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Invoice and billing issues glaore

I’ve had a unit now for 4 months. In this time not one thing has been correctly invoiced. I’ve spent hours on the phone and sending emails (which I never get responses to) trying to get this sorted out. Then tonight I recieve the following email:

“You are requested to make a payment and bring the account up to date within 7 days of this letter date to prevent the collection of your equipment and the closing of your account.

Alternatively if we receive no response regarding payment of overdue invoice(s), we advise that our driver will be collecting your equipment on the next delivery date after the expiration of this letter. If our driver is unable to collect our equipment your account will be charged $275 inc GST per cooler and $10 per bottle that is not collected.”

I won’t be renewing this subscription, I now regret taking out a 12 month rental from Neverfail. I highly recommend purchasing NOTHING from this company.
Billing is not their forte.....

Purchased in November 2018 for $1,000.00.

Amazing service

Fast sign up fast delivery called customer help line because my bottle cover was not there driver dropped it off the next day amazing service and friendly driver brings the bottles in could see I had a baby in my hands amazing happy customer

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Thank you Chanel for your review. Much appreciated.

Website is a joke staff members don’t stick to there end of the deal

Was receiving neverfail for over 3 years and the service has become worse and worse we moved 5 blocks in a small rural town of only 2000 people to be told neverfail doesn’t deliver to this district FAIL 1.. to then be charged for delivery’s we never received FAIL 2.. I updated my new address 4 bloody times online to it still saying my old address FAIL 3.. I took time outta my day to phone some useless call centre to be told I would be credited 4 free bottles didn’t receive them did get charged for them FAIL 4.. to now receive an Email saying the mechine is to be left outside for pickup and account to be paid within so many days or could lead to further action FAIL 5.. i have now taken more time outta my day to find out I have no 1 but 2 accounts but 1 unit?? Seriously neverfail you bloody FAIL you need a new business name!

Bad Service over and over again.

We have three accounts with Neverfail which is where the first problem arises. Instead of putting them all on the same statement they can't do this as apparently - it has to be separated by delivery addresses. This would be all fine if their staff were actually able to differentiate between each of them. For weeks we were hounded about overdue accounts which we kept paying over and over again for small silly amounts. Eventually they worked out that we had been paying all three accounts into the one account and one was seriously in credit whilst the others were all overdue. We requested all three accounts to be sent through to the same email address on six different occasions but no they kept posting physical invoices to each different location which half the time they didn't arrive and we couldn't keep track of them.

The last straw was the water being delivered to our Maryborough office and my staff member being told by the delivery guy that water deliveries were going to be stopped because we are so bad at paying our accounts. If I have learnt anything in business, the lack of payment of accounts is generally the fault of the person sending them not the person paying them. A small percentage of people will always be difficult to get payment from but not 50% of your purchasers as your Product Reviews suggest. I am not going to have my good name dragged through the mud because you guys are incapable of organising yourselves in a professional manner.

Even today when I called for the last time they were still unable to send through all the statements for the three separate accounts - they only sent two. As a last resort, I called and asked to speak to someone who was actually in charge as the girls I was dealing with - [names removed] - were incapable of giving us what we needed - phone call after phone call. Apparently there was no one available to talk to us as managers don't take calls from feeble account holders like us.

It was at this point that I was googling a contact number for someone else at NeverFail that I stumbled across Product Review and realised the sheer amount of complaints made about this supplier and their invoicing system. I thought maybe if I made a Product Review - one of those managers might find the time to call and actually assist but they may all be far too busy to assist us with our invoicing issues that no-one seems to be too concerned about.

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This afternoon I received a call from a Manager at NeverFail and they were very accommodating. Hopefully the staff that caused these issues will be educated so that noone else receives the same responses that we did. They have been very helpful and hopefully this service continues.

Neverfail delivery services

Neverfail says it has "outstanding delivery services", which is a joke. I note numerous other complaints. Driver (CQ02CS) parked a semi trailer illegally on our private property, despite a sign specifically prohibiting it. He also parked within two meters of our homes with his engine running, and blocking pedestrian and resident vehicle access. Why does Neverfail train its drivers to break the law? Why does Neverfail see itself above the law? I would not recommend this company.

Hi Jjay, this is definitely not what we want to hear and not standard practice. I want to investigate it for you, can you please message us your information and the dates that this happened so I can report this to the responsible driver's manager?Thanks for your interest in rectifying this. Incident details: 9.05am on 2 January. Driver had dark hair and beard and tattoo right upper arm.


