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Munchkin Grassfed

Latest review: We foster children and always have this in our cupboard waiting for any little children to come in our home. We never know what formula they were on when they arrive and every time the children just

Nestle NAN Comfort

Latest review: Switched to NAN comfort and bub loves it. Easy on his tummy. Just went up a stage and it made a little bit constipated to begin with but all is good

Mamia Gold

Latest review: I wish I was one of the hundreds of mum's giving this product a 5 star review - alas, I am not. Pros - easy to prepare, larger scoop meaning less scoops, cheap and affordable, ingredients are in

A2 Platinum Premium

Latest review: I was giving A2-1 formula for Bub starting 3 months old and found it easy to prepare and gives a peaceful night But unfortunately we found it hard to find in a supermarkets and we forced to use

Bellamy's Organic Formula

Latest review: My 9 month old was thriving on the stage 1 (was marketed up to 12 months at that stage) but with rebrand, I swapped to stage 2 thinking that stage one was no longer appropriate formulation for my

Blackmores Formula

Latest review: I did try many baby formulas, my kid like this the most. It is easy to make and go well with other products like cerelac , oaks etc. Highly recommended to

Karicare+ Goat

Latest review: Switched bub to this formula to help with something gentle on her gassy tummy turned out to be worse. She became so constipated with big dry poo causing a lot of

Aptamil Profutura

Latest review: I started my baby on this formula after having issue breast feeding. My doctor recommended it after she used it with her children. I now Comp feed and my baby adjusted to this formula easily without


Latest review: Never used this formal with my older child but started using for the next and he any has taken to it instantly with no problems or spewing or reflux and I haven't had to change formulas

Aptamil Gold+

Latest review: The milk powder is very fine, it feels easy to digest and absorb, and the washed milk powder is particularly fragrant. The baby is especially fond of drinking it. Overall, I am very

Nestle NAN Supreme

Latest review: Never had any issue with nan . Using it for my second child mow no problems . No side effects baby enjoy drinking easy to pre pare . Runs out in shops very

Novalac Colic

Latest review: After 5 weeks of screaming for hours on end and not sleeping for more than 1.5 hours at a time due to waking with painful farts, we switched our 3.5 month old to Novalac Colic. He was like a

Karicare+ Formula

Latest review: Baby LOVES this formula, has had 0 reaction to it, super easy to prepare. Prior to this formula the hospital deemed my 6 week old with CMPA through "Symptoms" only and put him on Novalac Allergy,

Aptamil Gold+ AllerPro

Latest review: we had to switch to this formula at 6 weeks because of suspected food allergies Easy to prepare, smells and tastes much better than other formulas, available at chemists and special stores Formula

Nestle NAN Optipro

Latest review: My 4 week old baby used Aptimil in the hospital as a supplement but after coming home we started using NAN. Had no side effects of changing brands and the baby mostly keeps it down. Burps well

Novalac Reflux

Latest review: This formaula is great! It’s helped get rid of my daughters painful reflux. She still spits up a bit but no more projectile vomiting! Now we just need to find something to help with the w

Novalac Constipation

Latest review: Have had constipation with my girl since born, she is 2 and been on osmolax since April this year. I wanted to get her off the osmolax and decided to try novalac constipation this formula work right

Australia's Own Diamond Pro+

Latest review: We have been using this formula for approximately 1 month and love it. It has made the transition from exclusively breastfeeding to mixed feeding so smooth and simple. Our baby enjoys the taste of

Aptamil Gold+ De-Lact

Latest review: My daughter was prescribed at 3 months when she had a gastro virus. She adjusted so easily to it. So gentle on her tummy regular poo and not straining at all like other formulas I had tried. It’s l

Oli6 Dairy Goat

Latest review: My premature son absolutely love this formula! Prior to changing to goats milk we have lots of trouble trying to find a formula agreed with my son. Being premature he has a slight dairy intolerance

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