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Nescafé Short Black

Nescafé Short Black

4.9 from 13 reviews

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Smell, taste, Ahhhhhh..... No better instant coffee out there. 100% conversion rate of all family and mates that have tried it. My only disappointment is that I cant find a bigger jar.

Purchased in August 2019 for $11.00.

short black

an incredible instant coffee which has the strength and flavor that is similar to a barista made coffee. I have a heaped teaspoon with some sugar, add water and a little milk, the crem sticks to the mug as i drink. honestly, i have found this coffee to be more delicious and with enough oomf then half the barista made coffee i buy although it doesn't compete with a good barista made coffee. Since i discovered nescafe short black, i buy less coffees. It is a bit expensive but i can't resist. very impressed.

Absolutely divine - My life now has meaning again

I was once a lost soul... in search of my better second half. I sipped on Moccona blends which would just leave flakes upon the roof of my teeth.
I picked up the Nescafe short blend at the local supermarket and a whoosh of life came rushing through my pure empty soul. I knew it was my time.
I paid the checkout lady, with a great big grin. She knew what was happening to me. She seen this before. She said to me as i was walking "Enjoy your cuppa of liquid Gold, friend."
My life is now complete. I have found my better second half.
Thank you Nescafe
Bless your almighty soul.

Heaven on earth - Nobody can explain the pleasure I feel

I was delighted with a new found lust for life when a colleague mentioned to try this Nescafe Gold.
Little did I know that it would change my life.
I wake up and it is the first thing on my mind, when my cuppa is empty I get that sinking depressed feeling again but alas I live for the next cuppa of Nescafe Gold.
If I didn't have this product in my life I think my lifeless body would be in a ditch on main north road.
Thank you Nescafe.
God Bless.

a very good coffee

I nearly died when Nescafe Short Black became unavailable, but then it reappeared in new Gold packaging. It was a happy time. Same great taste but much better, and the lid is so much easier for arthritic hands to deal with. I have found that a heaped teaspoon gives me the perfect cup of heartstarter in the morning and smiling pleasure for morning and afternoon tea.


Mornings with coffee is the only way to go. Good heart starter, and I should know I drink a lot of coffee. Awesome stuff. Get some beans into ya. lol

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You can buy it at coles, and its no more expensive than any other coffee. This way you get café coffee in your own kitchen and yes you can have more than one. so stock up and smell the coffee.

They've finally done it - A drinkable instant coffee!

I have never liked any instant coffee, but this stuff is really good. As a short black, it tastes better than a lot of barista-made short blacks I've had. There's no terrible espresso aftertaste either. I also recommend making iced coffee with this (very refreshing in summer). Would definitely buy again.

Very good almost excellent

Very rich deep coffee taste and aroma. I find 1 heaped teaspoon is a good amount. Very happy and will probably purchase again

Astonishing! A drinkable instant!

This is the best instant coffee I have ever tasted and I've drunk a lot of muck advertising itself as such since the 1960s. While not really tasting like a real short black, it doesn't taste of tar or treacle, which is a plus in my book. Moreover, it's eminently quaffable.
Remarkably good for instant.
No real kick, but hey it's instant.

The best instant coffee I have ever tasted

This is the best instant coffee I have ever tasted. It combines a lovely taste of good coffee with the time advantage of being instant.
wonderful taste
The jar is too small, not available if buying online from Coles or WW last time I checked

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I love this coffee!! Please bring it back to the shelves in New Zealand. I have to beg people going to Australia to bring me a jar back with them


A delicious coffee. So superior that it's hard to believe it's 'instant'. This product transports the drinker to a better place.
A delicious 'crema' appears upon the surface of this coffee. If served in an espresso cup it will have even true connoisseurs believing it's the product of a professional coffee machine. As well, served with milk it's equally a treat.
Difficult to find in Australia.

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I don't drink any other instant. They cut out good stuff in the office and colleague was devastated. I took short black in and next day he came in with jar actually 'selling' it to me. I like black but he had milk and was going on about the colour and texture. Like all good things I have tried to find added chemical on label [aspartamine for instance] but it says 100% arabica coffee. I'm one or two a day and really look forward to my mid morning hit.


I love black coffee with one teaspoon of sugar OR a dash of cream. This is the best short black coffee i have tasted outside of France.
No other short black coffee is the same.
Not always available and should be available in a larger bottle/tin


Very high opinion. I strongly suggest that you give it a go. Prepare to get hooked. My hubby and i consume at least two jars a week.
Mixes cold or hot. Mouthwatering flovours, almost chocolate like. I'm hooked. My Uncle who isn't even a coffee drinker likes this, and it's strong! Hmmm..i've got the kettle on now. 2t Short Black and 3t sugar for me and my tastebuds are in heaven.
No i'm not being paid to say this.
I hope that they change their mind about discontinuing it as there will be a lot of unhappy SB addicts out there.
It should be made in a large tin like the Nescafe Blend 43

Questions & Answers

I live in coventry, England , uk. Where can I buy short black in the uk?
2 answers
I don't know, but I believe the product has a different name in the UK (Nescafe expresso), see this link http://www.nescafe.co.uk/products_flash_en_co_uk.axcms#/?content=detail&imageid=49 Hello, Further to the above, the larger formatted Tesco and Sainsbury supermarkets sell jars of Nescafe Espresso which is the same product. Best wishes.


Nescafé Short Black
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