Worst accounting system ever (even worse than their website and that's saying something!). They attribute payments to oldest invoice so there is NO WAY to track a missed payment or a missed invoice. They have been claiming a missed payment for over a year but when asked to send a copy of the invoice allegedly not paid all they can do is send different ones going back over a year hoping that's the missed one. The time it takes THE CUSTOMER to check their records and verify all the payments is ridiculous and should never happen. To add insult to injury despite every "guess" invoice being verified as paid they referred the matter to a collection agency who (thankfully) agreed the entire process was a waste of time and desisted after the invoice THEY sent was verified as paid. Neverfail are still sending "guess" invoices almost a year on. Avoid at all costs,unless you want your time going towards dealing with their mess of accounts at YOUR cost in time and angst.

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Hi Alexi, we apologise for these issues and want to assist with resolving them. Can you please message us your details so I can get someone from the Customer Care team to contact you?

You should change your name to FAIL

Admin 0/10. Your website -9/10. What saves you is your drivers. Invoices don't match on website. Website takes forever, even though all other websites load fast around it. I was once charged a bill that wasn't ours and kept getting notices about owing 100 dollars but later found this invoice from six months prior wasn't ours and had never been sent to us. Since then keep getting told the website will be repaired but am still waiting.

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Hi Peta, can you message us your details so I can get one of our Customer Care team to give you a call and resolve these invoice issues?

Always fail spring water

We were a customer for about two years. Worst experience ever company website is a total disaster. Charges for deliveries not delivered, lost invoices. Phone center won’t help you they never ring back when you try to sort out invoices. Avoid this company like the plague.

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Hi Morphe, sorry that you didn't have a positive experience with us. If you message us your details I will get one of our customer care team to contact you regarding these issues.

Great so far

Been only a few weeks at a customer and so far good service. Even gave me extra for over the Christmas break, The driver was really polite as well. Thank you

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Thanks Sam for the feedback and have a lovely Christmas break!

Bad communication, infinite phone loop - get your act together

Neverfail (more like fails occasionally). They've replaced our previous water service saffron springs in Geelong which was an ad hoc supplier (IE true water on demand). We were first hesitant to get forced to go a monthly plan, however it worked fairly well. Unfortunately we got too many bottles (people go on leave etc) and tried to suspend the delivery which didn't work. Recently they missed a delivery month, now we have no water.

The main reason I've given them 2 stars is due to poor communication. You can't get through the phone line (infinite regressive loop constantly leading you back to go to the website). They take a while to get back to emails which in turn didn't get resolved. NOTE: A fancy new website doesn't make up for poor customer communication. Take my money and give me water, haha how hard is that?

I haven't even mentioned the new website billing and invoice dashboard thing, just a big mess...

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Hi Darren. Sorry that you have had a bad experience with us. Can you private message your contact details, and I will ask our Customer Care team to contact you to work through your issues and aim to resolve them.

Neverfail should be renamed to Everfail; they are horrible

I haven't received a bottle in water since June (it's October 31st), and have been told it'll be another three weeks before a driver comes around. The funny thing is, a driver is in town every two weeks; they just want MY driver to make the delivery. This is the same driver, who's failed to deliver water about a dozen times. I have called and complained, for a couple of years, now; but they just don't give a damn. Even worse, the tank has started developing a nasty white substance; which I've been cleaning out, but it's not good enough - I want a replacement unit. I'm so over this horrible company; it's not even funny.

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Hi Wade Our sincerest apologies that you haven't received a water delivery since June. We will definitely organise a replacement cooler and get some water to you as soon as possible. If you email your contact & customer details to customerservice@neverfail.com.au and I ask the Customer Care team to look out for your email and call you today.

Horrible delivery guy with an attitude

Hi I am dr Prabath owners of Unique medical Cranbourne medical center which has been using your products for 2 years but after today’s incident with Indian delivery guy with bad manners and attitude thinking to change company straightaway. I have never dealt with company myself and today when he was delivering merely try to ask few questions but was spoken with such arrogant and attitude that I have asked my manager to look for another company. If it want to keep my business please discipline this driver who delivered water to unique medical Cranbourne on 23/10. I am the customer who pays the bills and not otheway round.

Hi Dr Prabath. Our sincerest apologies if our driver did not behave professionally. We take these complaints very seriously and I have advised our Logistics Manager, so that he can address this with the driver. Can you private message your contact details and one of our Customer Care team will give you a call.Thanks a lot for your prompt response much appreciated. Just call unique medical at 0359233006 and ask to speak to me RegardsNo problems Dr Prabath. I will ask our Customer Care Manager to give you a call on Monday

Very frustrating!

