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Next Generation Clubs

Next Generation Clubs

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Worst place bar none

Don't be fooled by the view.
This is an Un-health Club in every possible way. The concept of management doesn't exist here - quite the opposite. Arrogance on a grand scale. There is no sense of humanity or positivity in this 'picturesque setting at Kings Park'. Do not even consider it and don't be fooled by the setting.
There is nothing to recommend this place. You pay extortionate amounts to be totally ignored, spoken to by management as though you are lucky to be allowed in at all.
The place is tired, confused, its members are constantly bickering over whether its a tennis club, gym, pool, kids crèche, café and, most importantly - function space for bingo, mothers day, jazz nights and every other thing going other than fitness.
Stay away or go to the park and train, if the management doesn't kill you - the toxic environment will. Move into the current era Next Gen - the country club died in the 80s. Thankfully
Worst gym experience at the highest cost I've ever encountered anywhere in the world.
No stars and no love for this place. Stay away.

As expected

Pc to gym in attempt to find out membership price. Twice no human response unsuccessful getting through tried a few times throughout day no success. Rang again today finally human voice. Trainee with no supervisor on board. Could not get any concrete answers. Especially no membership price given. She didn’t know.
Read reviews and yes confirms my experience.
Was a member many years ago when they opened and do recall this 3 month nonsense that I contested. Thankyou reviews for reminding me on their shocking customer service and irrational fee structure. How they survive is unimaginable.

Discrimination and abuse!

I was asked to take my son with Autism somewhere else by the General Manager of the Kings Park Next Generation Club!


Dreadful, had an issue that needed following up. Spoke to the Canberra Next Gen, not one supervisor or manager was available at either times to talk. Asked for the head office number. Was given incorrect numbers. Than rang a couple of times to just have the phone hang up without speaking to anyone after finally going through numbers to get to the right area. It just went on and on. Did not get to speak to anyone other than the receptionist. Not worth my time or effort. Not a great start for a non member. Dreadful service.

Great club

I love the concept of next generation, I’ve only been a member for a couple of weeks but am really enjoying all the facilities so far and would recommend it.

NextGen Canberra - AVOID LIKE HERPES

Unless you want classes where there is less then 50cm between participants as they cram you in and being told that its okay for the screaming feral kids club kiddies to urinate on the floor because they are members too and their family membership is worth more to the club then your gold membership then AVOID AVOID AVOID

Late arrivals during Pilates Yoga and Body flow classes

Very annoying when members arrive up to 10 mins after class has commenced.There is no apology.They miss the warm up and have no regard for the sign on the door.
May I recommend that the instructors be given the authority to follow the clubs directive.
This behaviour lowers the tone of the club that you promote as THE PLACE TO BE for the next generation

Dirty, old equipment bad management

I've just left the club at Ryde after being there for several years as the club facilities and staff have been getting worse every week, machines are dirty and the younger crowd never uses towels. The staff are too busy chatting than doing their job. The management in this facility seems to be nowhere sending young employees out to cop all the complaints from members.
This place needs new management and new equipment before I ever come back.

Money hungry

This gym absolutely robs you of your money! Over priced for whatever so called service and equipment they provide! No mention of having to physically go in and cancel the 3 month membership as they forgot to state that it's a 'roll over contract'! Pathetic staff! Pathetic price! Pathetic contracts!!!!!

Customer service top class

Recently my daughter and myself inquired about joining Next Generation Kings Park, Perth, to meet the loveliest and most accommodating customer service person I have had the pleasure to meet in a very long time. Brandon was considerate, flexible, he neither was pushy and even offered incentive's to enable us to trial the club and see whether we would find it suitable to our needs. The staff have all bent over backwards to be pleasant and when Brandon says he will follow through he is true to his word. We have now joined the club and if it wasn't for Brandon we may not have. So thank you and well done Next Generation, you are employing the right kind of people. :)

Nextgen - Ryde Is Dirty And Has Attitude

This place is full of kids, they are unruly and wreck havoc running around unsupervised everywhere. The lounge area is noisy and dirty. The staff upstairs, some are ok but most have attitude. The only friendly person upstairs is [name removed]. The reception staff are usually polite but nothing more. It's the kids everywhere and the dirtiness that gets you most. The toilets downstairs need maintenance and furniture needs replacing. The pools are very nice and clean though. The café is boring and doesn't change it's menu around often enough. This does not offer as much value for money as you would initially be lead to believe. Am going to cancel our memberships which we haven't used for a while anyhow.

"We just can't stop taking your money, dummy"

Next Gen in Adelaide is nestled in a glorious location next to the Adelaide Oval and the river, and the tennis courts, cafes and pool are pretty special. However, the 3-month period in which the organisation robs you of your own money for 12 weeks after you've left is something I'll never forget (irrespective of trying to validate this practice via the initial contract) Three people I've met in Adelaide since I was fleeced in this manner have avoided signing up to avoid the same fate - even though I'd be quick to reminisce that the majority of the time the gym/pool/courts are a generally pleasant experience.

