 Note: If the links above did not work, please select a region first and try them again. Regards, Navman Support Team

I will be returning my Navman dual camera kit tomorrow!!!

I have had a gutful of the cable dropping from the rear camera. It's been returned to Harvey Norman once - I actually have better things to do!!!
You would think they would make cameras with screw in connections for moving vehicles. The actual image quality is great. However, I love out west and with speed limits of 100 - 110klms/hr, pulling over every 5 minutes to re-connect the rear camera is not an option. Thus it is going back and I better get refunded for the extra insurance I purchased.

Hi Fran, unfortunately a "screw-in" micro USB doesnt really exist, so this would need to be something that is engineered to a high standard from scratch, and is not something that can be easily done. However, we do recommend that the rear camera only be used inside the car, not outside of the car. (also worth noting, the rear camera is not waterproof) Though i can understand your frustration, and i will pass this on to the development team to look at solution for the future. Regards, Senior Navman SupportWhat are you talking about????? Who mentioned USB's or external use of the camera?????????? Your response is patronizing at best. Would you respond to a male that way???? That attitude will ensure ongoing bad reviews when friends and colleagues ask me for recommendations!!!! I am talking about the cable falling out of the rear camera - continually. It's obviously not being used outside of the vehicle. A screw in cable or a larger, more substantial one - like the brand I exchanged it for is required. With regard to living out west, I was referring to the speed limits we drive at and the constant pulling over in such zones to reattach the camera cable!!!!!Hi Fran, Your comment was that you have to reconnect the camera after travelling at high speeds. and needing to pull over to reconnect it. if the camera is mounted in the car and the cable is falling out, then the speed would not have anything to do with this. If the camera is mounted externally, then it is possible that wind buffeting may be the cause (as it is just a standard Micro USB connection) The reason we use MicroUSB as our connection is for the same reason as a mobile phone does. the ability to provide power, as well as a higher data transfer rate. this is not something the plug style cables can do as well (as the technology is much older) I am glad the store was able to assist you, and wish you all the best with your new product. Regards, Senior Navman Support

Setting off car alarm

My camera was pretty easy to set up and hide away the cords.

Recording quality footage is really good! It’s clear and easy to access the videos/photos.

I have mounted my dash cam on my window near my review mirror, however lately it has been falling off. This is a big problem for me as it will set off my car alarms. I had woken up twice throughout the night as I heard my car alarm going off to realise my dash cam has fallen off the window. This is occurred too many times to the point that I have decided to turn my Navman dash cam off and pack it away.

I had phoned Navman to see if there is an option to stop it from setting off my car alarms but the lady did not talk about this issue she just told me the camera mount is faulty and she will send me a new one as my camera is still in warranty.

Why would the camera falling off my window set my car alarms off? How can I stop that from happening again?

Hi Nae, This is unusual to happen. It would be best to get the car checked by an auto electrician to see why a falling object would set your car's alarm off. However, what our team can do for your is to replace the mount. Where you given a replacement number already? If not yet, I'd be glad to assist you with this. Thank you for your review. Regards, Navman Support TeamThankyou, Navman have sent me a new mount. If it happens with the new mount I will see an auto electrician. Thankyou for responding to my post.Hi Nae, Great to know you received the new mount. It's our pleasure to be of assistance. Cheers! Navman Support Team

Constant rear cam disconnect and format sd card issues

Previously had mivue 660 what had a tonne of features and worked perfectly well with my SanDisk SD card. Wanted dual cam so went with mivue800 and used with sd card used with previous cam.

Only recently started getting rear cam disconnected, and now constantly getting format sd card!

How bloody annoying.

Worst part is that I spent 2hrs running all the cables throughout the car and its all hidden.
After reading all the reviews it seems this unit is just filled with issues, firmware updates not fixithe issues.

Will be ripping it all out and taking it back to jbhifi for a refund!