Ok water quality and over the phone customer service staff are helpful but deliveries, billing and now their new DIY dashboard interface are so fustrating. So suprising given they are part of CCA. You'd think a successful co like that would have this nailed but far from it. The left hand doesnt know what the right is doing.

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Hi Karen Our sincerest apologies that your experience with Neverfail has not been ideal. We would really like to understand where we haven't met your expectations and what we can do to improve going forward. Are you able to private message your contact details ?

worst company ever

Poor quality water (changed to aussie natural spring water 3 years ago and has much better quality control)
Also dispenser unit was supposed to be picked up years ago and they are too lazy to but have enough energy to bill us for it which we unknowingly paid the bills. When I queried it and kept ringing them to pick it up excuse after excuse came from them as with my bill. Finally after numerous calls from me they picked up the unit I did try to sort out but organisation as I found was not their forte.
So I will just pay the bill and get that bad company out of my life

good choice for renters

we have used neverfail for last 3 years with no issues. If you want a unit serviced you ask and they swap it out with a new one. Drivers and customer service are polite and easy to communicate with

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Thank you Les for your lovely feedback. Much appreciated!

Worse than town tap water

Brought a few boxes of this water as it was on special for $5 or so and can see why! For someone who has lived an entire life drinking fresh rain water this tastes like it has come out of a tap from a cheap city rental.. tastes filthy and tainted. I find it concerning that there may be people who think this is what water tastes like.

Over priced with. A lack of service. Their water coolers are not serviced! Its a lease unit and they

Over priced with. A lack of service. Their water coolers are not serviced! Its a lease unit and they do nothing for you renting it I won't be using them again

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Hi Forrest We are always wanting to improve our customer service so if we haven't met your expectations, we sincerely apologise. Could one of our Customer Care team give you a call to discuss your concerns? If so, can you private message your details? Thanks

This company needs to be investigated!

Cancelled service, charged another $49 two weeks after account was closed and cooler picked up! Numerous calls to customer service who promise to reverse the charge but nothing eventuates. Sick of the never ending lies about computer glitches and spreadsheets, stop stealing from people and lying to cover it up, makes me wonder how many others you have done this too, this company needs to be reported and investigated, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

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Hi Milisa. Our sincerest apologies that you have been incorrectly charged. We always aim to provide excellent customer service, so when we haven't, we want to ensure that make things right. Please be assured there is no intent to "cover up" or "lie". Can you please private message your contact details and we will ensure that all your refunds have gone through.

The worst

I have been trying to cancel this service since August last year. They keep telling me its cancelled no money owing. Every month they deliver and I get new invoices.
I wish they would just do as I ask, and pick up their cooler. They are telling me I owe another 47.00. This company is doing my head in, and even if I wanted to will never come back.
Should change the name alwaysfail.
Last month I got told the charges were taken off. Now they are back on again.
This company's customer service is one of the worst.

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Hi Michelle. Sorry to hear about your experience. Please private message your contact details and we will call you to resolve ASAP.

Long wait for deliveries and courier drivers are rude

Very rude courier drivers try to upsell and put pressure. Won't accept no for an answer.
Ordered water on Monday - still waiting until Thursday and called to see whats happening they said it will be another week until its delivered! Totally unacceptable time frames.

Hi Ollie. Sorry to hear about your experience with us. Can you private message your details and delivery area and I will get one of our Customer Care team to call you.I called twice yesterday and details should have been sent through. It’s been over 24hrs, I’ve cancelled our account with you. If they haven’t passed on my details for a call back then that’s a flaw in your system and a true reflection of how this business is run.

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are your 15lt bottles imported
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Why is the Chlorine level so high in your water
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Where can I purchase 15 lt bottles of never fail off the rack so to speak. In Geelong Victoria? Saffron Springs is no longer operational and I’m not aware of a replacement company. I like to purchase at my convenience and not feel pressured in to a constant delivery I wouldn’t require. Some weeks drink more than others. Buy as needed. Thanks
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Hi Lee. Neverfail Springs has actually taken over Saffron Springs so you have come to the right place. You can buy as you go water bottles and get them delivered to you. Best way to organise buy as you go is to call our Customer Care team on 13 30 37 or via LiveChat on our website. We also do stock 15L Pet One Way Spring Water Bottles at selected Coles Express & BP Service Stations - I will come back to you to confirm if the stockists are in Geelong.Many thanks for the information provided. Will await your next response so I may consider the options you have outlined. Thanks again.Still waiting 3months on for the response you were going to get for me, regarding the availability of your 15 lt bottles from the local service station in Corio, Geelong or surrounding area. As such I will not be thanking you at this time until you do respond and hopefully in an affirmative and pleasant manner.

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