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Nestle NAN L.I. Gold

Nestle NAN L.I. Gold

4.5 from 11 reviews

Might be good for some but my baby doesn't like it.

This formula might be good for some but my baby doesn't like it. I have tried on many occasions but my bub just wont drink it. I have tasted it myself and it is not very pleasant. The formula is easy to prepare and it is good that it comes in a smaller size tin.

A whole new baby

Formula easy to prepare and scoop allows for smaller serves if needed. My baby loves this formula. After screaming night after night with wind on other formulas, doctor recommended L.I. From first bottle my baby had no wind, no pain and was sleeping more soundly. Baby has physically developed very well on this formula with no other symptoms such as diarrhea or reflux. I wish tins were bigger though and more easily available.

5 Stars

We have a LI bubba - didn’t take to breast feeding and with her reflux and gut our health care nurse suggested this particular formula.
Since Bub was 2 weeks old she has been on this and it has kept her full no side effects from it . Super easy to prepare.
The only down side is the tins are so small

Great formula

Our doctor recommended trialing our baby on a lactose free formula. We chose Nan L.I. As we were already using a Normal Nan formula.
We have found that Baby transitioned with ease. Our baby enjoys this formula and it is gentle on her stomach. We have noticed an improvement in baby’s wind and happy output. Very happy.


We tried at least 10 formulas on the market and this was finally the one my baby was content and happy on. No more upset tummy or bad wind. Very easy to prepare. I add thickner to it as I have a bad reflux baby. Baby loves it no side effects.

Baby no longer has bad wind

I purchased this product after reading reviews on line about baby formula . I am currently breast-feeding and Topping up with formula . I previously used a different brand which have lactose and I found that it gave my baby a very bad stomach . Since using the Nan lactose-free formula she has settled much better at night

Great supplement for bub

We were recommended a low lactose formula for our baby by our paediatrician to supplement breastmilk. Our baby wasn't too keen on formula (of any kind) so she didn't have too much of this. We noticed no side effects when bub did take the formula. In terms of preparation, I found the charts at the back a little confusing. But once we knew the amount we needed, it was quite easy.

Absolute life saviour! Can't live without it!

So so easy to prepare, only down fall is it would be nice to have bigger cans and a leveller but minor details!
My son loves the taste and he is super fussy. This formula was my last resort before I went to soy. In 4 weeks this is the first time he has finished a bottle in one sitting... usually takes an hour to drink a bottle! So perfect, thank you so much!


My bub suffered from colic and my doctor recommended trying a lactose free formula, I decided to use Nan LI and noticed an improvement right away. It's easy to prepare mixes well and easy to digest. Doesn't make bub gassy and was easier to bring his wind up. Would recommend! Only downside is the small tin and being available at chemists only.

Perfect! Can't go without it!

Have tried 4 different formulas before finding this one! All the other formulas really messed with babies tummy but this one is perfect. She absolutely loves the taste and guzzles it down. It hasn't constipated her like I've heard other lactose free formulas can do which is wonderful. Will defiantly be sticking to this formula and I HIGHLY reccomend you give it a go if your baby has lactose intolerance. The ONLY downside is I can only find it at chemist warehouse. I haven't marked any stars off the rating though as this is only a slight inconvenience - I just make sure I stock up when I go there. It also comes in smaller tins which some may not like but I find it great and it fits on my bench quite nicely.

Nestle NAN L.I. Gold – 400g - a wonderful formular which recovered my baby running pool

My baby kept having running pool for almost 10 days. I was told not to feed cow milk, soy milk, so I had to look for an alternative. After a chemist lady recommended me to try this one, I did. Only a 2 feeds, his pool became thicker. I finished the whole tin, then he was ok I then moved to Comfort 2 as his regular formula. Next time, he had running again, I tried to do the same to see if it was the help from this formula. Yes, it was. The running stopped. This is a fantastic formula, a "medicine" for baby with running pool!! My baby is very picky on his taste, however he loves this one. I would recommend for baby who has diarrhoea .

Questions & Answers

I stopped giving my bubba the nan optipro ha gold and started giving him nan li as Dr suggested but now he seems to be only having half a bottle and crying badly when I try to give him the other half. We have had trouble with him pooping which is why doctor recommended the lactose free formular. I didn't ease him into the new formular which was silly i know but could this be the reason he is not having his full bottle? And being so upset?
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Hi. I actually had to stop using this as it was way to bubbly and foamy and gave my baby to much wind. Im still trying to find a formula. I have a very refluxy and colicky bub. You are supposed to ease them into the new formula but i never did as he was screaming anyways


NAN L.I. Gold
Price (RRP) $12.99
AgeInfant (0-6 months), Follow-On (6-12 Months) and Toddler (1+ year)
Contains MilkYes
Lactose FreeYes

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