Hi Vu, In only a small instance, does the firmware update not resolve the rear camera issues some customers may experience. Regarding the SanDisk MicroSD card, if it is a SanDisk Ultra, and you have used it previously, it may be failing due to a high number of read-write cycles. unfortunately SanDisk only recommend their High Endurance range for use in dash cameras. this may be the cause of the format message you continue to see. Please let me know if i can help you further Thanks, Senior Navman SupportHi, Looks like my issues have been resolved, updated the firmware and no longer get rear camera issues. Also it turned out my sd card just stopped working when I tested it. Used another SanDisk one and everything is back to normal for now. I bet it will be faulty after my warranty expiresHi Vu, Great to hear the issues are resolved. regarding the MicroSD card, the SanDisk Ultra card's are made of a lower quality memory, and can generally fail much quicker than expected, which is why SanDisk dont recommend use in continuous recording devices such as dashcams. Regarding warranty, just because it may have expired doesnt always mean that you have no course of action. always best to reach out to us and see what we can do. Have a great day! Senior Navman Support

MIVUE 800 dual camera

I have never had a quality dash cam before , and bought the miVUE 800 Dual camera, and so i can say i still haven't a quality camera , like others on this forum ,a voice keeps reminding me to turn on the lights , then the rear camera disconnects .we have just a long drive up north and had a slight accident with trailer wheel falling off , and guess what , the camera didn't record a thing , so JB HI FI here i come .

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Hi Humphrey, Sorry to hear about your experience. we did release a firmware update to resolve the issue customers had with this. If you still have the device, please let me know and i can provide you with the link to download and instructions on how to update. Thanks, Senior Navman Support

Rear Camera constantly disconnects and the "firmware update fix" only works for a few days

I've started having trouble with mine a week after installing, Same issues as everyone else. I tried updating the firmware, which worked for a little while, and then all the issues came flooding back. Now I cant go anywhere without a reminder to switch on my lights every 5 seconds while the rear camera flashes on and off. Very disappointing product from what I told my wife was the most reliable.

Hi Matt, Im sorry to hear about your experience. so that i can assist further, may i private message you to collect some personal details? Thanks, Senior Navman SupportOk, sureHi Matt, Thanks for your speedy reply. We have sent you a private message here. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Navman Support Team

Not worth the cost

I had a good dual cam (Elinz) with built in flash for night time auto recording when parked. the only problem I had with that was it often re-starts on morning long drives (above 100kms). so I decided to buy a new one from a good Brand and choose Navman. Which was my dumbest choice, which I realised after installing it.
1. The image and video quality are not even close to the standards mentioned
2. Night time recording is utterly poor. Switch on the lights seems to be a looped message irrespective of whether they are on or off.. day or night.
3. no built in battery for auto recording when parked (you will have to buy another device from navman about $80. which you get to know only after unboxing. as they write this on the box in micro text (very cleaver navman)
4. very confusing and minimal menu options.. no options to adjust recording mode.. time.. loop etc...

bought it a couple of days back at JB HiFI. I will try to return it today. if they don't take it back. I might just throw it in a bin just like what I did with NavMan's GPS that I purchased a couple of years back(faulty)

Hi Sudha, Thankyou for taking the time to write a review. to best address your concerns, i will reply in dot points so that i dont miss anything. 1. In relation to the image quality, it certainly is a FullHD specification. the lense is focused to see around 4-5m in front at most, as this is the most optimal depth for dash cams. please note as well, higher resolutions provide a wider and taller image, but the lense will dictate the depth and quality. the MiVUE 800 meets all specifications for Full HD for both the front and rear camera. 2.What issues do you seem to be having with night time recording? it can also be common for sudden changes in brightness to trigger the turn headlights on warning, including coming out of tunnels, driving in to undercover parking and in some instances driving into shade on a bright day. However there was also a known issue with the warning coming up quite alot. this has been fixed with a firmware update you can find here:https://service.navman.com/m0100/F0110_DownLoad_File.aspx?bullid=AllBull&fileid=113424 3. Parking mode is a feature offered by the MiVUE 800, but it does require the use of either hard wiring or a MiVUE SmartBox. this comes down to the size of the device, and the lack of meaningful battery life. while the device does have a battery, it is designed to record the last seconds of a situation where power may have been lost. due to the size of the device, there is no suitable battery that will give you any form of meaningful life for parking mode. the previous MiVUE 698 would last between 5-10mins with parking mode, on battery. and if you are in a shopping center carpark, its unlikely that you will even arrive at your destination in 5-10mins, let alone be finished and return to your car. the hard wiring allows total cover with parking mode. 4. You can adjust the clip length by going into your menu > Video recording > video clip length. this will allow you to choose a clip length of 1, 3 or 5mins. regarding recording mode, what exactly do you mean? the two modes are regular and emergency recording (Which will store the emergency recordings in a seperate folder, and stop them from being deleted) I hope this answers your points, and if you have any questions or comments, please dont hesitate to let me know. Thanks, Senior Navman SupportThanks but the above doesn't really make any sense. Anyway history now. I already returned it for a different better brand.