The WORST gym ever!! No respect, no professionalism!! Nothing just robbing you!!!

This is the worst experience from joining a gym! I have been as a Gold member in Adelaide NextGen gym, and I've also paid for a permanent locker for a year in advance! NextGen entered into my locker without any notice or getting my permission twice! First time with that excuse that they have limited numbers of gold class lockers (they didn't say that, when they wanted to get my money!), putting my stuff in a "rubbish bag" which was the ultimate insult! After complaining about that, they came back with apology after apology, saying they didn't know who did that, and they promised it would never happen again! But they are so disorganised and unprofessional that they did it again, one month before expiring my locker contract, putting a note in the locker, that they got the locker back due to expiring my contract! Checking with them they came back with apology again that they didn't have no idea who did that because my contract was not expired! So basically you have no safety and security in that gym, no respect, some very unprofessional people running that gym who are only interested in your money!!!

Do not go here for tattoo removal

They deserve no stars. They have the worst customer service, robbing me with the thousands I paid for my tattoo removal which didn't work. I wish I never went here for my tattoo removal. Avoid.

Dirty, Over Priced, Rude Staff, Just Rank!

Next Gen Kings Park
Old unserviced equipment, their grand remodel was basically taking stuff away and adding a couple of new machines.
Staff are rude, unfriendly, uneducated trainers and clearly they don't like cleaning. I feel like I need to have a shower after having a shower at Next Gen.
You'll actually fit right in and love this gym if your filthy, don't use a towel, don't shower much or generally don't clean up when you've made a mess.
I have been a member of a lot of gyms (including fitness first) and this is the worst and most unethical by far, do yourself a favour and don't get sucked in. It looks impressive on first visit but when you've been for a few weeks the few impressive features just become that place that grosses you out and you can't get out of!

Absolutely no understanding / empathy with customers ... money hungry business

Be very careful with their contracts as most gyms are understanding when circumstances change that is beyond ones control. This gyms main concern is money coming into their accounts automatically. Absolutely no regards with customer relations...would never again sign up with this gym... I've been gymming for the past 16 years and have used gyms all around the world .. customer experience through this gym was the worst I've received....

No understanding of keeping clients happy

Equipment broken and dirty,classes ok,not valuefor money. Maintenance done during opening hours leaving access to a minimum. Staff unfriendly and look like they don't want to be there. Staff rude to members. Spend most of their time talking to each other and ignoring members . Lack of training and accountability. The general feeling around the gym is one of apathy and on a rapid adelaide downhill spiral

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I agree. Spa in gold room out from 530am till 10amasked when will it be ready,reply was a sharp "when it's ready "said he was a physics nerd and wasn't interested in customer relations and knew nothing about interpersonal skills. That was the second time this young boy was rude to me.

The worst gym in Adelaide

I have been a gold member at next Gen for many years. I found this is the worst gym I ever been.
1. Equipment. As a gold member I pay extra money with more expectations. Most of equipment are broken. By dealing with broken equipment, my blood pressure goes up and sweat by the frustration.
2. Gold member upstairs shower rooms. Always long waiting line. No soap, hair drier is broken. To access swimming pools, it is very inconvenience.
3. Staff who don't know "customer service" . Very helpful.
4. Very slow free WIFI.
5. I don't find any value being a member.
Many friends and colleagues ask me about this gym. I recommended to go somewhere else.

Wouldn't dare going here AGAIN.

This gym is absolutely rude and absurd you cannot talk to them about an issue that happened with a staff member and they take you as a liar and if you cancelled your membership and tried reasoning with money that you will pay for the time you have been there after an incident occurred they threatened to send me a bill and take me to debt collections.

Awful and rude and will never come here again!

I would give this gym 0 stars if I could

If I could give this gym 0 stars I would. From the poor administrative staff, to the poor gym staff (are they even qualified), messy and dirty gym and change room and children running rampant near the food service area trying to enjoy coffee and conversation. Time to leave. I know 3 months notice needs to be given for cessation of membership, not my beef, just the poor quality staff and amenties that are run down and dirty. Shame.

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Questions & Answers

How much is it tonjiin a gold member?
1 answer
$77 for 2 weeks, and believe me it is not worth it!

I want to use a bring a friend pass what do I say to the counter?
1 answer
just ask and they will let you

Is new Generation club worth the money?
5 answers
I don't think so. Better options out there in the market. No contracts or lock in fees and better facilities.Joyce, just as I thought. Many thanks, I'll stick to the Y (or would do if they had a pool) Cheers, Oscar.Next Gen Memorial Drive in SA works for me very professional staff and clean

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