Navman MiVUE800 Dual Cam very disappointing


After all the negative reviews I did read about the dash cam Mi VUE 800 dual cam I still went a head with the purchase, thinking that peoples reviews where a bit over the top and putting a lot of trust in the Navman brand.

So two weeks ago i purchased the Mi VUE 800 dual cam for $250

Only now I wish I did trust those reviews and not purchased Mi VUE 800

To start with the clarity/crisp quality of the image is not there, considering the big brand name NAVMAN and the price.
You can't only read the number plates of other cars unless you a right behind them probably 4/5 meters aways that surely is not gonna help in case of an incident to identified other cars involved

In the first few couple of days i lost count of how many times the dash cam suction cup let go, know I have fixed it with adhesive tape ,not come off since

Issues with the micro sim card, after buying two different class 10 and several formats and reset it decided to start recording

The only positive is the very long cable for the rear camera that reaches very comfortable to the rear of the car and the rear camera had the adhesive tape ready on.

For the the past 5 years I have always had eBay (Somebloke brand) in my 3 family cars and never had any issues believe or not.

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Hi Cicco70, Thanks for your detailed review. As the resolution increases, this does not necessarliy mean you will get clearer depth from your images and video. as your resolution goes up, it includes more environment both horizontally and vertically, but not in depth. 4-5m of clear depth is about what you would expect to get from a FullHD dashcam. to change the clarity of the depth, you would need the focus. as the purpose of a dashcam is to record footage for yourself, we determined that the 4-5m range allows the camera to capture everything it needs to, in order to help you. a focus which goes beyond that would lead to blurry quality in situations such as carpark scrapes, bumps and hits. regarding Micro SD compatibility, unfortunately not all Micro SD's are created equally. some of the most popular brands (Samsung Evo & SanDisk Ultra) are infact not compatible with any dash cam, and using them in these devices will void their warranty. You can read more about dash cam compatibility here: http://service.navman.com/m0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=102076&faqid=AllFaq&Region=Australia%20NAVMAN&Language=English%20NAVMAN Thanks, Senior Navman Support

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my camera screen is always on, until it drains its own power, even tho i have it hard wired. So...should it be in Park mode or not....dont understand the instructions very well to be honest. What i want is when driving to see the screen front and back etc.....then when parked up, the screen off, but the system still live to pick up any front/back movement or knocks etc which will then take a small video. Can you help wiexplain the settings ? Thanks Frank
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Hi Frank, we had ours professionally installed and he set it up. No idea how to do anything else with it really. Hasn’t worked properly since I got it!You can put it on a timer where there screen stays on for so long then goes into a screen saver mode, the camera will still record, the screen is sleeping. Bit I am not sure if you can have the screen on full.time.whole driving and off in park mode. I will check it out and play around with mine and let you know. But for now I can only suggest setting the screen timer for say 30 minutes if your trip is 30 minutes way. That way the screen will turn off and go into a sleep mode. It will still record innpark mode if you have it hardwired

Hi .i have a NavMan duel camera dash came in my car. Today i installed a smart box. Everything is going well. My question is about the G sensor. About the sensitivity adjustment if i want the camera to start recording if someone bumps into my parked car what is the best setting? Is high sensitivity best? Please help thank you.
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I havent really played around to much with mine. I did set mine to the lowest setting, but I found when I hit a bump in the road it would trigger the sensor. So if 0 being then owest and 5 being the highest. I set mine to around 2.

What is the best Sd card to use for the Mivue 800?
1 answer
64Gb is the best to use until they work out their capability to be able to use a higher memory card. I have a 128Gb in mine, but it can have issues with freezing up


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